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Sunday, January 19, 2014

KoSamet of Thailand

KoSamet of Thailand

It lies southeast of Bangkok. KoSomet is the sub district of Rayong province, largest and the westernmost of a cluster of islands. It lies in the Phesubdistrict named asMueang district. Generally KoSamet is a national park and entry fee will be levied for each tourist at the time of arrival during the village.

Located:in the Gulf of Thailand along the coastline of Thai in the province of Rayong.


Every place has its own History and Geography which makes it more interesting and makes it the best reason for travelling purpose. Until 1981 there was a law stating that outsiders shouldn’t stay overnight. In that year the island was declared to be a National Park. It is believed that once this island of KoSamet was homeland for the Pirates. Thestory of the classical epic, “The Princess Saga, Mermaids & Giants” were based on these islands. Who might know if you’re lucky enough you might hit a treasure.

There are 3 small rock islands at the southern tip of the island.

• Ko Chan

• Ko San Chalam

• HinKhao

KoSamet is one of the driest Archipelago’s in Thailand and gets less rainfallthan the other areas of the Rayong province. May to July is the rainy season. On the contrast the KoSametIsland has lush forests covered with green and deciduous forests.

Local Languages spoken: Thai & English


The climate in the island is pleasant and enjoyable. In spite, this is the driest Archipelago in Thailand the climate gives you a soothing relief from all your stresses. It receives less amount of Rainfall compared to the other islands. And the rainy season is from May to September. Occasional storms also occur during the rainy season.

Tourist Spots: 

KhaoLaemYa-Mu KoSamet National Park: It’s a pleasing tour around the National park. There are 96 national parks in Thailand and this is also one of them. The main objective is to protect the wildlife. So the tourists on their way will be requested to be as much responsible as possible. The natural beauty inside the park is admirable and is of pleasure and mind relaxing.

Beaches: All the islands in Thailand are famous for its beaches. Likewise KoSamet also has some of its popular beaches such as Hat SaiKaew, AoVongDuan etc.

Other than this there aren’t many places to roam about. If you wish to roam around the interiors hire a motorbike from reputable dealers and go and make some rounds in the nearby villages.

Adventure Sports: 

Boat trips &Snorkelling are best sports that are enjoyed around here. Rent a motorboat or a private boat and just go around the island and take a look into the natural beauty. Some Boat owners offer you private tours to the nearby islands such as Plai Tin, Kruai, Kham and Kudi. But the prices are high when compared to renting a boat.

Also Spa’s and Health centres are available along the coastal side where you can relax yourself for a Thai massage. The nightlife at these beaches is also enjoyable. There’ll be fire Jugglers to entertain you round the clock. With Music & food it will be a fantasy fiesta for you.

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