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Friday, September 16, 2016

Breathtaking Travel Destinations Your Dog Will Adore Visiting With You


You have checked all the doors and windows to have their bolt on and you are about to leave the home when you look at his face. Those big brown eyes and that lopsided head, not asking but inquiring just the same as to why you must leave without him! And you leave nonetheless with a heavy stone on your heart, wondering all the while about his well-being. If you can relate to this story, then don’t worry, we have the perfect breathtaking travel destination where you can take your dog along with you and enjoy the perfect vacation.
  1. Netherlands: Netherlands has plenty of parks and is one of the most pet friendly destinations in Europe, so while travelling with you canine pal, it would be an ideal destination. Here, even most shops are dog friendly. 
  2. Switzerland: The land of St. Bernard and Bernese mountain dogs, this is a country which is grateful for and loves its four legged companions so much so that your companions are even allowed to go inside the restaurants. While even most shops welcome dogs with open arms it is indeed best to ask specifically. 
  3. Lake placid, New York: this is easily the most pet friendly destination in North America. This location is open to travellers throughout the four seasons and the big mirror lake is indeed a big attraction for your four legged friends. 
  4. Branson, Missouri: This is a spot for theatre enthusiasts as well as dog lovers. Not only is it famous for its live shows and sprawling golf courses and shopping, but also its miles and miles of wonderful hiking trails and splashes in the pools. 
  5. Carmel, California: The beaches in Carmel are quite pooch friendly where your furry friends can run free. They don’t even need leashes around in the beaches. 
  6. Italy: Italy adores dogs. So they are allowed in all public places including shops, restaurants etc. While most hotels are pet friendly, if you opt for home stay, then it’s advisable to let them know your intention of bringing along your canine friend. While most homes do allow dogs, some might charge extra. However, if you do decide to travel to the land of pizza and pasta, your pet is only going to thank you because of its vast scenic countryside where it is so easy to lose oneself, man and dog alike. 
  7. United Kingdom: The Brits, oh-so-conservative in their general attitude leave no stone unturned when it comes to bestowing ample affection on their pooches. So when they introduced PETS, it became an even pet-friendlier nation that it was already. The national rail system allows dogs of all sizes, only make sure you have a leash on them and there are dog-friendly accommodations available widely across the nation. 
  8. France: France is considered to be the most pet friendly nation in all of Europe with your barking buddy being allowed in most of the dining spaces. Hotels and shops are equally pet friendly as is their public transit, so why travel alone when you take your best friend along?

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