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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Accommodation in Costa Rica

Hotels, clubs and cabinas

 Adventuring in Costa Rica is not a problem. In most places for tourism, you will find where to stay in hotels or cabinas.

The word "cabina" can mean a detached house (it goes from small cottage to the villa fully equipped) than in a traditional hotel room. It is therefore sometimes that of a room, possibly with a private bathroom. There is rarely a kitchenette and a lounge. The word "habitación" is also used for this purpose.

Whatever your choice, remember that Costa Rica is a popular destination for North American tourists. So, during the high season, maybe look at book if you plan to stay in hotels quite popular.

A tip: in the hot season, it is very valuable to have air conditioning, and during the rainy season, at least fans. Also be alert to the presence of mosquito nets, otherwise your nights may be very agitated.

The hotels or cabinas medium-quality is relatively high compared to the standard of living, it takes 50 to 80 € per night. Small cheap hotels (under 20 €) offer only little outside a bedroom and a bed. The bathrooms are sometimes common and sometimes may not have hot water.

At the other end of the scale, the large luxury hotels have no limit. Designed for the wealthy tourist or business traveler, they are often large, located in large parklands and offer many extra services (casino, great restaurants, bars, pools, etc.). Many hotels, clubs (all inclusive) are also available, particularly on the Pacific coast north where concentrates the bulk of American tourists.


The lodge is a very common type of accommodation in Costa Rica. This is a charming and rustic, in which is in direct contact with nature. The lodges are usually made up of bungalows, comfort variable but often very pleasant even luxurious, lost in the midst of a vast estate near the sea, a river or in the heart of the jungle.

Price is often flat and includes lodging, all meals full board as well as many outdoor activities more or less framed. Indeed, a lodge was often an activity which he made his specialty (bird watching, rafting, horseback riding, etc ...).


It is possible to camp in several parks across the country. Must however remember to book in advance. . Although the basic sanitary facilities are provided, there are no campgrounds itself. We therefore briefly camped in a tent ... thinking of leaving no trace of its passage.


The homestay is a fairly common formula. The hospitality of Costa Ricans is such that this option is tempting. Still, it is not always easy to adapt, including schedules of Costa Ricans who usually go to bed early.

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