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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Beautiful Car Nicobar Islands

Beautiful Car Nicobar Islands
Car Nicobar is often referred as Pu in the local language. It’s the important town.There are two main festivals held at Car Nicobar. They are conducted with immense enthusiasm.

They are:
SubhashMela festival 

Island Tourism Festival 


SubhashMela is a very famous festival that occurs throughout the island of Car Nicobar. This is celebrated every first month of the year i.e. January. This festival marks the birth anniversary of NethajiSubhashChandr Bose. The festival lasts for a week and various cultural events are organized during this festival.

Island Tourism Festival: This festival is especially for the tourists. It’s a 10 day continuous festival and is held during the onset of winter season i.e.from December. This is a worldwide popular festival where all sorts of dance and cultural festivals will be held. Tourists from all over the world come and enjoy this show. The main aim of this festival is to promote tourism in Andaman& Nicobar by expressing their culture.
Located at: Northernmost to the Nicobar Islands. It is one of the two local administrative divisions of Indian district of Nicobar.

History: Every place has its own History and Geography which makes it more interesting and makes it the best reason for travelling purpose. It’s a land of Natural beauty. If you are interested in learning about the area so much then this article might interest you. This tells you a lot about the Nicobar Islands.

Geogarphy: Car Nicobar lies between Little Andaman and Nancowrie. Some cliffs in the north and small hilly areas in the interior and are bordered by the silvery beach. It is a small island compared to Middle & South Andaman. There are 15 villages where the largest of them is called Urekka often referred as “Malacca” by the tourists. Area of Car Nicobar is well suited for agriculture and Plantation crops. Places surrounded by beaches and Coconut trees.

Local Languages spoken: Car-Nicobarese

If you’re planning to spend your holidays at Car Nicobar is the winter season and the onset of summers.

Favourable months to visit the islands are between November to April. Climate is pleasant during these periods.

During the months of April to July Summer seasons are hot and humid with a temperature of 20-30°C. And coll breezes often occur.
A winter is pleasant and occurs during the period of November to February with a temperature range of 12-23°C.

Tourist Spots: There aren’t specifically tourist spots in the Car Nicobar region. But these are the known and famous tourist spots in and around the Car Nicobar region

Corbyn Cove It’s a quiet and clean beach with lots of lush and green thriving Coconut trees. And the most exciting thing about the beach is all kinds of Water sports such as Scuba diving, surfing and Boating are encouraged.

Samudrika Marine Museum It’s located in the Andaman Islands and the main aim of this is to spread the awareness regarding the different Oceanic environments. It consists of 5 parts dealing with the Archaeology, History, People, Geographical information and Marine life.

• Baratang Island The famous and the most tourist attractive Mud volcano can be seen from here. It’s just 4kms away from the island and 90kms from Port Blair. It’s of the highest tourist attraction ever.

Other than this Havelock Island and Barren Island are also famous here.

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