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Sunday, January 2, 2022

Quirky Modes of Transportation to Commute

Bamboo Train- Quirky Modes of Transportation to Commute

With the coming of the new era, we surely have forgotten the old ways to travel around. Travelling and exploring novel places around the world is exciting. But it doesn’t stop there. You will want to explore even more. Buses, taxis, and trains may be universal. Sometimes the route they take is not familiar to the travellers. If you thought trains, cars, planes, and buses were the only way to get around, then you are wrong.

One way to get to know about a country is its food, and another way is by using its public transportation. So, in that case, the Quirky mode of transport found around the world can add to this experience. Some places think beyond the metros, buses, and bike lanes to provide luxury travel for their citizen to get around.

Different countries have peculiar modes of travel which will leave you enthralled and give you an exciting experience of a lifetime. They are from boats created from plants that are the life and blood of an entire people to riding on a jet-powered watercraft three inches away from canyon walls.

Quirky Modes of Transportation to Commute

To give you a glance at their existence in remote and extreme corners of the world, here's a list to find out what you've been missing so far:

Dog sled:

Dog sled at Alaska is a traveler’s dream of visiting due to its abundant natural beauty along with the sense of calmness because of the sparse population. The place has plenty of mountains, open space, massive snowfields, and a good amount of wildlife. Among these few things tourists also visualize about Alaska are the Alaskan dog sleighs, which are a popular mode of transportation. Near the Arctic Circle, plan a dog-sledding voyage where you glide your way through a frozen canvas of snow. It is led by a pack of four to six dogs trained for speed and endurance.

Chicken Bus at Panama:

Quirky Modes of Transportation to Commute- Chicken Bus

Chicken Bus at Panama is very uncomfortable to travel, but an experience worth having. Public buses are named as Chicken Buses. It is decorated in a multitude of colors, each with a unique design. They are also decorated with neon signs and voodoo posters. Chicken buses are recycled yellow school buses that were once used to carry chicken and other fowl to and from the market. People used to travel along with the chickens and goats. These chicken buses offer a dangerous, terrifying, and thrilling ride.

The cyclo in Vietnam:

The cyclo in Vietnam is a tricycle taxi for touring the city. They also use this cyclo to get through the city’s chaotic traffic.

Ice Angel:

To experience this intense vehicle, you’ll have to visit Madeline Island just off the coast of Wisconsin. During winter, the locals have to avail themselves of a wind sled vehicle, which is fan-driven like a hovercraft, but they travel on skis rather than a rubber skirt. These boats with air propellers are designed to glide safely and smoothly over the ice, bringing island residents to and from the mainland.

The Bamboo Train:

Bamboo Train- Quirky Modes of Transportation to Commute
The Bamboo train is another mode of transport for the local rural areas of Cambodia. Another name for the Bamboo train is “Nori ."A bamboo platform with straw mats which is almost the size of a double bed board, approximately ten to fifteen people, and is supported by two sets of wheels made of metal using an electric engine. It can be a little bit bumpy, but you'll get to see the true countryside as a local would. It can move up to a speed of 40 km per hour, and it is one of the most efficient and best ways to travel around the country.

CoCo Taxi:

CoCo Taxi- Quirky Modes of Transportation to Commute

Coco Taxi can be seen in Havana. This taxi is called Coco because it resembles the form of coconut with its fiberglass bodies, a two-seater, a three-wheeler, and with 75 cc moped engine. Besides, the Coco Taxi is a bit noisy but a cheaper mode of transport.

Gondola Ride:

Gondola Ride

Any tourist visiting the Italian town of Venice should take a gondola ride. Many people around the globe dream of visiting this town just for that Gondola ride. Venice's sprawling network of canals makes a perfect setting for gondola rides.

Barco de Totora:

The Totora boats are made of Totora reed. They are the primary mode of transport for Uros tribes who live on artificial floating reed islands Lake Titicaca in Peru and Bolivia. Totora is built to resemble the shape of a dragon. These light but resistant boats sail out swiftly on the calm lake, making transport easy and convenient for the locals. These reed boats have become a national icon.

Habal Habal:

Habal Habal is the most extreme and unsafe commuter ride. It is a bike that is modified to carry more than two passengers at its most extreme. They are a square frame placed around the rider allowing the bike to carry up to 10 people.

Camel Bus:

Camel bus is made from a truck and a bus. It is in the shape of a camel. The camel bus is designed to accommodate many passengers as possible with minimum comfort.

Pedal Pub:

Pedal Pub is a four-wheeled human-powered pub. It is a unique invention. It caters up to 16 people. You can jump on the Pedal Pub bike and bar and cycle along the canal of Amsterdam. While pedaling with your friends, enjoy a drink. They can be taken on rent or purchased in the United States at Pedal Pub.com. This ride is sure to make you happy.

Junk Boat, Hong Kong:

The nation’s signature junk boats float against a backdrop of skyscraping offices. This Chinese Junk Boat dates from ancient times, specifically from the Han Dynasty. Today, they are converted into sunset boats and dinner cruises for tourists and locals.

Horse Caravan:

Ditch the Car and hitch a horse instead of harnessing yoke and driving a horse before setting off the Irish countryside. The four berth carriage comes complete with cooking and sleeping spaces. However, travellers will have to use the washroom at various puns and inns along the way.

These are some genuinely unbelievable ways that people can get around the world.

While having a fantastic holiday with your loved ones, tour the cities around in the most unusual ways.

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