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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Some Great Cricket Destinations

Eden Garden
The Cricket World Cup Scenario – Changed 

Cricket is one kind of a sport which can get one involved in it with great enthusiasm and thrill and for most of the cricket fans they tend to keep themselves updated on all the news, views, events and the forthcoming schedules. Cricket lovers tend to adjust all their schedules to fit in the time for the game greatly loved by them.

The players on their part put in tons of hard work with their planning, scheduling, practices et all in giving their best shot in their performance which ultimately credits them with laurels for themselves as for their country besides the fame and fortune that comes in with it. Cricket has already made a home in the hearts of millions of the people across the globe and the passion of cricket continues to grow and swell in the heart of most of the people,The Cricket World Cup scenario has changed drastically from the year of its inception i.e. in the year 1975.

Great Holiday Destination – Cricket 

Initially the first three Cricket World Cup Tournaments were held in England. Subsequently, the tournaments are being held in various countries across the globe. The tournaments are being held in some of the picturesque grounds in various beautiful cities such as Australia, New Zealand, Caribbean Islands and South Africa. As such the Cricket World Cup tournament cannot be considered as just a sporting event but also great cricket holiday destinations.

These destinations include cities like Cape Town in South Africa, Hobart in Tasmania, Sydney in New South Wales (Australia), Adelaide in South Australia, Melbourne in Victoria (Australia), Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago in Caribbean, Auckland in New Zealand, Harare in Zimbabwe and Colombo in Sri Lanka. Cricket lovers do not visit these cities just to watch cricket but also to enjoy their holidays in these beautiful cities. Some of the cricket destinations are port cities with beautiful beaches and ancient cathedrals.

Travel to New Destinations - Awesome Experience 

One Day International Cricket Tournament is always a thrilling event. With participation of many countries, the event becomes more exciting as the game progresses with many old records shattered and new records created by the players. For the spectators, the event becomes more memorable when they travel to the new destination as the tournament progresses. Some of the destinations are very rich in culture. The tourists get to know more about the culture and traditions on exploring the destinations they visit. As the tournament progresses, the players are transferred from one venue to another.

They are followed by the cricket fans and thus this event becomes a travel combined with the game of cricket which is an awesome experience. Visiting Melbourne is one of the greatest holiday destinations since the first ever cricket test match was played between England and Australia in 1877. This cricket match was won by Australia by 45 runs.

After 100 years, the centenary test was played between England and Australia in Melbourne Cricket Ground in 1977. This test match was also won by Australia by the same margin of 45 runs. It is worth mentioning that Melbourne Cricket Ground is the World’s largest cricket stadium.

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