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Friday, June 15, 2012

Accommodation in Colombia

Campsites are virtually nonexistent in Colombia, but it fits very easily and cheaply.

Economic institutions, often called "residencial" and "hospedaje" nearby bus stations and markets. You can negotiate volume discounts for multiple nights. The breakfast is rarely included. The comfort is basic, but acceptable with outside health. In warm areas, the rooms are generally equipped with fan.

The "Hostels" are a superior comfort for a reasonable price. The rooms are pleasantly arranged around a central patio with private bathroom. They are conveniently located in downtown, near the main square.

Side hostels, get quotes from Hostelling International Colombia. We find two in Medellin. Indicative prices per night per person: from 9 to 36 U.S. $. Recall that there is no age limit to stay in AJ. Simply to be a member!

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