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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Best Things to Do In Boston in Winter

Best Things to Do In Boston in Winter

Boston in winter becomes the coolest place to visit. Enjoy snowfall there from the beginning of December to March. Especially in January, there is a heavy drop in temperature, and one can feel the extreme weather.

If you plan to visit this beautiful place in winter, don't think twice and pack your warmest clothes.

This article will cover beautiful places to visit and things to do in this beautiful city of America.

Without any further due, let's begin.

Places to Visit When Boston in winter

These are some must-visit places during winters. Have a look at these places before flying here.

#1. Skywalk Observatory

The first place which you should visit is the Skywalk Observatory. It is at the top of the popular Prudential Center. An amazing display of the culture and history. Enjoy the incredible full view of the city from fifty stories above the street. You will get a 360° view of this mesmerizing city.

#2. Museums

Its museums are also unique. You can explore both fine art museums and bad art museums. In the former, you will get to see amazing fine art collections and in the second place, bad pieces of art which are equally famous. As per your taste, there are a variety of renowned museums like the Museum of fine arts, Harvard Museum of Natural History, Institute of Contemporary Art, and even Children Museum, etc. These renowned museums are one of the favorite choices of both locals and tourists.

#3. Taza Chocolate Factory

Another one of the best places to visit is Taza Chocolate Factory which is in Somerville. All the chocolate lovers can enjoy the all-around tour of this chocolate factory. Enjoy the glimpse of stone grinding techniques of chocolate and a full guided tour of this factory. Don't miss their Dark Chocolate Bars, Chocolate-covered nuts, Mexican discs. Otherwise, you will regret it later.

Things to Do In Boston in Winter

To make your trip memorable, engage yourself in amazing things there. Here are some of the highlighted things you can do in winters:

#1. Boston Sailing Centre

If you love adventure, then what's better than frostbite sailing in winters? It is the center of attraction in winter. All over the world, tourists come here for frostbite sailing. If you have good sailing skills, then it's worth coming here. It's a perfect place to enjoy as you can take sailing sessions, separate women saling sessions are also there, meet fellow sailors and more.

#2. L.A. Burdick

If you are a diehard fan of chocolate, then don't miss this place. L.A. Burdick cafe is known for its handmade hot chocolates and chocolates. Satisfy all your chocolate cravings, and having a sip of hot chocolate in winter is super joyful. It's a great place to hang out; locals and tourists love to visit this place.

#3. Prudential Centre

To satisfy your shopping desire, this place will offer you full shopping therapy. Prudential Center has 75+ shops, restaurants, and cafes. Many luxurious stores are also included, like Dior, Gucci, Levi's, etc. And some other famous stores like Zara and Sephora. Enjoy shopping with your family here. During Christmas, you will see a full colorful market here. Winters are one of the great times to cheer festive vibes.

#4. The Boston Common Frog Pond

Indulge yourself in ice skating in winters to experience winters more deeply. The popular destination for ice skating is The Common Frog Pond. The pond has a lot to offer, from various events to free wifi, a must-visit place for all ice skating lovers.

#5. Brattle Theatre

It is at Harvard square and only an 18 min drive from the city. This theatre is famous for its uniqueness as it still uses a rear-projection system. It screens independent, classic, and foregin films. If you want to have an old experience, visit this theatre, sit on the vintage seat and enjoy the art or classic movie.

#6. Breweries

There are many famous Breweries like Cambridge Brewing Co or Harpoon Brewery, where you can spend your evening by having a beer in your hands. Our favorite out of these breweries is Cambridge Brewing Co. This place has beautiful decor, cuisines, and special beers to hang out on the winter nights. Visit these renowned Breweries and have a taste of nightlife.


Boston looks beautiful in winter. All the way covered by snow and many activities to enjoy. It has all to offer, from renowned museums to shopping centers, beer or hot chocolate, everything you can experience here in the coldest winters. If you plan to visit there, don't forget to pack heavy coats, boots, and hats.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. How cold does it get in Boston?

It is extremely cold during winters. The freezing temperature drops here to 0°C on average, and Blizzards are also common in winters.

  • Q. Which is the coldest month in Boston?

The coldest month is January, where the temperature drops to 0°C.

  • Q. What are the famous things in Boston?

This is famous for beer, hot chocolates, museums, a sailing center, The Marathon, and many more.

  • Q. Is Boston colder than Newyork?

Yes, in winters it is much colder than Newyork. There is about 3-4 degrees difference in the temperature.

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