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Monday, September 19, 2016

A Beginner Guide to Cycling Around the World

A cycling adventure is perhaps the easiest possible method of bringing some spice back into your life. It will not only give you a perfect taste of freedom, but will also entirely change your perception of viewing this world. Explore the destination you’ve always wanted to visit and experience the remote parts of the world, like townships and villages that do not provide guided tours. For a beginner it is always safe to travel in a group with like minded people who are traveling for the purpose of a rewarding experience. Such cycling groups have participants ranging from 20 to 70 years of age.

Tour the world on two wheels 

Several cycling tour companies offer travel options to various parts of the world that organize cycling expeditions in smaller groups ranging from 20 to 30 people. Smaller groups minimize environmental impacts, increase the level of safety and preserve the cultural integrity of toured areas. In Morocco the jeep tracks and Kasbahs of High Atlas draw a large amount of mountain bikers from around the world. Other extremely popular cycling tour destinations of the world are France, South Africa, Canada, Scotland, Croatia, Wales, USA, and New Zealand.

A cyclist who is a novice to such adventures must start with a supported tour or operator. There are a variety of companies that offer various types of trips from epic riding journey in Katmandu to gentle beano in Snowdania. Every cycling group also has a mechanic, and novices must try and learn from the mechanic about dealing with unwanted situations like repairing busted tire in the middle of nowhere without any assistance.

This will provide the cyclist with the required confidence for embarking on independent tours. Before, heading off to an independent tour must have the knowledge to adjust brakes and derailleur, replace chain links, repair punctures and change tubes. A cycle is an uncomplicated machine, and to gain knowledge about its various parts is not a difficult or time taking job.

Take care of the essentials 

If the beginner is planning to carry his own bike on the journey, it is better to service the various parts of the vehicle prior to the tour. Servicing your own bike is much better than hiring a bicycle, for most of the rented ones are not very well serviced and maintained. It is no longer difficult to carry a bicycle around the world, for various flights allow vehicles to be transported. Some of the flights, regard the bicycle as luggage allowance whereas, others charge a flat fee. Some of the airlines insist on removing the handlers and paddles, and flattening the tyres for convenient packaging.

In such situations you need to take the bike to a local mechanical shop and get the job done at a small rate. An integral part of the cycling tour is opting for the right clothing. Lycra shorts, gloves, helmets, soft but covered shoes helps easy body movement and offers comfort, and thus cyclists will be able to embark on a long journey without worrying about uneasiness and irritation.

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