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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Costa Rica suggested itineraries - II

  •     Tour the canals of the jungle in a motorboat
  •     Visit the village of Tortuguero
  •     Observation of morning birds
  •     Nocturnal viewing turtles on their nesting sites in the breeding season (July to September)
Tortuguero, the Spanish word tortuga (turtle) is named after its muddy beaches where turtles lay green. Swimming is not recommended because of strong currents and sharks.

However, you can watch the turtles at night, accompanied by a qualified guide. The hawksbill turtle, loggerhead and leatherback also come to Tortuguero, making the place one of the most important sites for nesting sea turtles throughout the Caribbean.

There are two ways to reach Tortuguero in the north-east: the road (after half a day at least ...) or plane (from the airport Pavas adjacent to the Juan Santamaria International Airport) , through which we fly over the magnificent scenery for an hour. This is a budget issue ... But ask around, the plane is not prohibitive.

In all cases, you will join a boat that takes you to the lodge of your choice. Indeed, this region is completely isolated and inaccessible by road. This large national park consists entirely of water channels and lagoons in the middle of a jungle impressive, which it owes its nickname of "Amazon of Costa Rica." It is through this unique and extraordinary network of canals, rivers and swamps in the heart of the jungle, you leave with your guide to discover the crocodiles, alligators, toucans, turtles, howler monkeys, parrots, sloths, iguanas, colorful birds ...

Tortuguero area is known for his incessant rain, so bring the proper equipment. However, the exception is the rule and you could enjoy a beautiful sun allowing you a quick dip in the pool (most hotels are equipped in this region). So plan well the sunscreen! Do not forget your mosquito repellent creams: this is their kingdom ...

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