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Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Iran — Land Of Four Seasons

Iran — Land Of Four Seasons

Iran is becoming a tourist hotspot. American is allowed to visit Iran. Iranian love to receive you warmly in their country with beautiful cities, friendly people, fabulous food, and glorious architecture. Iran has attracted tourists for centuries with its world heritage sites, friendly towns, and inspiring desert landscapes. Iran is perfect for adventure seekers, offbeat destination lovers, history seekers, and art and culture revealers.

No matter which region you go to, Iran, you can always find something to see and enjoy. An Iran travel visa is easy to obtain. Traveling to Iran is not that expensive.


  • Qeshm (Valley of Stars) offers pristine nature and a world of mystery. Qeshm is a wondrous island. A visit to the valley of stars will be Iran's most magical night sky. Marl and sandstone together make up the rock formations with a little imagination of animals' faces and hands. 
  • Visit the pink mosque: walking inside Nasir-ol-Molk Mosque is like walking inside a Kaleidoscope. It is nicknamed "the Pink Mosque" for its rosy-hued tiles. It is the most photographed mosque in Iran. Come early in the morning and stay for a few hours to watch the colors move as the sun reflects the stained glass pattern onto the floor. 
  • Persepolis is the palace of the Kings of Kings that was burned down by Alexander the Great. Persepolis is the wealthiest city on earth- The glittering capital of the Achaemenid Empire. This archaeological site has become a famous tourist destination in Iran. 
  •  The Dasht-e Lut Desert is the hottest and driest in the whole of Iran, having incredible rock formations, sand dunes, salt plains, and a valley of Meteorites. The sand ridges are known as yardangs, continuously keep changing their shapes. If you visit the same spot after a long time, it is different. 
  •  Chakooh Canyon on Qeshm Island is a highlight of your trip. The canyon is carved naturally by earthquakes, water, and wind, leaving behind beautiful swirling patterns and holes in the rock. You can climb through these holes and along walkways to see more and at one point. You can hoist yourself up to the peak of the canyon to see it from above.


  • Stroll along natures bridge, also known as Tablat Bridge, is a favorite chill-out spot in Tehran. It is best to visit in the evening. You can enjoy the view of the mountain in the north while there is daylight and the cities lights after the sun goes down. 
  • Admire the sunset in the desert: Iran has many desert opportunities, and if you have some time, you can even camp there. You can see an epic sunset over the dunes during December when it is cold. The Maranjab Desert from Kashan is a peaceful and non-trash-filled option.


  • Shopping in Iran is a great place to experience the hub of local life. Some larger cities have souvenir stalls, but most have authentic local stalls selling everything from clothes to spices. Tabriz Bazaar is the biggest indoor market in the world.


  • Drinking Tea: No trip to Iran is complete without having a cup of tea. Iranians love drinking tea after every meal, between meals, before bed, and during several intervals during the day. There are different flavors of tea, making it a point to taste.
  • Enjoy your dinner at Darband: eating at the best restaurant is necessary for travelers. There is something beyond eating in a pleasant place and enjoying a foodie experience in Iran. Darband in Tehran is an excellent choice by having an awesome dinner along with hiking, nightlife experience, and enjoying the fresh air.


Iran's landscape offers numerous opportunities like trekking, rock climbing, mountaineering, and snow skiing. Diving and swimming are also some of the activities.

  • Camp on the beach on Hormuz Island: the Persian Gulf is home to some gorgeous, chilled-out tiny island waiting to be explored. Hormuz is a small town with incredible nature to explore. Wild camping is legal. Go to one of the secluded little beaches for a stunning sunset and spend a night on the sand. 
  • Mountaineering: Iran boasts dozens of high mountains. Some of them are permanently snow-capped. They can be climbed by anyone fit without the need for special equipment, experience, or a guide. The highest is Damavand at 18405 feet. Kassa Mountaineering and Tourism and Travel Agencies organize a range of trekking and climbing trips with experienced mountain guides. 
  • The best thing about skiing in Iran is that the slopes are the best-kept secrets globally. The major resorts in Dizin, Tochal, Shemshak, and Darbandsar don't have world-class amenities, but the snow is excellent.


Being a strict religious tradition, Iran is also a modern country. You will not find nightclubs and bars, or you will not order alcohol in the cafe, but this doesn’t mean Iran is not attractive.

  • Theater: the most prominent theater is the city theater in Dasneshjou Park. The Iranian theater hosts the main events and performances. 
  • Zurkhaneh is another type of entertainment. The word is translated as” House of Power." It is a traditional sports arena where men in uniform perform strength exercises accompanied by loud drum sounds and traditional songs. 
  • Concerts: Pop singers are very popular here. Concerts of pop stars are a common thing in Iran. Another unique fact is there are organized concerts exceptionally for women, and no men are allowed there. 
  • Iranians prefer going for an open-air picnic to spend time.


  • Iran is in the land of souvenirs with many Bazaars and traditional markets. It is the origin of handicrafts.

The suitable time to visit Iran is right after Nowruz. From 2nd April the weather is charming and colorful.

If you want to see a small world in a vast country, visit Iran. You will never run out of things to do in Iran, and you could spend months exploring all the different parts.

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