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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Most Dangerous Cruise Port In The World

There are so many who want to unwind and have a good time, one best way are by taking a cruise. Those with long vacation may use cruise ship so that they have a long experience journeying on water. The destination of a person should not be based on what they want, but more of how safe is the destinations.

There’s a quote “A SHIP IN THE HARBOUR IS SAFE” But that’s not true. Sometimes a ship in a harbour isn’t safe and neither its passengers. There are cruise ports around the world which are dangerous, especially sometimes they get robbed, hurt, kidnapped or killed. There are lot of criminal activities going on at different countries. It is therefore good to be caution when choosing the following cruise ports.

So how can you judge which ports to avoid and to be cautious about?

ROATAN HONDURAS: this island looks like a Caribbean paradise. It is surrounded by crystalline waters that make for world class beach and scuba experiences. But this country Honduras has not been able to get its rate of violent crime under control. Many cruise lines like passenger of carnival cruise were held at a gun point. Norwegian cruise line crew member was shot and killed during a robbery.

How to stay safe in Roatan: Never travel alone, avoid lonely places including beaches. Book your tours directly through your cruise lines. Keep travel plans private. Stay away from coxen hole after dark. Don’t display your valuable, jewellery and cash.

MINDANAO PHILIPPINES: The SULU SEA is quickly becoming notorious. Terrorist and criminal organisation has begun to target tourist foreigners by kidnapping. There the state departments has warned to avoid non-essential travel to the Sulu Archipelago and especially to the island of MINDANAO, which draws tourist who are interested in seeing lush scenery, stunning waterfalls and emerald forests. Ports like Zamboanga and Dipolog also attract ISIS and related insurgent groups who kidnap foreigners and civilians for ransom.

How to stay safe in MINDANAO: Avoid going in the small boats through this area. Travel in groups with reputed tour companies. Plan shore excursion and keep an eye all the time.

ADEN, YEMEN: the Gulf of Aden has floated cruises operated by COSTA and Silversea. It is one of the worst places for piracy. The waters off the coast of Somalia are dangerous enough that cruise ships turn off their GPS broadcast and exterior lights when sailing that area.

MEXICO always tries to ensure that the tourists are safe. Still too there are high crime rates that endanger lives, such as homicides, assaults and robberies.

INDONESIA has ports where piracy activities take place. Jakarta is one of the places that you should be careful of.

TURKEY is one of the unsafe places to take a cruise, because of the terror attack. The companies offering cruise service fear to dock at Turkey port. Many of the ship reroute their ship and go to some other ports. The civilians will make you feel very comfortable and appreciated with their hospitality, even so, with the threat of terror and suicide bombing concerns; it won’t be a great choice.

PORT HARCOURT: This port is located in Nigeria on the African continent. It is a most dangerous port for cruise ships to make a stop at. It is known for kidnapping of foreigners and tourist by the terrorist group BOKO HARAM who has been kidnapping young girls and women.

MARGARITA ISLAND: It is the most dangerous cruise port which is located especially for drugs and human and drug trafficking. Some tourists are also attacked on the cruise that stops at this port. This is all done because of the poor economy in the Venezuela making this port very dangerous for cruise.

The places mentioned above are good destination for holidays, but the crime rates and some diseases outbreaks make this place very unpleasant and unsecure to be at. But if some protection is taken by the government along with the port authorities, then these ports will turn into peaceful places for people to go and have their holidays.

Monday, May 1, 2017

The Best Cruises in the World

We all do love to explore new place. One kind of transport is the CRUISE. Often the best way to explore new places is traveling by a luxurious cruise ship. Most of the cruise offer experiences that are extra ordinary above all. Despite the risk we’re all still eager to get our sea legs.

Cruises are a wonderful way to escape from the everyday and to experience destination that you may never have the chance to visit again. It’s an all-inclusive vacation complete with food, entertainment and an ocean view. Like any other travel, cruising also has its high and lows you should be prepared for anything. Today’s cruises are decked out with amenities for kids of any age, baby sitting for babies and toddlers and activities for the adults.

Below are some of the cruise lines which are considered to be the best in the world. Most of these ships include snow rooms, spa service, swimming pools, and others that offer the travelers an extraordinary stay.

CRYSTAL CRUISE: This cruise is the luxurious cruise provider which has begun offering an all-inclusive package to customers. This cruise has two ships- CRYSTAL SERENITY and CRYSTAL SYMPHONY. Both these ships have packages that have all-inclusive amenities, dining in the ships restaurants, complimentary wines and spirits, non-alcoholic beverages.Crystal cruise is expanding into the river cruise and yatch sectors, the cruise attracts a crowd of retirees and older professional, crystal symphony is smaller than serenity.

