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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Costa Rica suggested itineraries - III

Turrialba region
  •     Pre-Columbian archaeological site of Guayabo
  •     Kayak and rafting on the rivers Pacuare practiced and Reventazon
  •     Hiking on the volcano Turrialba
From Puerto Viejo, on the way to the beautiful mountainous region of Turrialba in the Central Valley. After joining, overwhelmed and Limón bypassed (this port city is uninteresting and not very safe), after laboriously rolled between the trucks of the crazy American, you finally arrive at Siquirres. It is from this small town that you sink in the center of the country and gradually take the altitude through the peaceful landscapes of banana and coffee plantations.

A stop at the pre-Columbian archaeological site of Guayabo is nice. This is also the only archaeological site in the country. This small town inhabited by 1000 BC. BC to 1400 AD. BC would have been more than 10 000 inhabitants. We appreciate the mysterious charm of this city engulfed by the rainforest and which only the center has so far been released, updating to homes, roads and pipe systems. Do not expect to architectural wonders: This site is very modest, but it is in the heart of a pleasant park to go.
The region also offers many opportunities for hiking, including the volcano Turrialba you climb on foot or horseback to the crater.

It is also and above all a region renowned for kayaking and rafting, practiced on the rivers, and Pacuare Reventazon tumultuously who sneak through the jungle.

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