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Friday, December 27, 2013

Mamallapuram, A historical town in Tamilnadu

Mamallapuram also known as Mahabalipuram is a land of Sculptures. The city of Mamallapuram is famous for the sculptures. These sculptures express about the Indian Gods especially they tell about the fame of Lord Shiva.

Located at:
East Coast Road of Tamil Nadu of India(Kanchipuaram district)


Every place has its own History and Geography which makes it more interesting and makes it the best reason for travelling purpose. The history of Mamallapuram dates back to the Pallava dynasty who lived several decades ago. It’s an ancient historic town and it was a busy seaport during the peiod of Periplus and Ptolemy. Ancient Sea traders sailed from the seaport of Mahabalipuram.

During the 8th century a famous poet ‘Thirumangai Azhwaar’ described the place as a Sea Mountain
Geography: Mamallapuram is a small town and the area is quite a rock-terrain area with small peaks in and around of Mamallapuram. There is a long and sandy beach here. These consist of hills and rocks where the pallava dynasty exploited this type of place and made caves, sculptures and temples.

•Local Languages spoken: Tamil & English


The climate is typically hot during the period of April. Best to visit the area is from October to March. Three major seasons are:

Winters: This is the perfect time to plan a tour to Mamallapuram. From November to February. 

Summers: Three are from March to May. The climate is too hot and is not suitable for tourists. 

Monsoons: June to September. It has a humid climate and has quite the downpour.

Tourist Spots: 

Beach: The beach gives a quite soothing and peaceful experience where you can take rest. There are many stalls consisting of Shell related jewels and curtains. But take care because they might cheat you by saying the highest possible prize. Beaches are good at the evening times. They are not advisable during Afternoon. Horse rides and several other entertainers are present.

Butterball: Butterball is one of the biggest natural rocks perched on a hillside. The tourists pose with pictures like holding this rock with their hands or pushing them. Also known by the name Krishna’s Butterball.

Seashore Temple: The seashore temple is one of the biggest attractions in Mamallapuram. It is named so because it stands as a huge monument looking at the shores of Bay of Bengal. This temple is built with Granite stones during the 8th century. This is one of the oldest stone temples in South India. Entry fee are collected to view the temple from inside. This was a part of 7 Pagodas during the 8th century.

Pancha Rathas: Pancha rathas also known as Pandava Rathas are quite the example for Indian monolithic rock-cut architecture. Each of the 5 monuments resembles a ratha (chariot) and each is covered by a single long stone of granite which slopes towards the north-south direction.

• Other places to enjoy are the Kerala Backwaters, Tiger caves, Descent of the Ganges, Lighthouse, Thirukadalmallai & caves like Mahishamardhini cave & Varaha caves.

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