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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Places in India Where You’re Girlfriend Won’t Say No to Your Proposal

Dal Lake India
Are you madly in love and want to put a ring on it, then it’s time to take you relationship to the next level but are confused as to where to propose marriage to your love. Well you may have the most creative idea for proposal but the lack of a right place can ruin it. However if you decide to propose your love at a perfect place then certainly she won’t say no and you will get to treasure picture as a perfect memory for lifetime.

Remember the favourite lines from a book. You have been keeping that ring in your back pocket for a long time. You’re more than ready for it but your sweaty palms and turning stomach would just not cooperate. Proposing to your girlfriend whom you love can be quiet tricky and anxious situation.

We have some offbeat destinations for you and your girlfriend. Go beyond the regular candle light dinner; enchant her with a hot air balloon over the breath-taking wilderness or in an open air Jacuzzi facing the mountains. If nothing else you would at least be applauded for your ingenuity.

IN FRONT OF TAJ MAHAL: the Taj Mahal breathes out the air of romance into AGRA. Nothing can be more beautiful than proposing your girlfriend in front of Taj Mahal. The majestic Taj Mahal proposal can never ever go out of fashion or even cliché. The place is the epitome of love. You can’t afford to make an expensive monument to prove your love not surely you can take her to one of the greatest symbol of love. As you and your ladylove takes a stroll to explore the marbled serenity in all its might, kneel down to ask her the question of a lifetime. A greatest symbol of love to ever exist can surely set the tune for your proposal. Hand in Hand round TAJ MAHAL GIVEs you a mesmerising experience and bring the vigor to your proposal.

DURING SHIKARA RIDE ON THE DAL LAKE IN SRINAGAR; it is definitely hard to say no to your proposal in the jewel of Kashmir. Kashmir always succeeds in creating beautiful love stories. A shikara ride on Dal Lake is a wonderful experience for you and your girlfriend. Get yourself indulged in the glory of romance. Take her for a shikara ride and surprise her with a ring amidst the clear waters and furry clouds, you too can break into a song if you desire and the hysterical yes would be quite a story for your grandkids.

ON A BOAT ENJOYING THE SUNSET IN GOA; there is something more interesting in Goa other than beaches and crazy night life that spread the air of happiness. There something about the aura of Goa that has a whole new level of romantic appeal. The hippie vibes that the ambiance of Goa showers you upon makes one let loose and live in the moment. Plan a peaceful and romantic boat ride in Goa. Enjoy each other’s company. Enjoy the sunset as the sky looks amazing during sunset. It is hard to say no for anyone in these lovely settings.

IN AN HOT AIR BALLOON OVER RANTHAMBORE NATIONAL PARK. We all romanticize Hot Air balloons. Movies like Casanova have set our romance expectations a little above the skies. A hot air balloon is a romantic place in Ranthambore National Park, taking your lady for a hot air balloon ride over this place where it would be difficult for your girlfriend to say no. You can offer her a proposal when she is busy enjoying the nature in open skies and wondering about the loveliness of life. The plus point is that since the lady is stuck with you in your romantic ride for some time so there’s no chance of ignoring the questions.

THE SCUBA DIVING PROPOSAL IN ANDAMAN; if your girlfriend has the love for extraordinary experience and the offbeat then she would totally love a proposal while scuba diving in the cerulean waters of Andaman. While you both discover the often unexplored kingdom that lies underwater amongst the multihued fishes and comely coral, express your desire by showing her a ring. You cannot ruin it by stammering and stuttering as you can only speak in signs and signals underwater.

The least you can do is by enjoying the wonderful places and proposing her for a life time commitment.

Best Picturesque Villages to Visit in India

Tired of the usual tourist hot spots and craving for some village Zen? Unknown and endowed with raw beauty and unusual cultures, these quaint hamlets offer some much deserved peace and quiet worth a whole lot of action.

Travel doesn’t mean that you need to take fancy flights, luxury hotels and follow a perfect itinerary. India’s heart and soul lies in its small towns and villages. Boasting an authentic rural way of life with raw beauty, old world charm, serenity and a rich cultural heritage making them worthy of recognition. You get the true perks of travel when you wander. As the saying goes “not all who wander are lost. Wander in the beautiful cities, towns and villages of India and there you will find yourself. If you are looking to travel to an off-beat village in India then we have the best villages.

WALK A LIVING ROOT BRIDGE IN MAWLYNNONG, MEGHALAYA: it lies 90km south of shillong. This place is mostly tribal, misty and pristine and awarded as the cleanest village in Asia. It is a wild paradise where you can witness a powerful commitment to eco-tourism by the community and government. The living Roots Bridge engineered out of the roots of the trees is a sight to behold and is said to be over a 1000 years old. Live the high life by staying in homestays on stilts and get treated to sosme delicious local cuisine.

