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Friday, December 31, 2021

Scenic Places for Digital Detox

Scenic Places for Digital Detox Austria

Tweet that, WhatsApp me, Instagram the pic, and Google the fact as inappropriate /incomplete as these phrases sound if you are an internet junkie. Technology is growing by leaps and bounds, and so is human’s dependency on it. We don't meet friends anymore; we hang out, the letters are replaced by emails, and we are nothing but ticking bombs of information sometimes inadequate, fabricated, or even exaggerated. Whether you are at work or in your personal space, you are hyper-connected. You are connected to your work when you eat, when at rest. It may be time to disconnect yourself for several days and discover the perfect destination of sustainable tourism for a digital detox. 

An average person spends more than nine hours per day with their eyes locked on to a screen, of which three hours are spent on social media. Device disconnection gives time for exercise, healthy eating, better sleep, and more vivid social and emotional connections.

For the much-needed break from all gadgetry and to keep your sanity intact, we have curated a list of absolutely gorgeous places full of stimulating activities. Some are the official escapades, while others are off the grid by virtue of their remoteness, stunning landscapes, sports, and cultural activities. This will take you away from the tyranny of your emails and social networks, wondering if digital detox is really possible. Here is your answer. 

 Scenic Places for Digital Detox

Here are some best and novel ways to give yourself a digital detox this holiday.

Monte Isola Italy: 

If you want to fancy a nice get away from daily routine. Monte Isola is the place for a natural digital detox. Monte Isola is a mountain emerging at the center of Iseo Lake. It is extraordinary any time of year, and its landscapes are stunning. The island is about 450 hectares. It is an authentic Italian pearl. Automobiles are banned, and only the inhabitants are allowed to drive two-wheelers. Visitors can travel by bus or rent two-wheelers to discover the 9.4 km long island, wash all your sufferings away and dive into the afresh, pure lake surrounding the islands. It is rated as one of the most romantic destinations in Europe by travelers worldwide.

The Amish country USA: 

While it is almost impossible to think of the United States of America without dimensions, there is a faith that diktats are foregoing modern amenities, including automobiles, telephones, and electricity. It believes in leading a simple life derived from the teaching in the bible. Away from the clutches of modernity in the Amish county, you can immerse yourself in the rural way of life. A horse-drawn buggy is the principal of transport. 


Antarctica has successfully saved itself from the digital tornado and has remained inaccessible to the world in general. But it is changing at an astonishingly reckless speed, so you need to rush, book yourself a cruise, discover the frozen land's abundant summer wild-life of seals, penguins, and whales, spend time looking at the penguin colonies, enjoy lectures from experienced guides and kayak between glaciers. 

 Makgadikgadi Pans, National park Botswana:

Makgadikgadi Pans, National park Botswana in the Northern Kalahari, is one of the lovely destinations to disappear into where wild-life and nature rule above all. It is a system of immense salt pans. Makgadikgadi Pans National Park is a curious and unique place to be. During the dry season, the pans turn into a dry challenging environment. Flamingos pick their way across the landscape while zebra and wild beasts graze in the grasslands. Being here is like seeing a live episode of Planet Earth.

Siang Valley: 

If exploring the remote unknown floats your boat, look no further than the Siang Valley in Arunachal Pradesh. The “no network” alerts become increasingly steadfast as you ease into the Siang hinterland, a joy worthy of tears. Detox yourself from the digital device for birdsong, snaring sunrises, catching sunsets, campsite conversations, crackling bonfires, the sound of silence. Whenever do you want to replace the virtual with the real and choose life? Siang Valley is just the place to make the watch.

Nin Croatia: 

Nin is an incredibly unique destination. Enjoy breathtaking sea and mountain landscapes, delicious taste sea salted Nin chocolate, or cover yourself in medicinal mud. This is a beautiful way to get disconnected. You will also love Nin's legends, history, monuments, beauty, and natural resources.

Wild camping in Sweden and Norway: 

Wi-Fi is no more a rarity on the campsites these days. With all those mumbo-jumbo gadgets making their debut every fortnight, getting away is not so easy. That's why the best in the wild camping, where the only companion you have is a gas stove, a few batteries, a sturdy tent maybe, and landscapes like Arctic Circle and islands dotted by charming archipelagos. You wouldn't have anything to complain about.

Device-Free Date Night, Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas: 

Spending some gadget-free is easier said than done, especially in the flash of glitzy Las Vegas. To assist couples in connecting or reconnecting, the Mandarin Oriental offers a "Device-free Date Night where lovers check their devices at the front-end desk and prepare to focus on someone instead of others. Their package includes credit for use at The Spa and sparkling wine and chocolate-covered strawberries.

Land Lust Austria

Land Lust is a must if you want to detox in the wild far from your favorite social networks and email boxes. Record a voicemail message “I'm away, I’m having a great holiday in Land lust, Call you when I'm back home. The place is fantastic with old house "rooted in nature, a colorful farm garden sweet-scented meadows of flowers a vast nut tree that invites you to sit down in the shade. It provides and lets your thoughts wash over you, Sweet-scented meadows of flowers. No doubt your holiday dream will become an enchanting reality in the cozy rustic land lust houses.

French leave Resort, Eleuthera Bahamas:

 Anyone who wants to check out for a few days should consider checking into the French Leave Resort. This eco-resort on the Caribbean island of Eleuthera is surrounded by 270 acres of gorgeous landscape and looks out over crowd-free pink sand beaches. It’s a perfect place to watch the azure waves crash or the stars come out at night. Leave your cell phones behind and hit the waves snorkeling at the nearby coral reef, boating, kayaking, windsurfing, visiting the island's nature preserve, or exploring the picturesque Cupid's Cay.

Serengeti Safari Camp Tanzania: 

Plan your trip to this mobile safari camp, and you're almost certainly guaranteed animal sightseeing. The six tent campsite follows wild-life immigration patterns, provides creatures comforts, including hot water and a dining tent. Don’t expect to stay connected to internet technology. However, you'll have ample time to connect with those around you.

Take your pick from these insanely beautiful destinations that are ideal for a digital detoxification.

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