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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Beach Hacks: To Make The Summer A Blast

When the weather is hot, hitting the beach is a popular way to spend the day. When we imagine about the beach, the hot sand, the cold water of the sea and a good tan comes in our mind. But sometimes unpleasant thing can occur even on a trip to the beach and they can spoil your holiday.

Here are some tricks to make your beach vacation pleasant, safe and fun.

Freeze your water bottles instead of bringing ice pack to keep your snacks cool. Your water will be extra cold for hours and the snacks will be fresh too.

Save a plastic peanut butter jars to store your phone and keys in while you’re at the beach.

How to avoid getting a headache: The sharp change in pressure which occurs when you dive underwater can give you a headache. Thankfully there’s a way to prevent this. Before going diving pinch you nose, close your mouth. This will create some pressure in your head for 5- 10 seconds. Repeat this process 2 more times and your body will adapt to the new pressure and you won’t end up in a headache.

If your ears become blocked: if you’ve got all the water out of your ears but they’re still blocked after sometime at the beach you need to restore the natural pressure in your inner ear. Pinch your nose while blowing a balloon. During this process you’ll hear a weak click sound indicating that the pressure in your ears is back to normal.

Turn your beach towel into a towel/pillow combo. This will make your summer beach trips a dream come true, it rolls up nice and tight.

Cool the Burn: At some point during a beach trip sunburnt is a common problem. To help cool the burning sensation don’t use moisturising lotion - use an aloe gel. Lotion will only trap the heat from a burn, prolonging the pain instead of relieving it.

Put your iphone in a plastic sandwich baggie when you go to the beach. The touch screen still works through the plastic, so you can use your phone without running it in sand and water.

Cool flip- flop: To avoid burning your feet while wearing sandals kept in the sun for hours; just keep them turned over when you’re not wearing them.

For a kiddie pool by dig a hole and line it with a cheap shower curtain liner. You can get them for a buck at the Dollar store so you don’t even have to bring the liner back, just toss it in a trash can before you leave.

To get rid of the sand stuck to your feet, use baby talcum powder to remove wet sand from your skin before you leave the beach. The talcum powder will absorb all the moisture and the sand will fall away easily leaving your legs and feet clean and smooth.

A mesh laundry bag is the perfect container for your kid’s beach toys. All the sand will be sifted leaving it at the beach instead of trailing it into your car and home.

Make sure you are fully prepared for the sand, sea and sun with this hacks.

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