The many flavours of

VALPARAI, TAMIL NADU: the approach to Valparai is one of the most enjoyable hair rising experiences you will ever have. A road that resembles a snake from Pollachi takes you through 40 hairpin bends concealed in majestic green mountains. Rich wildlife, tribe spotting, never-ending tea estates, silver waterfalls and soulful hikes are something to cherish. Valparai promises to satisfy all types of travellers. Indulge in all the tea that you can- you’re in tea country. There are many tourists’ places in and around Valaparai and the monkey falls happens to be one such spot. This place proves to be an excellent place that is flooded with natural flora and fauna.

TAR KARLI: located in the sindhudurg district of Maharashtra: Tar Karli is a seaside village with sprawling coastline and pristine ecosystem. This village is known for its white sandy beaches, azure waters and the shrub vegetation adds to its charm. The major attractions are the Tar Karli Beach and Backwaters of Karli River. Visitors can indulge in water activities like scuba diving, zorbing and snorkelling. It is among the best destinations for scuba diving in India, where you can see marine life up to 20 ft.

LACHEN is one of the most picturesque villages in North Sikkim. It is surrounded with lush vegetation, snow White Mountain peaks, pine laden valleys and trekking trails. The must visit is the Lachen Monastery that is set atop the village offering stunning views of the village. You can reach this village either by a two day trek from the yumthang valley or via road from Gangtok.

KILA RAIPUR LUDHIANA: Chole Bhatura for twenty rupees, tasty makki di roti, sarso da saag. Welcome to Punjab. Ludhiana is the perfect place to relish and cherish the true Punjabi feel. From sugarcane field to Punjabi gaana, from buttery roti’s to authentic rajma chawal, this village in Ludhiana offers a lot more than that. Sports enthusiasts must visit this village in the month of February. This village organizes huge annual Rural Olympic event like bulls racing martial arts, etc. Drink some cold lassi with hot jilebis, talk to the local crowd and enjoy the desi feel.

YANA KARNATAKA: this is a tiny little village located near the coastal village of Gokarna. The Greatness of this village is its monolithic rock formations that are set against Sahyadri Mountains. Tourist would love trekking along the rocks to reach the cave wherein there is an idol of goddess Parvathi in it, the occasional cicada and the streams are sure to attract and mesmerize any tourist who happens to visit here. The waterfall lovers visit the Vibhooti waterfalls and make a camp over there for a night at least.

Don’t miss out enjoying and discovering the myrid of the most beautiful villages in India with their rich biodiversity and cultures.

Monday, October 17, 2016

7 Least Known Travel Attractions of Incredible India

India is a country which is proud of its unity in diversity. From the northern Himalayas to the southern tip of Kanyakumari, it is the only nation to proudly host every natural diversity there is. From snow capped peaks to scenic beaches to arid lands to the majestic Thar deserts to the jungles of Sunderbans, India is a country which truly has everything. Here are some of the yet undiscovered travelling treasures that this country has yet to offer:
  1. Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh: it is a much lesser known about and explored beautiful region in the north eastern part of the country. The green fields and those patches of greenery with its intermittent playfields of the clouds and mist, this is a place where your camera wouldn’t be bored for a change. 
  2. Mawlynnong village: this village in the north eastern fringe of the country is a tiny village in the state of Shillong. It has been deemed the cleanliest village in Asia due to the ample amount of hard work its inhabitants has invested in it to make it so celestial and surreal. It is often referred to as god’s own creation and during the monsoons when the rains emerge; it takes on a whole new beautiful avatar that is often left to be viewed rather than to be described. 
  3. Tarkarli beach in Maharashtra: a truly non commercialised and undiscovered gem of this nation is this beach replete with a divine serenity and peace that is transcendental and celestial. Its pristine waters with it long, narrow beaches with their rows of shuru trees all make for quite a compelling picture. 
  4. Lepchajagat, west Bengal: if you are bored with the commercialization, urbanization and over-crowded claustrophobia of Darjeeling then this place is spot on for you. It also provides breathtaking views of the Kanchenjunga but at the same time it also provides the quiet and calm that is missing from the queen of hills. You could also indulge in long walks through the narrow winding roads filled with pine, firs and rhododendrons and enjoy a scenic sunrise from the ghoom rock. 
  5. Manas national park, Assam: if you love being in the bosom of nature but you are bored with the same old, same old then take a trip to Manas National Park in Assam which is a tiger reserve as well as an elephant and a biodiversity reserve. Visit from October to April and indulge in a peaceful holiday here. 
  6. Nohkalikai Falls: if you are in shilling then take the road less taken and be in for the most beautiful view of your life. Nestled amidst lush greenery the Nohkalikai Waterfalls hold the crown for being the waterfall with the tallest plunge in our country. It cascades from an altitude of 340 metres. 
  7. Drass: even the rapid tourist influx in Ladakh has left many avid travellers in a flux. However Drass near the Zoji La pass in the Kargil district is also known as the ‘Gateway to Ladakh’ and is known to be the second coldest inhabited place in the world. 

