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Monday, June 18, 2012

Colombia: Traditions

Traditional game

The Tejo is the traditional game of Colombia, so alley inherited from pre-Hispanic times. It is named after the metal disc to throw. Still practiced in the region of Boyaca, he is less and less in the rest of the country.

National Sports

In the heart of Colombian fans, football is king, even if the national team never got the results of its neighboring Brazil or Argentina. The passion of football is followed by that of Formula 1 since the advent of Juan Pablo Montoya and the cycling world with the performance of Santiago Botero.

Festivals and Holidays

Colombians love to party and organize as soon as possible. They are most often related to the news of the Christian calendar, but not only.

There are nearly two hundred annual festivals throughout the country. Among the most impressive events include Holy Week (March-April) or in Mompos Popayan, the Carnival of Barranquilla (February-March), the Flower Festival of MedellĂ­n (August), and many local festivals where villages celebrate their patron.


- 1 January: New Year's Day.
- January 6: Epiphany.
- March 19: St. Joseph day.
- May 1: Labor Day.
- June 13: Day of the Sacred Heart.
- June 29: St. Peter, St. Paul.
- July 20: Independence Day.
- August 7: celebration of the Battle of Boyaca.
- August 15: Assumption of the Virgin.
- October 12: day of the discovery of America.
- 1 November: All Saints, feast of Todos los Santos.
- November 11: Independence of Cartagena.
- December 8: Immaculate Conception.
- December 25: Christmas.

Some holidays are moved to the following Monday for the weekend are extended.

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