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Sunday, October 3, 2010

History of tourism

• 1830 - First regular train line

The line of railway from Liverpool to Manchester is open through the work of George Stephenson. The English engineer has managed to operate the rocket, the first locomotive to transport coal quickly as well as travelers. This is the starting point of the development of railways for passengers and, at the same time, for the tourism also. The line of railway from Liverpool to Manchester is open through the work of George Stephenson. The English engineer and managed to operate the rocket, the first locomotive to transport coal quickly as well as travelers.

• 1839 - Birth of the Baedeker travel guides

The German Karl Baedeker publishes a travel guide on the Rhine. His early works is a copy, translated into German, English guides but Murray quickly won a great success. Dealing with countries from Europe and the United States, they had appeared in French and in English in 1861. The quality of information, updated regularly, earned them worldwide fame.

• 1841 - Cook created the first travel agency

Thomas Cook is the initiator of the first organized group travel. It supports more than 500 people from Leicester to Loughborough. The aim of the approach is to fight against alcoholism. Following the tour, Cook decides to start a travel agency that bears his name. He subsequently organized many trips to Europe, has developed the first tour and invent the traveler's check. His son had taken over the agency in 1872 and continue his work.

• 1860 - Creation Station Deauville

Half-brother of Napoleon III, the Duke of Morny founded the resort of Deauville. He fell under the charm of Trouville-sur-Mer and its surroundings during a stay. Accompanied by Dr. Olliffe, the architect and the banker Breney Donon, he encounters no difficulty in starting the work. Thus until 1864, the city has taken shape, adorned with villas and a racetrack. Served by a railway, it is still attracting all the nobility and celebrities, developing summer tourism.

• 1875 - Creation of the first French tourist office

The "Committee of Walks" is born to Gerardmer in the Vosges and is the first tourist office in France. For years, the city hosts a crowd of summer visitors. Hotels and leisure have grown at a rapid pace, leading to the creation of the Office. The latter aimed to further increase the flow of tourists and to better organize their stay. Paths are therefore plotted in the heart of nature around the lakes.

• 1900 - Publication of the first Michelin guide

Michelin acquires an innovative promotional tool: a restaurant guide and useful addresses for motorists. The red guide is born. Andre Michelin said then: "This guide is born with the century, it will last as much as him, and it is in effect and this guide published the first year to 35,000 copies is a gradual fame. Free for 20 years, it will appear in 1926 "Star of good food. " Building up a strong experience in the guides (yellow and green), Michelin hoisted his book among the bestsellers for long. One hundred years later, he sold 800,000 copies of his guide in the year.

• 1919 - Inauguration of commercial flight between Paris and London

The first international scheduled commercial flight was born. Linking Paris to London, it can carry up to ten passengers. It provides a Farman Goliath this first link. Commercial flights will increase thereafter promote international tourism.

• 1924 - Initial operation of a motorway

The Italian Puricelli, founder of e Strade Cellar, built the first true freeway in the world. It connects Milan to Varese in Italy, 85 miles away. All other constructs dual carriageways remained until the prototype stage, particularly in Germany and the United States. Following the Italian example, Hitler instructed his government to build highways throughout Germany. At the end of the war in 1945, the country will feature some 3800 kilometers of highways.

• 1950 - Birth of the first Club Mediterranean

Gerard Blitz and Gilbert Trigano based Club Mediterranee by opening the first site to Palma de Mallorca, Balearic Islands. This association aims to offer various leisure tourists in a holiday village. The spirit of belonging to the same group is highly developed in clubs. The terms "Gentile Members" and "Gentile Organizers" will be used to describe players of the club. Each customer must pay a fee and may pay its consumption with various colored balls. The association will be a period of crisis in the 1990s. After a series of buyouts, it will eventually develop new strategies.

• 1976 - Birth of Smart Bison

The Department of Transport gives birth to little Indian responsible for improving road traffic during the holidays. The summer of last year, more than 60,000 cars were immobilized on nearly 600 km of traffic jam. Thus Bison Smart, a group composed of a dozen people, comes to inform and advise motorists to better organize traffic. Beginning in July, the result will be amazing and Bison Smart and win the esteem of the French.

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