DISNEY CRUISE: Like its land based theme parks, Disney cruise line caters especially for kids and kids at heart. The ships are designed for the whole family, with amenities like spilt bathrooms and extra spacious cabins. The Disney offers 3 nights sailing to the BAHAMAS to 12 nights Mediterranean, which includes Spain to France, Monte Carlo, Italy, Greece, Turkey and Malta. Every minute Disney Cruise is crammed with parties, characters autograph sessions, broad way-esque musicals, movies, games and 1800 foot water play area for little ones .There’s a pirate themed play area and kiddie focused activities like treasure hunt or dancing lessons with snow white.

CARNIVAL is one of the least expensive cruise lines, so it is ideal for families on a budget. This line is known for providing loud, party-like atmosphere, so be prepared carnival cruise may not provide relaxing experience .The children’s area contain the usual activities the other cruise lines provide. One cool feature on the carnival magic is an on-board social networking tool. FUN HUB as it’s called is a shipboard intranet portal that offers teens info on daily activities.

ROYAL CARRIBBEAN INTERNATIONAL: It is the first to bring a major cruise ship to Asia Year round. They have 8 different cruises designed to meet your range, vacation length and destination goals, right from the 3 nights best of Malaysia cruise to 145 night exotic Asia Cruise.

This ship is also family oriented. They include H2O zone Water Park, flow rider surf simulator, full sized boxing ring, ice rink, massive rock wall, and presidential family suite. Teen scan enjoy themselves at the night club and hang out area. Younger kids have a lot of entertainment on hand from science projects to pottery making and books.

NORWEGIAN CRUISE lines has the best concept for families, FREE STYLE cruising. That means you can do what you want, when you want including eating dinner at any time, there is no need to stress that you’ll be late for your dinner seating. In addition to a youth program that features cirque du soleil style activities, arts, crafts and video games. The teen program offers 20 team sports and themed night-time events.

HOLLAND AMERICA: This cruise doesn’t offer big name but there’s a lot to be said about Holland cruise. They have activities like swim parties, Olympics style competitions,karaoke and pyjamaparties. This cruise is especially for teenagers. The Loft is an entire deck offered to teens withjuice bars, night club etc.

OCEANIA RIVERIA CRUSIES: The pricing structure is more a la carte than all inclusive. It spends its time sailing in the Caribbean, Mediterranean and greenisles. Most people travelling on these cruises are American or Canadian,but you will come across some Australian,Brits and travellersfrom European countries. This cruise is mainly known for its myriad dinning venues including speciality restaurants. Foodies might also wish to pay a visit to the well-equipped culinary centre on board. Riviera has its self-centred cooking school that offers a hand on experience with 12individual cooking stations with extra fees.


Monday, March 6, 2017

Cruising is the Ultimate Experience

Before cruise liners were not so popular for holiday goers, but now it has become very famous for an enthusiating holiday. The cruise industry is growing rapidly. Here they have fun for all the age group. If you are struggling to find a vacation that your kids will all love. This is the best place. They also have an adult activity so do not worry specially for teens.They have their own cool hangouts away from the kid’szone. Not forgetting the parents where they can sneak into a romantic dinner alone in the late night hours in the club.

We can also call it a floating hotel that takes you from island to islands. The travellers can see more destinations in less time. Every morning you will wake up in a new place. The cruise offer great value for your vacation. It covers up the entire experience under one roof, otherwise you would have to go to different places to enjoy your holiday and especially travelling by different means of transport would have been so tiring.What is more convenient is that you can get off at the next port to go to places that you want to visit and hop back to the ship to get to the next itinerary. Carrying luggages around is not going to be a problem either because you just leave everything on the ship as you go about your land tour.

Cruising is a bit expensive than any other holiday. This is because it has got everything like food,accommodation and entertainment .Dining is a major concern for any traveller and cruise ships provide a variety of restaurants to cater to your cravings. Luxury liners are known for their various and mouth-watering cuisine available on board.

One advantage is that you can meet people from all over the country and the world. You can make friends on board. Kids are very happy because they can make friend from all over the world and take back their sweet memories of their friends back to their country. Sometimes long term relationship begins during vacations at sea.

Not everyone wants to spend their time partying inside the ship bars or listening to the singer. But a quiet night underneath the stars sipping drinks or taking a swim at the pool would be what you want.

So now it is easy to understand why cruising is the ultimate vacation of choice. Cruises passengers are the happiest travellers with more and more people opting to take a cruise for their grand vacation. Once people go home after a cruise they are fully recharged, relaxed and more often sporting a nice healthy tan. So it is high time start planning your own trip and not to miss out on the unique experience.

There are many cruise lines like Disney cruise, Norwegian cruise, Royal Caribbean, Holland America, and many more.


Tuesday, February 7, 2017

How 2 Cruise Fanatics Cut Costs and Save Time

Florida- the sunshine state! And home of the cruise ports located at palm beach, Jacksonville, Miami, port Canaveral, Tampa and Fort Lauderdale. So it is no secret that most cruise fanatics and lovers choose Florida as their base destination when they wish to relax! And since there are so many ports lying here and there the money to ferry your belongings decrease if only even by a bit. Which makes Florida even more popular!

