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Monday, March 30, 2015

The Top 4 Hill Stations in India


A hill station Yelagiri which is famous in Tamil Naidu and is surrounded by orchards andGreenery,it is a perfect place for people who enjoy the weather at a hill station and ready to explore the surrounding nature.The best place preferred by all families and couples is Yelagiri hills for the excellent climate and scenery’s.Thishill station is preferred for its nature parks,trekking and rowing activities,which also makes it a perfect picnic spot for the young and the old.


The hill station is situated in Uttarkhand.If anyone requires a good holiday should think of going to Nanital because of the scenic beauty and a very pleasant climate because it is surrounded by mountains on all sides,and is located at a very high level above sea level.It is also known as a lake district as there are many lakes which are situated in the surroundings.Nani Lake is the famous land mark in Nainital; you can enjoy boat rides and yachting facilities.Horse riding is also one of the activities for the tourists. Tourists mainly flock to Nanital during the summer heat as it is a place for spending your honeymoon holidays as the climate is very pleasant.Naina Devi temple is a famous religious place for worship.If anyone would like to witness the ice cold and snowy weather are definitely not going to be disappointed with what they experience.Whoever visits this hill station will definitely not want to miss the flavours of Nanital cuisine.


It is a hill station situated in Himachal Pradesh and it is situated at a very good heightabove sea level.It has beautiful churches, temples.The most amazing fact is that this place is a less populated area. There are many Oak trees and Pine trees planted in this area. Dalhousie is surrounded by five different hills. This place is exactly like a Mini-Switzerland. It is situated at the foot hills of Himalaya’s. The local people in this area are very Kind hearted and Soft-Spoken. Dalhousie is also known for its Great Valleys and Mountain Ranges. Dalhousie is surrounded by Snow-capped-peaks. Tourists can treck to Daikund Peak as it is the highest mountain in Dalhousie, even visit Chamera Lake where a major hydro-electricity project is situated and something very amazing is that there is a ‘Bald Hill’ also known as ‘Ganji Pahari’ which as no vegetation and no trees.

Mount Abu

Mount Abu is situated in Rajasthan. It is built around a lake and surrounded by hills. Guru Shikhar is a highest peak situated on this mountain. The Jain and the Hindu temples at Mount Abu attract tourists on a large scale as it is a pilgrimage centre. The Dilwara Temple is one of the famous Temple in /mount Abu. There is also a Wild Life Sanctuary which as a variety of Flora and Fauna. Honeymoon couples are also seen a lot at Andra point in Mount Abu. The sunset in this place is very romantic. The best time to visit Mount Abu is in summer. Rajasthan enjoys the summer festival which is on a large scale.

A boarding school for children which is very expensive is also situated here.

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