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Thursday, September 15, 2016

6 Travel Destinations that Will Inspire Your Decorating


Why then, the world’s mine oyster, which i with sword will open”-The merry wives of Windsor (act II, scene ii), William Shakespeare.

While for most travelling still exudes a certain amount of associated luxury, still for a lot of people it becomes the sole purpose to fulfil their soul’s thirst by forever nurturing their wanderlust. And some get so inspired and overwhelmed by their travel expeditions that they decide to bring a piece of their travails and memories back with them through their decors.

If travelling is as necessary to you as breathing and you enjoy reminiscing about your travails even while you are home, then these destinations would sure find their way into your little personal space:

  1. Paris: Audrey Hepburn had famously said, “Paris is always a good idea” and indeed a good idea it is. The city of romance, the fashion capital of the world with the Eiffel tower looming large over all its citizens, and the Sienne flowing through it, Paris is undoubtedly the most beautiful city in the world with its tiny apartments exuding cosy chic and every corner offering a new literal picture postcard, incorporate effortless glam into your living room with neutral colour palettes or the juxtaposition of feminine antique against more masculine contemporary pieces. 
  2. Rajasthan: From the chic to the effervescently exuberant- Rajasthan a state on the western border of India, boasts of everything colourful and joyous. Incorporate the bright hues of yellow and oranges and deck up your space with certain signature pieces giving an interesting and beautiful twist to your space. 
  3. Morocco: With its rich intricate rugs and flowing designs and geometric design and mosaics with infinitely accurate details morocco is an architecturally progressive city. With its quintessential “marakkesh” design, the Moroccan influence in your lifestyle can be incorporated through mosaics and soothing blue Mediterranean hues with a hint of glitz. 
  4. Spain: if you are a movie buff and you like Woody Allen, then chances are you fell in love with Barcelona alongside Vicky and Christina as they had embarked on their seductive journey of falling in love. Spain is a country replete with architectural jewels and a scenic natural abundance, so if you wish to bring Spain back with you, then effortlessly do so with carved corbels, alluring talavera and saltillo tiles. Drape your wooden chairs with huipils and a whimsical theme running throughout.
  5. Japan: There is more to Japan than sushi, sashimi and wasabi. While Japanese decor is minimalistic, it is also very zen. So if you would like to de-clutter your world and incorporate traditional plants like bonsai and bamboo. Bring in those large glass sliding doors that you witnesses during your travels and see your space transform. 
  6. Costa Rica: Known widely for its beaches, tropical weather and extensive biodiversity, Costa-Rica is a slice of paradise on earth. And if you have already tasted its essence why not assimilate the essence within your decor through flamingo accents, lush greenery and bright hues?

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