Now there are some cruise lines that are already way too expensive and their beauty lies in how ridiculously overpriced they are! But in case some of you might be looking to cut costs then you might want to be a bit careful every time you plan out your cruise vacation. For example, once you book your room or rooms in the cruise then they give you a cruise packet, which gives you an avid idea about the shoreline and the various offered excursions and their prices. If you are of the adventure type, then you could obviously book for itineraries. Now a great tip whether you are a novice or a cruise connoisseur you should always compare prices. Because that alone can only ensure that you get the best value for your money!

Another useful tip might be to consider renting a car instead of travelling with a bunch of co passengers all huddled up together in a cramped bus. And sometimes miraculously the car rentals prove to be cheaper than the bus ride after all.

See, the primary focus of these cruise lines is to offer ample relaxation to its patrons, and for a good reason! They offer you a scenic view of the ocean, even though for the most part it is just dark blue water and you are meant to relax! Plus, most cruises have the all you can eat buffet so that is definitely an added bonus. But if you are the person who gets sea-sick and you never knew that?

Why find out about it the hard way? Instead just take a few tablets with you and truly relax without the fear of throwing up on someone’s shoes! And the most important part about people on board a cruise ship is that they have smoking bars and ample casinos if you like that bit!

There is a clear distinction between cruise time and shore time. So when the cruise is lined up, chances are everyone is going to be pretty busy with touristy things. Now of course there is nothing wrong with doing touristy things however if you are a tad on the side of the adventurer then you might consider doing things that are not so touristy after all!
Like finding a secluded spot and spending an afternoon of avid relaxation! Because believe me, those create better memories. Now if you like your alcohol, pray, be aware no cruise allows you to bring your own and you have to pay ridiculous amounts for it! So ahoy sailor!

Thursday, November 29, 2012


Are you looking for “things to see on a Mediterranean cruise?” Then you are in a perfect place, no doubt in that.

 So you are getting ready for a trip to the most exotic places? Then it’s the right time to know about MSC Cruises Company. Well, will you not be surprised if you hear that your trip can be arranged at a cheaper rate than you ever imagined a cruise to be? Many Europe’s leading providers of Mediterranean cruises, like MSC Cruise can offer such a trip for you and to make sure that you feel so special during the whole trip. Most cruises operate all year round in the med going into ports like Venice, Barcelona, Genoa or Naples. Doesn’t this make you say a ‘wow’?

One more thing is that you just don’t restrict yourself with only Mediterranean places; these cruise companies provide more destinations for you to choose from and plan your trip. Some services extend to places like Romania, Portugal, Turkey and the list goes on which covers almost all the places in the world map.

 Many reasons can be cited if a question on choosing a service pops in your logic tickling brain. This doubt may vanish if you come to research on unique features to make the travel a real lively, fun and memorable experience. Some of the things offered nowadays on cruises are:

 1. Staffs to entertain kids in every possible way and friendly environment for teenagers too!

 2. Luxurious feel to important events like business meetings, international product launch by making it happen in a cruise, as most companies will have special areas for these occasions.

 3. Spa and fitness centers to ensure your health and energy are a must now on nearly every cruise.

 4. International cuisine restaurants that guarantee you a fine dine experience.

 The above cited reasons are only some o the extraordinary features that make people go on med cruise holidays. There are much more features waiting for you and especially so many things to see on a Mediterranean cruise along a way.

 Get yourself engulfed in a paradise travel by choosing this special option when going to Mediterranean.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Couples Destination

Take a vacation together is one way that many couples express their love for each other. If you want to plan a romantic trip for two, there are many options for you to choose. Cruises, camping trips, historic towns and ski resorts are wonderful places for you to spend your holidays together.

If you have children, while on vacation alone is even more important. Even if you miss your kids, you will find the time you spend together to be invaluable. Before you book your vacation, take the time to understand where you want to go. With so many options, you're not limited too much, except your imagination. Plan your trip together to make your holiday even more special. You may want to return to a romantic place you've both been to before, or you can find a new place. Search online or visit your travel agent will be able to give you some suggestions. Having decided where you want to go, you must decide how long you want to stay. Most people spend a week on vacation with their spouse or significant other.

Decide which activities you want to join once you arrive is also something you should do together. Taking long walks spend the day at the beach or shopping are some of the many activities you want to do. Other activities include hiking, sightseeing, napping, and eating at new restaurants. When the vacation, you can do what you want. Couples, who take vacations together, are better able to stay in touch with each other. You will appreciate not having to worry about work and other obligations when you are away. Make sure not to bring items to work with you so you can have a good time.

Vacation couples can occur even if your birthday is not coming. Many couples enjoy spending time together like go on holiday as often as possible in order to spend more time with each other.

While some couples prefer to holiday with other couples, others not. Depending on where you plan to go on vacation, you can invite another couple along. By taking a cruise, however, you can meet other couples on the boat that you want to spend time with. Keep in mind that you must find time to be alone together so you can enjoy the company of others without having to be disturbed. You enter the property in this city. Vacation a couple can be a great way to relax and reconnect with those you love.