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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Ritchie's Archipelago

Ritchie's Archipelago


Ritchie’s arcipelago are a cluster of small islands present that lies to the east coast of South Andaman and Baratang. It consists of 4 large islands 7 smaller ones and several islets. However, only 3 islands are allowed to visit by the foreigners, whereas most of the islands remain inhabited. They are Havelock, Neil & Long islands.

Located in: The Bay of Bengal borders the Andaman Sea, Located North east to Port Blair.


Every place has its own History and Geography which makes it more interesting and makes it the best reason for travelling purpose. The place has been named after “Ritchie” a British marine surveyor. He spent almost 2 decades documenting in and around Andaman. These details helped the British colony to set up a colony at the Andamans. Later these islands were annexed by the British rulers.


These islands in the Ritchie’s Archipelago are closely spaced which extends for about 60km. The island interiors consist of Hills and plains above the sea level. There are a few rocky coastal cliffs often interrupted by long sandy beaches, Lagoons and estuaries. There are also coral reefs present.
Local Languages spoken: Bengali, Tamil, English.


These islands have a tropical, warm, moist and equable climate. Due to the proximity of sea and abundant rainfall it’s impossible to feel the extreme heat from the sun. Here winter is unknown.

December-February: Has a cool effect due to the north east monsoon. March-April: Typically warm.

May-October: Southwest monsoon breaks resulting in precipitations.

Tourist Spots:

Sports like Snorkelling, Game fishing and elephant rides are also encouraged.

Havelock Island:

Havelock islands are the famous among the tourists. The island is most visited by foreigners. Due to the long and white pristine beaches, Cycle rides are also available but the journey is quite tough. Due to the increased tourist attraction many hotels and resorts have been established. Elephant beach are often preferred as the best spot for Snorkelling adventures. But Sand-flies are a major problem over here. Better go out with any kind of lotions applied on your body.

Neil Island:

Neil Island is the smallest island and the tourists are permitted to stay on. Here Bharatpur is the best beach if you want to swim. Other than this Snorkelling adventures are also carried out. Bicycle rides also add a feather to the cap. There’s a natural bridge found in Sitapur. The curve of Bay at Sitapur serves as the home foe various kinds of birds such as Hawabill birds. The tiny island of Chota Neil is visible from the beach. Good restaurants are also available.

Long island:

It’s a beautiful island with a long sandy beach Lalaji. You can walk around the beach or go boating that costs you only about Rs.200. This is a small island lined with coconut trees at the shore. There’s not much of fun over here. The roads are not proper and there might only be a couple of places to roam about. So a two day sty is more than enough in this area.

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