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Saturday, November 17, 2012


     Varadero is one of the most beautiful beaches in Cuba and is one of the famous resorts in the world. It is surrounded by white sandy beach with turquoise and emerald waters; it is of twenty two kilometers wide. It is one of the most valuable assets of Cuba. Not only the beach the natural attractions such as caves and escarpments, the string of islands pristine which are easily accessible accomplish it. The wealth of this territory is the well protected natural landscape and the cultural and historical places, worth mention is the cities Matanzas and Cardenas.

     There are some important places to visit. The first and foremost one is Ambrosio Cave; this is an Aboriginal ceremonial site which have 72 odd paints of those days. Another one is Saturn cave which leads to the road access to Havana and the other important cave is Bellamar caves which is the wonders of Cuban geography.

      In and around there are so many places worth visit of them Matanzas is a worth for a stay. This is the main town of the province and is just thirty two kilometers from Varadero and 102 kilometers from Havana islands. Mantanzas was the one of the richest well organized city of those days.

 How to get there: The international airport Juan Gualberto Gomez is just 12 kilometers from Varadero.

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