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Friday, December 17, 2021

El Hierro — An Island So Unique and Special

El Hierro — An Island So Unique and Special

El Hierro is the smallest and the most remote of Canary Island. It is a paradise in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

El Hierro is in the shape of a boomerang. It is said to result from a massive earthquake and several biological activities in the past. As you open your eyes and look out of the window, the very first rays of sun-light appear in the east until they set in the west. The El Hierro island awakens you and fills you with life. Life in El Hierro is special and unique. It entices you to spend your holidays in the open air every day and night of the year. El Hierro has dozens of best beaches, so the island is popular among tourists preferring to spend time at the coast. This island was declared a UNESCO biosphere reserve because of its high craggy cliffs dashed by Atlantic swell, thick juniper groves, pine forest, and incredible volcanic rock formations. You will discover unique places, mysterious shadows, and never-ending trails.

Best Things to Do in El Hierro:

These are some of the best things to see and do while you’re here.

A healing place:

El Hierro

 The Canary Islands were renowned for their many health benefits during the time of the Greeks and Romans. Travelers were in search of somewhere to renew and revitalize them. In El Hierro, you will find a paradise of well-being.

Do not forget to visit the most famous tree in the world, Garoe, which means river or lake, in the Berber language. It is also known as the Holy or Sacred Tree, located in Tigulahe, currently San Andres in El Hierro.

In El Sabinar, La Dehesa is the home to some of the most photographed trees in the Canary Islands. There is an open thicket of spectacular gnarled wild juniper trees. These have been blown into these surreal shapes by the Trade winds. It looks like the wood is knotted together. These stunning cypress trees, twisted and mauled by weather and age, are a tribute to the island's rugged landscape.

Different faces of El Hierro:

 The landscape of El Hierro changes on a minute-to-minute basis. The travelers enjoy striking green foliage, misty forests, fertile valleys, volcanic scenery, and privileged views of the blue Atlantic Ocean. There are hardly any beaches on the island, but you can still enjoy swimming in the island's natural pools. Some of the best natural pools on El Hierro are charco Azul and La Maceta, both situated in La Frontiers and Pozo de Calcosas in the island's northern tip.

Canary Islands

Pico de Malpasoi s the highest point on the island of El Hierro is unbelievable. If you climb onto the top of the mountain early in the morning, you will notice nature awakens as the sun rises. It is truly worth seeing.


El Hierro is famous for its outdoor activities. Besides scuba diving, mountain biking, hiking, swimming, and paragliding are also practiced here. This island has numerous trails that allow you to explore the island on foot or by bicycle.

El Hierro is an ideal destination for beachside recreation and scuba diving fans. Locals are the majority of visitors on this beach.

Pozo de Las Calcosas is an unusual beach. It is a comfortable place for family tourists. Romantic travelers love to spend their free time here. You will find bungalows built with black stones that look very charming.

Diving at La Restinga: 

Being a sleepy village once upon a time, but now it has become a tourist hotspot for divers wanting to experience the warm still waters of the Mar de Las Calmas on the south-western shore.

Have a visit to the cove at El Tacoron:

 Tourists visiting these places should at least experience a dive into the sea. The perfect place for this is to go to the cove at El Tacoron. It is also known as a virgin beach in the south of the island and is renowned for having beautiful Atlantic waters all year round.

El Hierro is the perfect place if you are looking for an excursion. You will find many trails and multiple hikes for all levels.

Hiking on El Hierro is an experience that will take you beyond anything you can imagine. It’s more than just walking. As you walk, you will discover the rock carvings of the Bimbaes of Bimbaches. Take hiking to another level on the Camino de Jinama, where you can practice the most intense trekking having an elevation gain of 1000 meters in just four km, as you cross what was once the main access route into the El Golfo Valley. Hikers should trip to Cape Orchilla, which is a layer of lave. It is where the old lighthouse is situated. Cape Orchilla is believed to be the end of the world.


The island offers accommodation for all tastes, e.g., Apartments, hostels, hotels, complexes, and country homes.

Some of the hotels are:

El Hierro Parador Hotel: it is situated in the island's southeast. It is a perfect place to disconnect. 

Hotel Puntagrande is unique and where you will experience originality. 

Vivanda Vacational Canamo is a vocational accommodation situated in the coastal village of El Tamaduste.


El Hierro cuisine is mainly made with local ingredients, the specialty being seafood and stews. Fish is the main pride in the El Hierro diet. It may be fried, stewed, or grilled. Potaje, a legume-based stew, puchero- meat stew, and rancho con papas meat with potatoes are the famous dishes. The main ingredient always used is cheese. It is homemade, usually from goat, cows, or sheep’s milk.


At La Restinga, you can enjoy the flavor of the best fish, limpets, and even shrimps. If you want a good view while eating, La Pena’s viewpoint is the perfect spot.


Discover Spain’s world-famous nightlife and party, like a local. El Hierro nightlife keeps you busy all night.

Las Casa Abajo caters to a lively local crowd. This little cafe has a contemporary feel with mismatched furniture hot-red Smeg Fridge with an adventure sports fever.

Tasca El Chavelazo is a bar situated in the basement. It is the best place to hang out at nighttime with moody lighting, thumping music, salsa and DJ nights, and occasional live acts.

Other than visiting the pubs one can enjoy the nightlife in various ways.

Relax with a little chill out: after a great day, there is nothing better than drinking and celebrating somewhere other than the viewpoints beaches or natural pools.

Swim at La Macela natural pool. I assure you that you will see a sunset like never before. A unique swim under a warmly colored sky is an unforgettable memory.

Spend your night under a starry sky: wait at the Orchilla lighthouse until the stars come out, and you will find one of the clearest skies on the planet. While star-gazing, you feel you are wrapped in the silence of the surroundings. One cannot express in words but has to see to believe.

All year round, you will enjoy the warm weather, endless landscape, vibrant beauty, and volcanic nature, and at the end of the day, you will be able to rest, sleep and dream about everything you have seen and done.

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