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Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Vorarlberg Austria- A Little Slice Of Alpine Haven

Vorarlberg Austria- A Little Slice Of Alpine Haven

A region in the far west of the country with a landscape as diverse as beautiful is none other than Vorarlberg Austria. It is the smallest state of Austria. Vorarlberg is tucked between Switzerland and Germany.

Besides, Vorarlberg offers many activities and tourist attractions in summer and winter, no matter the season. Winter is most famous as the peaks are covered in powder snow, and the resort is full of travelers seeking adventure and fun. But summer, too, is a glorious time to be in Vorarlberg as you can truly embrace nature.

Exploring Towns In Vorarlberg:

  • Bregenz is the capital of Vorarlberg, Austria; there is so much to explore all year long. While visiting Bregenz, make sure to walk up the steep hill to the old town, where you will explore narrow alleyways, beautiful old churches, historic getaways, and more.
  • Lech and Zurs in Arlberg is a village situated on a mountain. During winter, British skiers come here to fulfill their dream. Activities like mountain biking are also done. The 9-hole golf course along the River Lech in Zug is Austria’s highest at 1500 m. There is also Refreshment served on top of the mountain.
  • Schwarzenberg village is a gorgeous drive with Alpine meadows, hamlets, and mountains galore. Schwarzenberg itself is picture-perfect. Enthusiastic hikers can follow well-marked trails.

Outdoor Activities In Vorarlberg:

  • Mountain Biking in Bregenzerwald Mountains makes you feel like you are flying down a mountainside, adrenaline pumping as you weave along steep paths toward the valley below. As the winter snow melts, the hills in Vorarlberg become a mountain biking paradise. It is a paradise for cyclists, from beginners to professionals offering the urban paths for any cycling activity.
  • Ski Arlberg has many ski resorts, but Lech is unique, having an unspoiled atmosphere; Local treats you with warm hospitality, the landscape is fantastic, and you will get delicious food.
  • Wild Park Feldkirch is a pleasant excursion destination for a relaxed Sunday stroll with your family. If you walk from the city, it is a pretty steep hill. The snow-capped Alps at the backdrop create beautiful scenery. The animals in the zoo look happy and have ample space to be free.
  • Bregenzerwald Cheese Road is the most idyllic landscape. In every village, there is one house making cheese. While walking to the farm, you can see beautiful pastures and a lot of cows. A lot of dishes are based on cheese. You should try out Kasspatzle. In Lingenou, one of the scenic villages is a storehouse for cheese which is worth seeing. • Karren Seilbahn is a panoramic view of the Swiss Mountains, the Rhine Valley, and Lake Constance. The reach Karren Seilbahn you have to travel by cable car available every fifteen minutes.
  • Canyoning in Vorarlberg is awesome, nature is perfect, and the surroundings have stunning waterfalls, rock walls, trees, and a crystal clear river.

A Night Out In Vorarlberg:

  • Bunt Bar is situated in Feldkirch town center for young people from different nations. You can enjoy the concerts, DJs, parties and chill outdoor. Enjoy your food and drink listening to cool music, and the friendliness of the place.
  • Dine at the top of a mountain in Dornbirn in a fancy restaurant overlooking Lake Constance and enjoy the cities below. To reach there, you must travel in a cable car. If you are visiting Vorarlberg, Austria, during the warmer month, then head to Karren Mountain via the Cable Car for a memorable lunch or dinner in the sky. The Panoramic Restaurant on Karren Mountain is one of the most architecturally stunning buildings constructed from glass. The food served is delicious and priced reasonably.
  • Eat the best Kasespatzle at Jagdgasthaus Schonenbach: Kasespatzle is a dish famous in the region of Vorarlberg and is made up of hot small egg noodles and grated cheese topped with fried onion.

Entertainment For Kids:

  • Nature trails for children in Vorarlberg: while hiking, the numerous trails keep the children entertained. While hiking, you can explore the secrets of the mountain environment; Rope Garden, outdoor play worlds, and creative activity program promise loads of fun. You can discover gorges, learn more about herbs, and visit cows on the farms. Farm petting zoo and Game Parks:
  • At Tiererlenbnispfad Brand, you can pet sheep, goats, and rabbits and have a look into the chicken coop and the insect hole. • Game Park in Vorarlberg is wild park Feldkirch and Alpen wild park Pfander, where you can visit mufflons, deer, marmots, lynx, etc. • Culture tips: Vorarlberg is a place that appreciates the arts and cultural scene. Apart from those scenes Bregenz festival, Schubnertiade festival, Open-air concerts, and Cabaret festivals are celebrated.


  • Vorarlberg is famous for its unique architecture and wooden craftwork. While visiting the region, you can see the beautiful houses and buildings that have used wood in such a marvelous way. The creative walk takes you through Vorarlberg architecture and history that is told in a funny and self-guided way. If you like treasure hunting, you will have fun doing the creative walk in Bregenzerwald.

Family Holiday In Vorarlberg:

  • Families are encouraged to have a wonderful time together. Try out new things from climbing to wilderness expeditions. Adventure trail and museum offers excellent fun and entertainment.
  • A museum is where you are allowed to touch everything. The interactive nature exhibition and its science center in Dornbirn is the most famous museum in Vorarlberg. You can crawl into a fox den, feel the fish, do an experiment in the science center and learn how the human body works playfully.
  • Visit Das Stadtbad an indoor swimming pool in Dornbirn. There are various activities for everyone. They have a multipurpose pool, children’s area, slide, and wellness and sauna areas.

The Best hotel in Vorarlberg includes luxury hotels, boutique hotels, and budget hotels.

  • The Residence, Secerin’s Alpine Retreat, Aurelio Club Chalet, Hotel Weisses Kreuz, Hotel Austria Lech, Alpine resort Schillerkopf, Hotel Sonnenberg,Pension Fortuna at Lech, Hotel Haldenhof Lech, Hotel Lun at Brand and Hotel Gasthof Hirschen Schwarzenberg.

Vorarlberg Austria has something for everyone, right from hiking, foodie experiences, or touring the city. This little slice of Austria will be a paradise just waiting to welcome you.

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