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Monday, January 7, 2019

A Day in Suzhou China, Paradise on Earth

Suzhou, China
Suzhou stands 18th among the entire place in china. Suzhou is the perfect place to unwind and lose yourself in a green oasis unheard of in Shanghai.If you only have one day to indulge in a break, you’ll need to look in further than Suzhou for rest and relaxation mixed with authentic cultural experiences. Suzhou is the perfect day trip for anyone looking for a break from the big cities. It is one of the wealthiest cities. There are many attractions such as rivers, hills, historic temples, beautiful ancient towns and unique gardens.

Following are the list of places that combines the classic spots with alternative choices that will bring out a different side of Suzhou.

Tiger Hill is a popular spot around 2500 year old. The Peak is known for a massive leaning pagoda. Tiger Hill scenic pot is a hillock about 30 meters in height. This hillock is also known as Surging sea Hill. It is a must to see when visiting Suzhou both for its beauty and history. This tiger hill is a luxuriant hill where the Tomb of King He Lu during the spring and autumn Period is located. It is famous for precious cultural relics, including the Tiger Hill pagoda, sword testing stone, a rock spilt cleanly in two pieces and the lopsided Yunyan Pagoda or Leaning Tower of China and a sword pool. A miniature classical garden is situates at Wanjing villa with potted landscape and bonsai shrubs. Tiger Hill gets its name from this garden resembling the shape of a crouching tiger.
Suzhou, China

Humble Administrators Garden: of all the classical gardens of Suzhou the Humble Administrators Garden is the largest, most famous and best preserved. This is famous as UNESCO World Heritage Site. The hall of Drifting Fragrance is a traditional Chinese residence at the centre of the garden offers views of vast lawns, flowing water and crape myrtle trees. While the nearby small flying bridge is the only bridge in the garden you can walk across.

Night Cruise on the Grand Canal: Enjoy a cruise on Suzhou Grand Canal at night. While sightseeing on the boat of this fantastic city, you can view the backyards of Suzhou residents, whitewashed houses with gray titled roofs, white bridges and narrow alleys criss-cross. The passages beside those male boat guides, female boat guides also can be a good company when you join this activity. Sometimes you may enjoy the folk songs that are sung by them.

A glimpse into the world of Chinese opera: Expect culture elegant costumes and extravagant makeup. Chinese traditionally opera originated in the 4th century and took off during the Ming Dynasty. You will discover Kunqu style opera which is listed as one of the Masterpieces of the oral and intangible Heritage of humanity by UNESCO.

Venture to the Silk Factory: take a tour and see how the famous silk cloth is made, while you are strolling along the many displays of silk clothes, quilts, rugs and accessories before heading back to your hotel.

Take an excursion from Shanghai city and visit the Zhujlakiao water village often referred as the Venice of Shanghai. You will notice many unique and ancient bridges along your boat ride. One of the most distinct is the Fangsheng Bridge. Admire this long and large stone bridge, which has 5 openings and crossed from Zhujlakiao to Shanghai. Proceed to the narrow streets of the mainland and visit the many temokes and shops in the area.

The lingering garden is one of the great four gardens in China, The East Garden, Central Garden, West Garden and North Garden. The lingering garden amazes tourist by its striking architecture, perfectly combined corridors, artificial hills, rocks and water features. It was first built in Wanli reign of Ming Dynasty in 1593 as Xu Taishi private garden. The best time to visit Lingering Garden is during spring. During those days the weather is pleasant and the garden is full of vibrant trees and beautiful flowers.

Suzhou could be paradise for gourmets. The taste of the food is sweet with fresh and seasonal vegetables as one of its raw materials. The squirrel shaped Mandarin fish is a traditional dish in Suzhou. It is highly appreciated by guests from home and abroad. Other dishes like steamed white fish, water shield with egg flakes, fish flavour spring rolls, fried steamed buns are famous.

Suzhou is one of the many beautiful cities that you’ll find yourself gushing about when travelling to china.

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