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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Forts in Maharashtra: Murud Janjira

Murud _Janjira
There are many forts in Maharashtra. These Forts were mainly ruled by Shivaji Maharaj. There are Forts located around the sea also on the hill tops. Here is one of the fort described below.


It is one of the marine forts situated in the middle of the Arabian Sea. In Arabic the word Janjira means Jazira for island. It is situated on the oval rock near the port town of Murud. Murud is a small village in Raigad District and Janjira is some few kilometre away from Murud. To go to visit Janjira we have to take a sailboat from Rajapuri jetty. Janjira fort was ruled by the Abyssinian Sidis in the city of Bombay. This fort was mainly built by the Koli community to protect them from the pirates.The sidis were permanent settlements in Murud Janjira where they controlled the full fort by being an excellent seaman and warrior. Many people like the British, thePortuguese,not forgetting Shivaji Maharaj tried to conquer the fort, but all in vain. It remained unconquered.

This entrance of this fort faces the Rajapuri jetty,but can be visible only we go close to it. There is a stone carving on at the main entrance which shows how the sidis were brave by depicts six elephants who was trapped by a single tiger. Once we go inside the fort compound there are 19 rounded bastions. There are many canons rusting on this bastion,like the kalal bangdi,landakasam and bhavani which were made from five metals. Those days inside the fort they had officer’s quarters,fresh water tank but now it is all ruined. The walls of the forts are made up of several layers so that it can withstand rough seas.

Apart from the introduction of Murud Janjira,there are other attractions where we can spend our time by visiting Datta mandir.It is a place for pilgrims. It is built on the top of the hill. The idol of Shri Dutta is a three headed idol resembling Maheshwar,Brahmaand Vishu. The temple has a red domed shape.There is another attractive place that is the Nawab Palace which was built in the year 1885. This palace was built in Gothic and Mughal architectural style.

In Murud there is also a beach where you can spend your full day enjoying in the water. It is also a perfect spot for relaxation. It is also an adventure trip. The fort is right inside the sea. You can really experience the feeling of the waves. There are private beach resorts for accommodation to make you comfortable. There are hotels suitable for both the rich and the middleclass people.

There are also cottages built on the beach where you feel you are in a village where it is edged with swaying betel palms,coconut fronds. Fishing also takes place on a large scale, since the Kolis were the inhabitants of this place.

Janjira can be easily accessible by different forms of transport. Like AIR, RAIL and ROAD. The nearest airport is Mumbai, Roha on the Konkan railway and by road it takes four to five hours to reach from Bombay. There is also a route from gateway Mumbai to Murud by ferry boat.

To visit Murud Janjira one must make sure to plan his trip during the month of October to March because it is very pleasant during this time.

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