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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Indian Motorcycle Adventures Tours


Vintage Rides Designs/Runs Tours – Characterful Motorcycles

Vintage Rides has been designing and runs tours on characterful motorcycles which has been due to twofold passion for adventure travel and the Royal Enfield. This motorcycle tour with the combination of pleasure of motorcycle travel, encountering the offbeat destinations together with the adventure, tends to provide everything one would strive for with total safety during the adventure. Vintage Rides right from 2006, had been dedicated for character-packed motorcycle tours all over Asia wherein their design unusual travel plan tend to offer the travel with unforgettable motor-biking experiences.

 If a user is inclined for passion for old fashioned adventure he could ride away in a legendary motorcycle along with the wind on his face and experience the freedom and the thrill the ride could provide with this amazing experience. He can enjoy the experience of the ride while heeding to the engines together with its vibration on the winding roads in the midst of high peaks of Ladakh and Nepal, at the heart of nomadic life, on the Mongolian steppe and in India, Sri Lanka together with Bhutan. If one is a serious adventurer or a lethargic type of rider they have the option of the motorcycle trip to suit their level and enjoy the run.

Motorcycle – The Icon of India

Right from the Himalaya to Mongolia, from the rugged raid to smooth cruise, there are various choices to ensemble every individual. The Royal Enfield, roughly appealing enables the rider to explore Asia in a different manner while easing cruising along for a good experience of adventure. The Bullet 350cc, manufactured initially in Great Britain, had been utilised on the battlefields of the World War II.

The production of the Royal Enfield in the year 1956 had been resumed in Madras in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, India. This amazing motorcycle is presently the icon of India where the wild sound of the single-cylinder model tends to echo all around the country. Vintage Rides has a habit of having its own garage and a 60 strong fleet of Royal Enfields at its location in Delhi, where one will find a store of professionals who seem to have a craving for the Bullet and pamper the bikes heading off on tour, to ensure that the rider travels on a bike in extremely good condition.

Tours – absolutely Realistic Experience

If one is inclined to spend time in the saddle and keen on experiencing a two-wheeled adventure, they could opt for one of these tours, an Adventure Raid, where half the route tends to be trails and one can ride for six to eight hours each day in remote areas for an absolutely realistic experience.

They have on board a team of six mechanics who seem to have great experience in certified Royal Enfield bike garages, who lend all the much needed support to their clients. The location is said to be a magnet for supports of retro mechanics as well as for customisation. To know the appropriate package, riders could provide a few pointers to their motorbike tour experts for the same.

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