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Friday, September 16, 2016

Cheap Airline Booking Online At the Lowest Fare


Cleartrip - Topmost Online Travel Agencies

Cleartrip is the online travel company that offers online booking services for train tickets, airline tickets, hotel booking together with domestic and international holiday packages. It has been recognized as the topmost Online Travel agencies in India. They tend to provide an all-inclusive travel experience to their customers through their award winning Mobile and Desktop solutions. From their all-inclusive console to online operation reports together with mechanized expense tracking charts, their smart tool tends to provide you with track travel cost which can be very economical to the customers.

It provides services to their travellers of locating and reserving tickets for one-way as well as round-trip flights for all important international and domestic travels. Besides this the reservations services for trains are made available where the customers need to navigate for the availability of the booking from all the classes and link with Cleartrip together with the IRCTC account. Users can get the essential support at their portal in locating trains, its schedules, check for PNR status as well as the verification of the Waiting List or RAC reservation. Users also have a choice of booking from various hotels all over the world with the option of same-day or next-day check-ins.

Unmatched Commercial Discounts

Besides this, users have the opportunity to use the Pay@Hotel feature which allows the user to book their room with the travel company and reimburse the entire amount right at the hotel. For Business, the travel company provides multi-dimensional reports with information regarding each business trip prepared by each employee.

Due to their in-built reporting system it enables the traveller to track the travel cost by date ranges, kind of travel, destination as well as department in real time. The use of custom tags in order to categorize the travel expenses as per one’s choice, by project or client, can also be utilised. Moreover, it also tends to offer the customers with unmatched commercial discounts on domestic as well as international air flight together with hotel accommodation. The discounts are said to be merged in one’s exclusive Cleartrip for Business URL which enables the customer with a saving of around 10% over the retail booking charges.

Rewards Program

The company’s flagship app is with the features of all service portals for mobile devices which are available for Apple, Android together with Symbian devices. With the help of this app, users can navigate for information; do the booking for flights, trains and buses together with hotel reservations. Moreover, users could also take the opportunity of the various mobile offers listed at the site which tend to have a time limit and benefit from the same.

Another initiative of the company is the Cleartrip Rewards program to its members for their constant support which is focused in providing exclusive rewards. With the first three qualified bookings they tend to get 3 Activities or coupons to eat out valued at Rs. 500 each. With extra 3 qualified bookings they get one Hotel booking free which is worth Rs 3,500 and with extra 6 qualified bookings they get one flight booking at Rs. 5000. Once the member has reached the entitlement condition, they receive an email with the information of the reward and the process of redemption that tends to have a validity of around 60 days.

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