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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

KoTarutao of Thailand


KoTarutao is the largest island present at the Satun province in Thailand. This island is famous because it’s the most unspoiled islands in the Andaman Sea.

Located:Close to the Malaysia border


Every place has its own History and Geography which makes it more interesting and makes it the best reason for travelling purpose. The word Tarutao in Malay means old and primitive. As the name says, the island is of major historical importance. 3000 criminals were held there during 1938-1948. Food and water resources were depleted from the mainland during WorldWar 2. Therefore the prisons rotted to death due to Malaria.

It is said that the survivors from this catastrophe became Pirates in the Strait of Malacca. Also the film Survivor: Thailand has been taken in these islands.


The word Ko means island. The islands whose interiors are rocky are covered with forests. The beaches provide you with an exquisite experience with its fine white powdered sand and crystal clear water. Few broad plains and valleys also exist here and there. 60% of the islands are the forest and there are mangrove swamps too.


The island experiences a monsoon climate. From the months of May to October you might see the downpours but the rainfall aren’t that much as you expect. It’s more like showers than downpours. These monsoon winds make the boat travels hazardous and hence it’s the boating are also closed during the season. From November to April the visitors are encouraged to visit the island.

Tourist Spots: 

• Tarutao National Park: It’s a famous and most popular national park in Thailand. These national parks preserve almost all kinds of animals and plants including the endemic species.

• TaloWao Bay: It’s the other main prison site. The history says that these were tortured over here by caging them in several cages and they were forced to work from inside these cages. The places reveal you the buildings the prisoners were maintained. These buildings are of high ruins at present. And at present it serves as a cemetery for the thousands of prisoners who died.

• Beaches: All the islands in Thailand are famous for its beaches. Likewise KoSamet also has some of its popular beaches such asAoJak Bay, AoLue See, AoMakham&AoMolae etc. Also crocodile caves are also available here.

• TaloUdang: TaloUdangwas place originally built by the prisoners. It follows the old prisoner’s road. In some places you can still see the remains of the bridges and the stonework can also be seen. This gives a hiking experience since the ways are difficult to go on. The walk lasts for around 4 to 5 hours approximately depends upon the speed you walk. On the way you may see the evergreen forests with rubber trees and you also cross over the agricultural lands.

Other than this there aren’t many places to roam about. If you wish to roam around the interiors hire a motorbike from reputable dealers and go and make some rounds in the nearby villages.

Adventure Sports: 

Boat trips &Snorkelling are best sports that are enjoyed around here. Rent a motorboat or a private boat and just go around the island and take a look into the natural beauty. Some Boat owners offer you private tours to the nearby islands too.

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