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Monday, February 14, 2011

Ecotourism - A different kind of vacation package

While many remote sites and nontraditional joined the growing eco-tourism, an example shows what can be done with the plan is correct. In Arsal, Lebanon, ecotourism was indeed a decade.

As a non-governmental organization (NGO) of the association functions as a network partner for reforestation, the introduction of the culture of the area and housing to those who may be both friends and colleagues Arsal of well-being.

One tangible result of these efforts is the increased revenue that stays with local residents, but much remains to be done. As with all efforts there is still a significant need for organization and planning to take the program to another level. However, the growth of the ecotourism activity in the region is a sign that this type of travel can be combined with a vacation package for the benefit of all involved.

Although this can be explored in the traditional spirit of many adventurers, travel ecotourism in another country to experience a different culture is the exploration too. A well-planned campaign, combined with good management could mean excellent service and pleasure for those who visit.

According to the story emerging field of ecotourism, Green Line to work in motion, which was fundamental for the birth of the industry. In 2000, a campaign involving young people, NGOs and community leaders to boost agro-tourism, with new programs for the production of olive oil, bee-keeping industry and fruit growers. Many parts of the Middle East began to see the benefits of the idea of visitors who bring work and income for traditional products and systems for the site.

With this type of significant efforts, ecotourism has been increasingly seen as a way to travel and learn, combined with a means of preserving natural resources. Yet the most important benefit in the long term, may be the opportunity to earn enough local people to stay in their traditional houses. Coordinate the efforts of providers of ecotourism, the different communities, government agencies and NGOs has been an enormous effort. But a network has been formed around the philosophy of ecotourism.

Among the achievements of the campaign in the Mediterranean region are guidelines for site evaluation and development of new sites as ecotourism destinations. Teams of experts were able to obtain funding for further study and develop such areas, while working closely with local people.

The campaign and its organizers were also able to put a system in service teacher training, with workshops that pass critical knowledge about local teachers, administrative staff and parents of school-age children. These efforts give hope to ecotourism developers, planners and local ecotourism. Conserve natural resources in widely dispersed areas in the world, while ensuring the continuation of work programs for indigenous people is not only possible, it is reality.

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