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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Halal Friendly Holiday Destinations

Halal holiday is a new trend in travel tourism, especially for those who love to travel in style and don’t want to change their food habits. It offers a truly unique experience when it comes to Muslim holidays. Muslim vacationers can enjoy appropriate codes of conduct and ample food choices. Halal Tourism involves exclusively Halal food, restaurants that serve non-alcoholic drinks especially for foodie lovers wanting to experience an authentic Muslim break during vacation. Private beaches and swimming pools exclusively for women and kids are also catered to the Muslim community.

Malaysia is one of the utmost Halal friendly destinations in the world. Malaysia presents a fusion of gastronomy, impeccable hospitality and a multicultural/multi ethnic population along with stunning island resorts and lush green tropical landscapes.

Malta is one of the Muslim friendly destinations. There are plenty of Halal restaurants, beaches and beautiful resorts. Malta is a small island located in the Mediterranean Sea and this makes it a perfect getaway for a summer vacation. You can also find one mosque Islamic centre of Paola at Triq Kordin, Paola, Malta.

Taiwan: it is really hard to go on a holiday in a country where pork features heavily on their menus. But things are taken care of. You’d be surprised to know that the number of Halal restaurants and prayer rooms in the hotels has been increasing. Thanks to the efforts by the Taiwanese tourism board to improve relations with Muslim tour agencies and attract more Muslim travellers.

Srilanka is a multi religious country with a mix of Theravada Buddists, Hindus, Muslims, Christians and more. Because of the large Muslim Community Halal food can be easily found all round the country. Majority of the fast food chains are Halal certified and numerous eateries are Muslim owned. Dawatagaha Mosque and ketchimalai Mosque are of a great interest to the Muslim travellers and not to mention the country’s beautiful beaches, jungles and tea plantations.

Singapore is a country having multiculturalism and around 15 percent of its population are Muslim. Halal food is easily available in Singapore. There’s at least one Halal stall in a food court. Plenty of restaurants and cafes are Halal certified. One can easily find mosques as they are situated all around the country.

Zanzibar Tanzania: Yup you read that right. People often believe that Africa is unsafe. But that simply isn’t true. Tanzania is one of the safest countries in this continent. Zanzibar is a home to the most beautiful beaches and architecture and of course to sweeten the deal Zanzibar has a majority of Muslim population. So Halal food and Mosques is easily available.

Paris is a beautiful and cosmopolitism city. The capital of France offers a great variety of Halal restaurants and mosque. Paris has over a 100 Halal restaurants to cater to the needs of the Muslim Travellers.

Many Muslims find Halal friendly destinations too limited, but not anymore. These are the countries that have been expanding their Halal tourism to attract more Muslim travellers.

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