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Friday, September 16, 2016

Afghanistan, the Land-Locked Nation

Briefing about Afghanistan: 

Afghanistan is located in Southern Asia which has no water boundaries but surrounded by China, Turkmenistan, Iran, Tajikistan, Pakistan and Uzbekistan. The country has rugged, snow covered and arid deserts. KANDAHAR was the first capital of Afghanistan but later KABUL became the capital city. Agriculture is the main source of income to this country. The winter is quiet harsh. In fact from December to January it always snows, especially the northern parts of Afghanistan, where they have snowy white landscapes. Tourists are scared to go to Afghanistan, but there are places that are totally safe.

Entertainment and Culture: 

The government system is an Islamic Republic.99 percent Afghans inhabitants are Muslim. The languages spoken in Afghanistan are known as PASHTO and DARI. NAWROZ is a New Year on 21 st March celebrated by Afghanistan. Afghanistan would like its National game BUZKASHI or GOAT-GRABING to be an Olympic Sport. POETRY is a special part of Afghan culture. This country is very strict in culture. Men and women will never exchange greetings with each other. The dressing attire is also very strict.

To The Adventurous Traveller This Country Contains Plenty Of Mountains, Lakes And Sightseeing To Explore And Venture.

BAND-E-AMIR is a best sightseeing place. It is a group of five turquoise lakes.The color of water is deep blue. It is the first national park in the country. It is also called the LAKE OF JEWEL.This Lake was formed naturally with extraordinary geological formation.

KHYBER PASS is an important site in Afghanistan. It has served as an important trade route between central Asia and South Asia. Crossing Khyber Pass is one of the important pass in history which is quiet adventurous.

BAMIYAN is one of the main tourist attractions in central Afghanistan. Every year a handful of adventurous ski tourist are brave enough to make a long trek to Bamiyan even though it’s the most dangerous countries in the world.These Magnificent snow-capped mountains found deep within a country are virtually untouched.
KABUL is largest city and capital of Afghanistan. Some of the well-known place to visit is the Gardens of Babur, the Bagh-e-Bala palace, park and the market known as Bagh-e-Zanana. Kabul zoo and the National museum are also worth visiting.

THE beauties of the countryside and mountain passes are undeniable, with no shortage of treks, drive routes and trails. You can have a memorable and rewarding trip. Trekking to sacred sites and driving through some of the world’s most breath-taking mountain passes are two of the most pleasurable experience and activities in this place. Another popular drive is across the stunning shomali plains.

The MINARET OF JAM in Afghanistan is the second tallest Minaret in the world. The carvings around the minaret are very impressive, reflecting the pre historic history of the region.

TORA BORA is located within the White Mountains called as Safed Koh.The Tora Bora cave complex is one of the most beautiful places to visit.

The Vibrant blue stone called LAPIS LAZULI, is rich in this place. It has been used to beautify the tomb of Tutankhamen, the Egyptian King.

The Greek constructed a city at AI KHANOUM situated in Afghanistan which has a Gymnasium and a Theatre. The monument had devotions in Greek towards Hercules And Herakles and also had a big figurine to Zeus. It is a Heritage site there.

OPIUM is the largest and fastest growing produce in Afghanistan. 80 to 90 percent of the heroin sold in Europe comes from Opium grown in Afghanistan.

Snow Leopard, Leopard Gecko, Red Giant Flying Squirrel, Long Eared Desert Hedgehog and Corsac Fox are some of the famous animals.

The Meal in Afghanistan is incomplete with no NAAN, which is flat unleavened bread. They like to have their favourite drinkTEA after their popular meal PALAU. The Popular food is MANTI – A steamed dumpling filled with spiced lamb or beef. PALAO is rice cooked with spices, meat and vegetables and GOSH FEEL is dough shaped into an ear shape, fried and covered in sugar and pistachio nuts.


RUGS are produced in Afghanistan which is very popular around the world.

What Attracts People To This Place Is Ts Diverse Landscape From Mountains To Deserts To Lakes.

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