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Friday, May 17, 2019

Trabzon Turkey’s Classic Black Sea City

Trabzon Turkey’s Classic Black Sea City


Trabzon is a Turkish city. It is located on the Black Sea Coast of Northeast Turkey. Formerly it was known as Trebizond. It used to be an important trade centre on the historic silk route. Today Trabzon is the largest port of the Black Sea and has a rich collection of cultural treasures. Its favourable weather, getaways to four beautiful lakes- Uzungol, Cakirgol, Sera and Haldizen and plenty of scenic beauty make it a true paradise. It is also a home to the stunning Sumela Monastery. Trabzon is known as the coolest destinations of Turkey.


The city of Trabzon will not disappoint you when it comes to entertainment. Be it the vibrant shopping streets, bustling nightlife or creative theatres you will find different fun and entertainment options in Trabzon.

Here is the extensive list of all entertainment places in Trabzon that are bound to make your vacation a memorable one.

The hidden gem and ecclesiastical art at Sumela Monastery: this monastery is perched on a scenic cliff overlooking the Altindere Valley. It is dedicated to Virgin Mary. The complex has been damaged and restored several times throughout its long history, but you can still admire its impressive frescoes, ornamentation and exceptional architecture. The main features of the church and monastery are the Rock Church, Chapels, Kitchens, Students Rooms, a guesthouse, a library, sacred spring revered by the Eastern Orthodox Christians.

To the far east of the Sumela Monastery is the Camburnu coast, where migrating birds rest amidst the golden pine trees. It is a lovely area for those who would like to have a short break for photographing the wavy sea. The list is easily reachable from Trabzon via bus or taxi. One can join one of the organized tours that take you there from the city. To get to the monastery itself you have to do a bit of hiking, so be sure to have appropriate footwear.

Uzungol is a woody surrounding, a picturesque lake set in a valley, remind visitors of Switzerland’s alpine regions. The location is idyllic with several hotels. Check into one of 2000 available rooms if you wish to hike the surrounding mountains. The lake is one of the longest in the area and is deep enough to take dip. There are also little chateaus and places to see and stay around the area. There’s nothing quite spending the night in this scenic spot and watching the sun come up over the lake.

One of the Symbols of Trabzon is the Uzungol Nature Park located 95 km from the city. The park has a rich flora and stunning wildlife with outstanding natural beauty. There are accommodation facilities, picnic area and trekking routes for visitors.


OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES IN TRABZON is a mix of adventure spirits and some laid back vibes amidst scenic beauty. Trabzon comes with an ideal terrain and atmosphere to spend active holidays and make plenty of unforgettable memories.

So explore the wilderness of Trabzon and spend some time in the lap of nature with these exciting outdoor activities Trabzon has to offer.

Altindere Vadisi National Park Trabzon: this is the most popular park in the Black Sea Region which lies on the western part of Trabzon. Besides the rich range of flora and fauna the Sumela Monastery is an important attraction that is a part of this park. The main species of flora are the Eastern spruce Tree, Fir Trees, Scotch pine, chestnut, Oak, Lime tree, willow, black pine, Caucasian honey suckle, forest rose and others. The fauna mainly includes deer, roe deer, wild goats, wild boar, bear, wolves, jackals, foxes and lynx. April to October is the best time to visit for trekking and a visit to the monastery.


All year round leisure activities in Trabzon provide a wide range of option for every age group. Trabzon is loaded with lavish shopping area, resorts, restaurants and spas that ensure that your trip to Trabzon is hassle free. Trabzon packs an incredible amount of diversity in the luxury activities it offers from a convincing landscape and outdoor to some world class stays option and facilities. So be it a family vacation, a friend’s reunion or a solo trip to feed your wanderlust .These activities in Trabzon are a must try for a leisurely vacation.

Let’s explore our list of recreational and leisure places in Trabzon: 


Forum Trabzon: this is a very big shopping mall with a number of shops and a couple of restaurants too. The people are very friendly and it is a very important landmark in the city. The Degermendere Valley in which it is situated is one of the most beautiful parts of the city.

There are many shopping streets in the east of Ataturk Alani. One of them is the Russian Bazaar called Avrupali pazari in Turkish, meaning “The European Market”. Russian traders mainly own the shops in these markets and you get whatever you wish for right from pirated tapes, leather products to pretty Russian dolls.

Besides natural wonders Trabzon dazzles the visitors with a cuisine of considerable charm in the city restaurants with many local dishes of great flavour found nowhere else in the world. The Sumela Sark Sofrasi serves mouth-watering Turkish food .So make a point to visit this place. Livera restaurants, Ibrahim Liman Restaurant, T Nargle, Efulim restaurant and Roksalana Restaurant are good food joints and definitely worth a try. Several watering holes like the Lobby and 2 Vitamin Bars are available in Trabzon to take care of your wining requirements.

HOW TO GET THERE: the best way to reach Trabzon is via a bus and most cities have regular bus services taking you to Trabzon. Another option is you can travel by sea. The journey starts from Istanbul via Sinop and Samsun. By air the route is from Tbilisi and Istanbul.

Trabzon is a coastal city. The cuisine is mainly based on fish dishes. Eating out is relatively cheap although alcohol is not widely served.

Trabzon might not be the first place on your list to visit with your valuable vacation time. You should give the place another look. Some of the prettiest scenery in the region can be seen here.

Trabzon is a wonderful destinations of Turkey that offer plenty of scenic hikes, adventure activities, famed Turkish hospitality, a glimpse into history, traditions and culture and plenty of relaxation.

So why not escape to Trabzon in turkey for a contrasting and diverse Turkish holiday.

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