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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Alaska, A Land Of Midnight Sun

On March 30 1867, the US agreed to purchase Alaska from Russia for $7.2 million dollars

The name Alaska was taken from Aleut word “alaxsxaq” that refers to the object to which sea is directed. This is translated as “GREAT LAND”. With beautiful scenic beauty, enormous ice-age glacier and abundant wildlife, there is nothing like this beautiful place Alaska on this earth.

The capital of Alaska is Juneau. In Alaska there is a famous reservoir named as ‘THE PRUDHOE BAY’ where a large oil and gas reservoir was found on the Arctic coast. From the commercial point of view there are many industries like Fisheries, Wood products and also Fur. The ‘‘Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes’’ which is an area of an active volcanoes is situated at ‘The Katmai National Park’. In Alaska there are different types of community’s such as Eskimos, Indians and Aleuts. Majority of the Eskimos community belongs to Alaska.

Alaska is known as the Land of the Midnight Sun. The sun never dips below the horizon. The sun is visible at midnight. Most of the parts of Alaska has day light for 24 hrs that is something which is incredible.

There are lot of activities like adventure whether you prefer to hike ice age glacier, skim the wilderness in the bush plain or take sled ride which you have always dreamt of. Alaska is the prime year round destination for visitors seeking connection with nature.

Alaska cruises are very popular. They have various pre and post cruise tour packages. Mostly Ocean day Cruises go to the famous destination like Glacier Bay, Kenai Fjords. While on cruise tourists’ get to see many Scenery, Glaciers, Different types of fishes and also Wild Life. Whenever people go on cruise, they have a special dress code like the men wear tuxedo’s and women wear cocktail dresses

Some of the famous cruise liners in Alaska are Norwegian Pearl Cruise, Holland America Cruise.

If you wish to go sight-seeing once you are in Alaska you can travel to your destination by car, train, bus, or boat.

Alaska is famous for Woven birch baskets, hand-made dolls, and many more items, even soaps are made from herbs, spices etc. the silky soil is also used in skincare products such as mask and mineral soap which makes the skin very soft and smooth.

If ever any one goes to visit Alaska don’t forget to purchase an Ulu knife which has a traditional design. There is also a cheap and affordable souvenir that is the metal coin.

The common diets of the Alaskan people, especially the Eskimos Community mostly eat fish and birds. In this place of Alaska there is not much of plant food available. Something very rare known as Eskimos ice cream which is also known as “Akutaq” is made by whipping the fat from the hunted Reindeers, Seals or Bears and also by adding the snow and wild berries which is really amazing.

Alaska is a snow bound region, since it is in the Arctic Ocean. Here the Polar Bears, wolves, snowy owls are famous artic wildlife. There is something amazing about the birds. The Fur and Feather of the birds turns white during the snow period. If you want to experience the wild life nature there are lots of National park for instance The Denali National Park, Kenai fjords National Park where mountains, ice and oceans meet, and Glacier Bay National Park.

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