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Sunday, August 7, 2022

Sierra Hot Springs

Sierra Hot Springs is a beautiful resort with many hot spring areas among which you may find one in a meditation area and the other one is a old bathhouse. This domed hot spring has a cold cistern that has a pool deck and sauna. 

 Sierra Hot Springs

Location: It is located 60 miles northwest of Reno, Nevada, in the Sierra Nevada National Forest.

Directions: First, come to Reno, Nevada and take highway 80 to Highway 395. After that, you should take highway 70 to Ca-49. You will need about sixty minutes from Reno.

Accessibility: This destination is accessible and has three big areas that a short walk. You can find the Dome at a distance of about a 1/8 mile that you need to cover by walking. But people can enjoy the place in the pines by taking a stroll to the springs.


If you want to visit the place, you must reserve it first. Ensure that Drop-ins are not allowed. You can not access the resort Monday and Tuesday.

Health Services:

If you are willing, you can book a massage during the stay. You can enjoy Massage and Watsu® appointments from Thursday to Sunday. You must come with a reservation and a valid property pass to enjoy onsite parties. Hence, you can reserve via your phone or online. If you want to know how to reserve, check the Official Rates and Reservations page.

It is possible to enjoy the resort through advance reservation only from Thursday through Sunday from 10:30 am to 5:30 pm. You need to pay similarly regardless of arrival time.

Available Rooms:

If you want to stay for two nights, you should check in on Wednesday and Check Out on Friday. After that, when you want to stay two or three nights, you need to check in on Friday and check out on Monday/Sunday. Remember that 4 pm is the room check-in time, whereas 10 pm is the room check-out time.


You must reserve in advance to camp here. 1 to 5-night stays is the maximum you can book from Wednesday to Sunday. Besides, you can enjoy Tent, Car, and RV camping in its campground. But a few things are strictly prohibited, including Open fires, Candles, Incense, Smoking, and Cook Stoves. Hook-ups are not available there. People can enjoy pools from 2 pm on their arrival date until 2 pm on the departure date.

What are the Sierra Hot Springs:

Meditation pool: The destination has a meditation pool in the middle of large pines in the Sierra Nevadas. It is about 102 degrees and designated as no talking. In addition, the spot has a shower and a place where tourists can sit and relax.

Bathhouses: Bathhouses are the next place where you can find 100 percent water. The temperature is about 100 degrees.

Dome: Dome is the last one, the gem of the resort. The spring inside the Dome is the hottest at the resort. What is unique about the place is that there are two cold springs to jump into. A temperature between 107 and 55 degrees can give you a fantastic feeling. Besides, the pool gets warmed at about 99 degrees. In addition, you can enjoy a full deck to lay out. The sauna is a great place to enjoy also.


  • You should visit the resort on Thanksgiving. 
  • It has overnight accommodations and camping available. 
  • You can enjoy food in the high season. 
  • Silence is enforced for the guests. 
  • This beautiful spot is a clothing-optional resort. 
  • People can enjoy Massages. Reservations are recommended. 
  • Its hot springs are not suitable for pets.

 Sierra Hot Springs Guide:

The location is situated at the threshold of the beautiful Sierra Valley and the dense Tahoe National Forest near the city of Sierraville. People knew it as Campbell earlier. Native Americans camped in this place during the cold winter months. Settlers of the Hawk family established a ranch at the valley's South hand in the 1850s.

Since that time, the ownership has been changed many times. In the 1970s, Leonardo Orr would get the ownership while its fame as a healing place was still flourishing. Currently, it is under the non-profit group NACB (New Age Church of Being).

Warm mineral waters come from different sources at about 112 °F and flow into pools. After that, the temperature in the pool is between 98°F and 110°F. Temple Done, the main pool area, serves as a geodesic dome with stained glass and skylights. The place has several pools, the temperature of which remain between 105° F and 110° F.

There is a larger warm pool outside the Dome, and its temperature ranges between 98-100°F. Besides, it has a sundeck that lets you see breathtaking views of the lush forest and valley. In addition, you can enjoy a dry sauna for visitors' pleasure and relaxation.

Rocks surround the Meditation Pool with a sandy bottom. The seasonal temperature of pools remains between 98°F and 100°F. When you go to enjoy any seasonal pool, you will see private rooms and Phoenix Baths, which get filled with warm waters at 85-90°F. You can enjoy a newly remodeled spa area. Remember that the spot is clothing-optional in all pool areas. You can get the cleaning schedule of all pools on the official website. The resort can let you enjoy bathing, massage, and health workshops.

People can enjoy Lodging in the Main Lodge or the Globe Hotel in Sierraville. In addition, you can enjoy a café and guest kitchen in the lodge. Moreover, you can camp onsite here. The benefit is available to you whether you get full-day membership visits. This membership is available monthly, and it is possible to transfer to Harbin resort, partnering with this resort. You can find a faux natural pool to enjoy being surrounded by the natural beauty of the forest. Overall, it is a perfect place to soak after the fall of fresh snow.


All resort soaking options are available for day use on special days only. Therefore, ensure that you have checked the current hours beforehand. Besides, you must come with at least one person holding a current Membership. You can buy it for a small additional fee. If you are an overnight visitor, you can stay in the Globe Hotel or the Main Lodge. Camping at Sierra Hot Springs can give you a rustic experience.

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