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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Koh Samui of Thailand

Koh Samui of Thailand


Koh Samui often referred as Samui by the locals is the 2nd largest island after Phuket. And it is located in the SuratThani province. Annual population is estimated about 1.5 million round the year. Natural resources, Coconut trees & Coral reefs are abundant.

Located at: The east coast of KraIsthumus in Thailand.


Every place has its own History and Geography which makes it more interesting and makes it the best reason for travelling purpose. 15 centuries ago the island was inhabited by fishermen from the Malay Peninsula & southern China. During the 70’s there weren’t any roads and people have to trek throughout the island to reach a place.

At present the economy of the island is purely upon by the tourists. But during the 70’s the island served as a self-sufficient community. But due to the increased tourists there are many quarrels between the tourists and the locals.


The island is surrounded by 60 islands which composes the Ang Thong Marine National Park. At the centre of the island lies the great uninhabitable tropical jungle called the KhaoPom has an altitude of 635m. Nathon is said to be the major port for transportation & it acts as the centre of fishing industries.
Local Languages spoken: Thai & English


Koh Samui Island has a tropical monsoon climate. The city has one dry season month that starts during February. Climate is warm & humid throughout the year. October to November months is recorded to have the highest precipitation in the year. The duration of these rains last only from 20 to 60 minutes maximum.
Divisions: It’s subdivided into 7 districts namely:

  •   Ang Thong  
  • LipaNoi  
  • TalingNgam  
  • Na Mueang  
  • Bo Phut  
  • Mae Nam
Tourist Spots: 

• Beaches: Like other islands this island also has loads of Beaches to visit and relax. Some of the famous beaches are Chaweng, Lamai, Choeng Mon, Samrong Bay & Silver Beach (Ao Thong Takian).
• Big Buddha Temple: It’s the most popular temple here. It consists of a 12m Buddha. For that you’ve to climb 73 steps. It is the cheapest place to go for shopping. There are many small shops that sellsouveneirs, arts & crafts at a cheap price. 
• Grandfather & Grandmother rocks: In their language it is referred as Hin Ta &HinYai. These are granite boulders that are located south to the Lamai Beach. It’s a well-known tourist attraction. These rocks resemble the Male and Female Genitalia organs. 
• Namuang Safari Park: Namuang Safari Park consists of Namuang Waterfalls inside the Jungle where safari rides on elephant reveals you animals like Crocodiles, Monkeys & tropical birds. It is located between HuaThanon&Nathon. It sure is a fun & exciting ride. 
• KhaoYai: It’s also known as Magic Garden (a) Paradise Park farm where this forms the highest in peak in the entire KoSamuiIsland. Here Magic Gardens are must to visit. They are also known as Buddha’s secret Garden. 
Other than this there are underdeveloped areas in the SamuiIsland’s southwest regions where you can discover the real and Natural island beauty. These are far away from the Major tourist centres and quite peaceful too with unspoiled white sand beaches and crystal clear waters.

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