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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

4 Dangers Of Traveling and How To Deal With Them

The word on being heard initiates a sense of excitement in the mind. Yes, travelling as defined is a journey with a purpose. But, at times, it is also without one. In each case, there are experiences. Experiences those are glamorous but also dull in some cases. But, if it is your first trip, a quick read in this article might help you to save yourself from the cons of travelling. And if, it is not then also it might aware you against those cons.

I hereby list; four dangers of travelling and alongside also cite the methods of avoidance.

The first, Theft

The tourist destinations are the hubs for robbery. Only because, it attracts huge crowds where sneaking and stealing becomes easy for the thieves. You may not even realise, when a hand will go inside your purse and in a whisk, your money is gone! Grabbing, snatching, and then disappearing in the crowds are common thefts in these destinations. Be it a train or a temple, thefts are inevitable.

To avoid, such theft, lock your luggage where ever you go, the wallet you carry should be in your first pocket and also keep your eyes open. Do have fun but with care.

The second, Scams
Scams are the biggest potholes of travel. If you are in a place for the first time, the agents will go round and round about you until you finally give way to their scam. Now, the scam holders may not be just agents, it maybe something even bigger like legal correspondents: Police. They might charge you fines unnecessarily whereby you might not even know the rule of the place (at times, these police make them up, to charge you). The second scam holders are cab drivers who take you on a tour than taking you directly to your hotel or other destination. Also, vendors charge you more than regular prices. To avoid such pricks, always go after a detailed research not only on the place but also on the surroundings, ambience and people.

The third, The Party Scene

This one might be exclusively for the younger crowds. While travelling for them also means exciting adventurous party scenes. These people often prey to health issues, wallets and also to other dangerous stuff. Too much intake of alcohol can also cause a bad trip for you. To find a way out, always go for parties keeping health factor in mind. Also, partying with strangers or someone you met in the trip can cause unwanted trouble. So, always if you party make sure you at least have someone who is trustworthy, whom you have known for a long time.

The fourth, Getting Lost

There are destinations where GPS fail and the internet takes no chance of making an appearance on your mobile network. It seems that along with you, it is also enjoying a small holiday. Suppose you are on a hill top, with a group of friends and you just get lost due to various reasons. Stop, trace back but if unable to find, don’t wait till it gets dark. Locate any civilization nearby and spot yourself for help. But, to avoid such situations, never zone out to a scenic beauty, always have someone by your side.

Thus, ending on a note of safety, please keep the following points in mind and enjoy an amazing travel because life is short so make it live-worthy!

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