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Friday, January 24, 2014

Big Island of Hawaii - The Orchid Isle

The Orchid Isle

Hawai island also known as the Island of Hawaii is also called the Big island officially nicknamed as “The Orchid Isle”.

Located at: Hawaii state is located in the middle of North Pacific Ocean extends from about 3200kms from the coast of Continental USA.


Every place has its own History and Geography which makes it more interesting and makes it the best reason for travelling purpose. The island of Hawaii is made by 6 volcanoes where 5(Mauna Kea,Mauna Loa, Kohala, Hualalai& Kilauea) of them remain above the sea and one Mahukona is submerged under the sea.

Among these Kilauea is the active volcano. It has been erupting non-stop since 1983. This led to the creation of Black sand beaches. Agriculture is the major occupation and the crops are fed to the finest restaurants in the region of Hawaii.


Hawaii is approximately estimated to be one and half a million years old. Maunakea is the tallest sea montain in the world. Maunaloa is the most massive mountain in the world which covers half of the island. But Hawaii is famous for Kilauea which is the active volcano that is erupting from 1983.

Hawaii has a distinct and different geography in different regions ranging from the lush green region that exists to the east side town of Hilo which receives 130cm annual rainfall to Kawaihae that receives not less than 5 inches rainfall per year. Fern forests of Puna are cool whereas Waimea has misty breeze, Kona has sunny lava plain and Kau has a dry climate.

Local Languages spoken: Hawaiian language.


Climate also varies from region to region. In the overview, It has a tropical and semi-arid climate with warm temperature throughout the year. February is said to be the coolest month & these islands are wrmest during August. Mornings are clear and bright enough.

Tourist Spots: 

Hawaii Volcano National Park:

This place is regarded as sacred to the natives of Hawaii and it’s the most popular visitor attraction in all Hawaii. Here you get a chance to witness the creation and destruction. It involves 150km of hiking through which you cross the rainforests, museum, volcanic craters, and scalded deserts. You will also get a chance to walk in a lava tube. Kilauea is the “world’s drive in volcano”

Punaluu black sand beach: 

This is the famous black sand beaches in Hawaii. The view is extravagant and it lies between the Hawaii volcano national park & small town of Naalehu. With turtles coming to the shore you can sit back and relax and have a fun time in watching it. You’re not allowed to touch the turtles and not allowed to take the sand too.


These Waimea leads to the Paniolo(Hawaiian Cowboy). A horse ride will give you the historic details about the Cowboy’s entry into the Hawaiian Islands. Other than these there are loads of places to visit at Hawaii. Some of them are World Botanical gardens, Akaka falls, Hamakua heritage corridor, Wapio valley lookout and plenty other more. The following link provides you with further more details.

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