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Thursday, August 23, 2018

Guimaras Island, Phillipines

Guimaras Island, Phillipines
Guimaras is one of the top travel destinations in the entire region of Western Visaya due to its rising fame. Who would not fall in love with the natural beauty of the place? The untouched and pure picturesque of the place stands out so much so that people coming from all over the world are doing their best to get a taste of the Guimaras adventure.

National Mango research and Development centre: more than the scenic place and tourists spots, Guimaras is famous worldwide as the producer of the sweetest mangoes with more than fifty thousand mango trees planted in 5200 hectares of land .The mangoes here are indeed world class in all aspects.

The Taklong Island is located in Nueva Valencia. Guimaras is a part of the entire Taklong Island and national marine reserve. The Island has white sand and a great place for swimming.

Bara’s caves and beach: Given a chance to visit the place during low tide, you can ask the boatman to bring the boat inside and have the glimpse of its beauty. But if it’s already high tide be content with the view from the outside since the boat cannot make it inside. Despite the situation this cave still deserves an exploration. As for the beach it has white sand and equally pristine water plus the additional refreshing green trees at the surroundings. Depending on the tide visitors can either walk around the rocks or take a dip in its clear waters.

The town of Nueva Valencia is the tourist capital of Guimaras. The town is recognized for their beautiful white beaches and wonderful islets and the illustration 18th century Guisi Point Lighthouse. It is made of metal. The Guisi lighthouse is being replaced with the new one that is already installed adjacent to it. The place offers an amazing view of the sea especially during sunset.

Island hopping: a visit to Guimaras Island will never be accomplished without doing Island hopping. They have the scenic view, wonderful islets and everything that your eyes need to perceive and to satisfy your craving for nature. Your eyes will open wide with wonder because this is where nature truly is. The islets are stunningly beautiful in every direction you face. The actual start-off point for island hopping is located in Alubihod beach in Nueva Valencia.

The Turtle Island: is known to be the refuge of sea turtles or pawikan. The Turtle Island is blessed with white sand beach and crystal clear water. You can swim and snorkel off the shore as well.

Ave Maria Beach is the cutest and beguiling white beach island you’ll see. The island is popular for its tiny patch of powdery white sands and turquoise waters. The island is uninhabited, completely untouched and remain in its innate state. It is undeniably charming. It got its name from rock formation with a grotto like shape. It’s small yet it attracts tourist with its sandbars and clear waters where you can go fishing or snorkelling.

Pit stop Restaurant: leaving Guimaras without tasting the mango pizza of the Pit stop restaurant at Barangay san Miguel Jordan would be your greatest regret. The eating place has been attracting the tourist because of their luscious mango pizza topped with cheese, cashew nuts and green bell pepper. Their mango pizza is real, unique far from the taste of a normal pizza.

Holy Family Hills is a religious site which also attracts various tourists visiting Guimaras Island. Numerous life size statues of the Holy family are dotting the place, being the focal point as you enter the place. Life size station of the cross statues are spread along the area which causes pilgrims to visit the place, especially during the Lenten Season. The place has chapel and a prayer room.

There are several other places to see in Guimaras like the waterfalls, eco parks forest. Apart from exploring Guimaras island its coast and surrounding islands shouldn’t be missed.

Guimaras isn’t only a day trip escape from the city. It is an island that has more stores to offer as long as you’re willing to get to know it better for more than a day.

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