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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Boston, United States

Boston – Largest & Capital City in United States

Boston is the largest and the capital city of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in United States and serves as a county seat of Suffolk County. Being the largest city in New England, the proper city’s space covers around 48 square miles with an estimated population of 645,966 in the year 2014, thus making it the 24th largest city in United States.

It is the anchor of a larger metropolitan area known as Greater Boston which is home to 4.5 million inhabitants as well as the tenth largest metropolitan location in the country. As a commuting region, Greater Boston is home to 7.6 million people and the sixth largest Combined Statistical Area in United States. Being one of the oldest cities in United States it was founded on the Shawmut Peninsula by the Puritan settlers from England in 1630 and faced several key events of American Revolutions like the Boston Massacre, the Battle of Bunker Hill, the Boston Tea Party and the Siege of Boston.

During American Independence from Great Britain, the city continued to be an important port as well as a manufacturing hub together with a centre for education and culture. With the aid of land reclamation and municipal annexation, this city has spread beyond the original peninsula and its rich history has attracted several tourist to its destination, where the Faneuil Hall alone had over 20 million tourists.

America’s Oldest City – Rich Economic/Social History

In 1630, Boston was first incorporated as a town and in 1822 as a city and is one of America’s oldest cities having rich economic as well as social history. What started off as a homesteading community then evolved in a centre for political and social change and since then have become the cultural and the economic hub of New England. Being a home to over 617,000 people as the region’s hub, there are several institutions of higher educations some of which are the world’s finest inpatients hospitals together with various cultural and professional sports organisations.

Many people tend to visit Boston to attend cultural or sporting events, to explore its historic neighbourhoods and for the purpose of business. Boston has a wealth of museums which range from the MFA to the Boston Fire Museums as well as galleries which feature contemporary art with inclusive art experience. Boston also has a variety of transport modes for tourist as well as the locals to move around the city.

Some of the facts of Boston 

Boston University Bridge on Commonwealth Avenue seems to be the only place in the world where boat can sail under a train passing under a car driving under an airplane. The famous CITGO sign in Kenmore Square would have five miles of neon tubing and in order to be more energy efficient, the use of LED lighting has been adopted. At 90 feet below the surface, the deepest tunnel in North America is the Red Williams Tunnel. The 60 story John Hancock Tower has 13 acres of glass.

The Fleet Centre which is now known as TD Garden was built 9 inches from the Boston Garden and the classic structure had to be demolished brick by brick.The coloured light on the old Hancock building indicates the weather `Solid blue, clear view,’ `Flashing blue, clouds due’, `Solid red, rain ahead’ and `Flashing red, snow instead’ – flashing red means the Red Sox game is rained out during summer.

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