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Saturday, August 13, 2022

Hot Springs in Florida

Hot Springs in Florida

Florida is home to many natural springs, where some are natural hot ones. The water gets warm from the earth's core for the depth of the water sources. But these are not like others. These are not so warm or intensive as these are found near active volcanic regions. Besides, scientists have not yet understood the geothermal heat source of this place. But according to them, these are not volcanic.

The Earth's core is warming the water geothermally because of the interaction of groundwater with the hot rocks deep inside the Earth's crust. Except for hot springs in Florida, others have a chilly 72 degrees year-round. People find these warm enough to swim in winter.

Top Hot Springs In Florida:

Warm Mineral:

While it was an ancient sinkhole in the southwest, it is famous now as an attraction where over one lakh people visit yearly. This place is an excellent destination to explore. Besides, this body of water is full of dissolved minerals, gasses, and sulfur. You can enjoy the water at 85°F temperature with 51 minerals. These specialties make the spot warm and inviting. Prehistoric History of Florida Hot Springs: Over 10,000 years ago, it was only a sinkhole. 

Later in the 1970s, William Royal became the first person to scuba dive. As a result, he invented stalactite formations, extinct animal bones, and human remains. His discovery has changed the theory about the timeline of humanity's movement across North America. Previously, American Indians used it as a burial place. A 10,000-year-old human skull was one of the most exciting findings. People found bones of saber tooth tigers and giant sloths also. 

Health Benefits:

Its water is famous as magical for its high mineral content. While Magnesium helps nerves to work correctly, Sulfate helps to fight against infection. In addition, potassium maintains the balance of electrolytes. You don't get any medical proof of its healing properties. But residents, visitors, and employees agree with its magical healing power. 

You can know how the water has helped to give relief from inflammation, arthritis, and sciatica pain temporarily. Eastern Europeans and Northerners even prefer to stay their whole lives near it. You can experience the busy season during October/November and March/April. It is because plenty of people come here to visit here. 

Modern Day Fun:

It is an excellent destination to spend a day relaxing. Besides, the location is free of glass bottom boats, water sports, and canoes. In addition, you can easily connect with nature after coming here. Remember that it is open daily from 9 AM to 5 PM. If you are a non-resident, you need to pay $20/day, whereas, for Sarasota County residents, it is only $15. 

But they need to give proof of residency. You cannot get any food for sale on site. A kid's place is there for kids ten and younger and for 11-16 years old. You must be at least seventeen years old to swim in the middle of it for the 200 feet depth. 

Although it does not allow rafts, you can use pool noodles anywhere in the place. You can enjoy scuba diving in the deeper part, but it needs permission from the City of North Point. In addition, it offers a spa where you can relax. Moreover, you can enjoy normal spa services like facials and massages. 

Nearby Attractions and Places to Stay:

A warm Mineral Motel residing within a half-mile distance is the epitome of old-school charm. You can find sliding glass doors going out to a courtyard full of pools, poolside cabana huts, a shuffleboard court, shaded tables, and BBQ grills.

Old World Restaurant is a great place to eat. It is a family-run casual dining restaurant popular for beer and steaks. In addition, Shark's Fish House is famous for the best seafood in North Port. Besides, if you want to enjoy a sweet treat, visit K & K Bakery.

Others Attractions near Florida Hotsprings :

These are underwater caves off the coast of the state. You can not access it quickly to the average traveler. However, you should know about the hidden gems of the state of the United States. Let's know about them.

1. Homosassa:

While situated along the Gulf Coast, this Wildlife Park is a good choice if you like to watch animals in their natural habitat. In addition, you can enjoy a wildlife walk through woods and wetlands. You can see foxes, river otters, black bears, cougars, key deer, or hundreds of bird species. Besides, it is a safe haven for manatees. Moreover, it has an underwater viewing window. You can see the gentle giants there in their natural habitat. Furthermore, you can find a gate through which manatees enter the area.

It has another separation fence which enables expert staff to keep injured manatees separate. As a result, they will get sufficient time and space to heal before opening up the gates. Once they are cured, allow them to go free.

2. Lithia:

It is right outside of Tampa. There are multiple things to do in this small park. Besides, its swimming area is a major attraction. In addition, the 72°F water is ideal for swimming, kayaking, or canoeing. Moreover, if you are an experienced kayaker, you can enjoy a paddling trail.

You can enjoy hardwood hammocks, picnic tables, hiking trails, and over 40 campsites. Besides, it offers places for RVs and campers for more rugged camping experiences. People can access it from 8 AM-7 PM in the spring and summer.

3. Peacock:

If you are a scuba driver, no better place exists in this state than it. Divers explore at least 10 miles of underwater caves and tunnels. Besides, this one is one of the biggest cave systems in the continental United States. There are a lot of things to do like enjoying famous swimming holes.

In addition, you can enjoy an above-ground walking/hiking trail in the park. The course can follow the path of some underwater tunnels.

4. Morrison:

Although Morrison is one of the famous diving spots in the Northwest, it is popular throughout the Southeast. One hundred sixty-one acres is the whole park's total size, 250 feet in diameter. Besides, it can create up to 70 million gallons of fresh water in a single day. In addition, its three cavities enable the water to surface from an underground aquifer. These are almost 300 feet deep. Moreover, you can enjoy an extensive boardwalk.

5. Vortex:

According to the Southern Diver Magazine, it is the Mecca of dive training. Vortex is one of the safest diving spots in the US. Besides, the park can provide diving classes for every level of SCUBA training. In addition, you can access it 364 days a year. Although you are not into scuba, Vortex allows you to explore all-natural trails. If you want, you can take a dip in this destination at a consistent 68°F year-round.

6. Hart:

If you plan to enjoy a natural water body to visit with your younger kids who can't swim properly, you should choose this destination. One of the most significant swimming areas offers a special shallow section for younger kids. After enjoying, people can take a stroll on the half-mile-long boardwalk. Besides, you can see the freshwater flowing down the run to merge with the Suwannee River. Moreover, it has a campground offering a family-oriented recreation area. 

The Bottom Line:

Have you spent your holidays in a hot spring before? If the answer is yes, then you must know how relaxing the days would be. Our article has covered almost all natural hot Springs in Florida. If you plan to make a trip here with your adventure-loving friends, go ahead.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Q. Does Florida have any hot springs?

At an elevation of 200 feet, Warm Mineral is a great tourist spot. You can find the Geothermally heated water gushing from deep within the Earth at 97° F. Besides, it is one of the famous natural hot springs in Florida. In this regard, you should know that it is the only one to provide public access.

  • Q. How many Warm springs are there in Florida?

There are more than seven hundred, and it has the most extensive collection on earth.

  • Q. Can you swim in Warm Mineral Springs?

You must feel refreshed after relaxing here with a constant 85-degree temperature and more than 50 different minerals. A 30,000-year-old sinkhole over 200ft deep allows you to soak and swim.

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