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Saturday, November 13, 2021

Canada Hot Springs

Canada Hot Springs

Canada is a great country famous worldwide for its mesmerizing natural beauty. But with winters, people struggle with the cold. So, hot springs are there to beat the winters.

If you need relaxation, then soaking in mineral hot water is a great way to do so. They cure stress and offer relaxation and healing properties.

There are numerous incredible hot springs in Canada. We have handpicked the country's eight best Hot Springs. Calm your mind and body by soaking yourself in springs.

Here are the best eight Canada hot springs. Let's get started!

Liard River Hot Springs

It is located in British Columbia. It is a most spotted tourist zone where outsiders and locals both calm their mind, soul and body with hot waters. There are many hot springs in British Columbia, but this one is the most popular because of the immense natural beauty you will find here. The temperature range of it is from 42C to 52C. For a more magical experience, visit here in mid-winter.

Harrison Hot Springs

Another popular and beautiful one is Harrison Hot Springs. From Vancouver, it's just a two hours drive. It offers to heal, and it is famous for healing arthritis and rheumatism.

One can experience both hot springs and spas here. There are five pools in Harrison Hot Spring & Spa, including indoor and outdoor. Out of these pools, there are some for kids and others only for adults. The temperature here ranges from 32C to 40C. But the only disadvantage here is, it is accessible to only private guests who reside here. It is not open for public use.

Miette Hot Springs

Miette Hot Springs is located in Alberta's National Park. Beautiful Mother Nature and Canadian rocks surround many pools here. Here the temperature ranges from 40 C to 54C. The Miette Springs is open from May to mid-October. To enjoy this hottest spring, you have to pay an entry fee.

Hot Springs Cove

British Columbia Spring Cove is best if you are looking for a hot spring along with some side adventures. It is located in Maquinna Marine Provincial Park on Vancouver Island. You can come here via floatplane or boat. The temperature of the springs is 50C. And if you mix this hot water with the Pacific, you can enjoy a pleasant swim. The scene is mesmerizing as the Pacific Ocean is just before you and water sliding from beautiful rocks. You will find a huge crowd here in the summer season.

Takhini Hot Springs

Takhini has two pools which are open all around the year. It is located outside Whitehorse, Yukon. The temperature of the spring ranges from 37 C to 42C. The water has a high iron, magnesium, and calcium concentration, so the watercolor is slightly reddish-brown. Both private guests and local ones can visit the pool. You don't have to stay at this place to enjoy the pool. This place is the favorite spot to have fun by many.

Kraus Hot Springs

Kraus is a beautiful hot spring spot near Nahanni River in Nahanni National Park. The place is surrounded by rivers and offers a wild experience. The temperature of the spring is 32C. The views here are super distractions that you can't avoid. But you can only enjoy the spring in the spring season.

Fairmont Hot Springs Resort

Another natural mineral hot spring in British Columbia is Fairmont Resort. From the southeast of Invermere, it is 27km away. It is significant, having crystal clear and odorless water. It has healing properties. From the Columbia valley, around 1.5 million gallons of mineral-rich hot water flows into its three pools.

Ainsworth Hot Springs

It is also located in British Columbia near the shores of the Kootenay Mountain range. This place offers a large lounge pool and horseshoe caves which offers a beautiful experience. The temperature of the outside pool is 35 C, and the 150foot cave is 40C. And there is also a mild cold plunge pool to enjoy the dip-in. Swimming holes have water of calcium, sodium, magnesium, lithium, potassium, and silica. And the good part is the water changes here four times a day. And cave water changes even six times a day. Another bonus point is the guest staying here can enjoy both caves and pools for free, but the public has to purchase admission.


We have covered the eight best Canada hot springs. All these are beautiful in their own way and just need to try at once. Plan a trip to these mesmerizing hot springs and relax your soul and body. These mineral-rich springs are a great way to enjoy the holiday. Must plan a holiday but don't forget to plan on the right season for a better experience.

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