 So pack your bags and get out for a vacation that you would always remember.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Coorg, the Misty Valley


Coorg is considered to be one of the most scenic places in Karnataka. It is situated in the lush valleys and hills of theWestern Ghats. Coorg is a popular hill stations in India offering luxurious holidays to tourist.It is called as Scotland of India and also as Kashmir of the south. The word Coorg is named after KODAGU a district in Karnataka and Medikeri is the capital city of this district.

You can visit this place throughout the year. October to March is the best time for trekking and adventure activities while March and April are best to view the valley with white flowers. There are best trekking trailshere like the PushpagiriTrek, Brahmagiri Hill Trek,NishaniMotte Trek, and KumarParvatha Trek which is Pushpagirithe second highest peak. There are variety of animals and mammals in these lush green forests. Trekking through this forest rejuvenates your mind and body and instills fresh energy in you.

The amazing Abbey falls is the beautiful waterfalls. It is situated among the coffee plantation and pepper vines. One can walk down the hanging bridge to have a fantastic view of the falls.

The Romantic Raja’s seat is the favourite place of the Kodagu Kings. It is one the most visited site. The sunset view is very beautiful from this hillock. The pillared structure among the exquite garden resembling an architectural beauty stands beautifully. This place is ideal for families and honeymoon couples to unwind and rejuvenate themselves.

The beautiful Omkareshwara Temple dedicated to lord Shiva stands beautifully in front of the lake where plenty of fishes can be seen. Something interesting in this temple is that there is a Shiva Lingam near the entrance that was built to console the spirit of Brahmin who was unjustly killed by King LingarajendraII.
Cauvery Nisargadhama is the main tourist place .It is the Island formed by River Cauvery. It is an idle picnic spot.

Nagarhole National Park is also called as Rajiv Gandhi National park.There are also jungle lodges where one can have a thrilling experience while staying there. Tigers and other animals are seen resting near the water bodies.

The Bara pole river is the location meant for rafting activities.

Golden Temple Bylekuppe where there is a large concentrations of Buddhist. There are many Tibetans in and around this place. Itfeels like you have visited Sikkim. Heremany restaurants serve Tibetan food.

There are many places to see and admire here. This place is rich in coffee, pepper and cardamoms cultivation.Here no one goes back without tasting coffee.Apart from non-vegetarian food, vegetarian food is also famous.

The dressing sense of women Wearing sari is also different compared to the other part of the country. It is a small district of the state where distinct culture, unique customs and traditions are followed. The people here are known as coorgies.

Here are some of the places where one can stay during their visit that is the coorg jungle camp, OldKent estates and Spa Resort, orange country resort, and the Tamara resort to make your stay memorable.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Bundi a Travel Destination in Rajasthan

Bundi is a city in the Rajasthan state located in the Hatodi region in the northwest of India. It is a small town.Aravalli Mountain surrounds this city. These hills surround the city from three sides at a narrow gorge and big walls are in line with the city.

This district is located in the south-east of Rajasthan.Tonk districts,Bhilwara, and chittorgarh district surrounds the city. Useful trees of Babul, Khair and Khokra are grown on the hills.Limestone and Sandstone are the minerals found here. However other minerals are also found here.

Weather in summer is very hot and winters are very pleasant. October to Marchis the ideal time to visit.

There are famous forts, beautiful palaces and stepwell reservoirs.

Pulse like Soyabean, Coriander, Mustard, Sugarcane are available. There are also rice mills industries.

The people here belong to the Rajput’s family. They are very brave.Hindi and Rajasthani are the main language.Many FESTIVALS are celebrated but the important feastisTeej.There are other festivals like the Desert Festivals, the Pushkar Fair, the Marwar Festivals and the Camel Festivals. People are very kind hearted. They have a strong affectionwith each other. The people are very dedicated to their culture and customs.

The men and women both are very talented in the field of music. Even the childrenare trained in this field.
The people’s costumes are very attractive and colourful.Food is of different variety. Dal-Bati is the staple food. Apart from this Panchkoota, Laapsi, Ghoogri, Dhungari chhaach, Bail gate is also famous. Not forgetting the Non vegetarian it is wild boar meat which is pickled, wild hare roasted, meat cooked in milk and even in curds are some of the relishing dishes. Allthe dishes are made from pure ghee.

Here cotton carpets, Kota saries, Kota paintings, stone statue, and wooden toys of Jhalawear and lac bangles can be shopped for your favourite ones.

There is famous TOURIST attraction like the TARAGHARH FORT called the STAR FORT which is built on a steep hill. There is a reservoir carved out of a single rock. RANIJI KI BAORI is the step well in a small parkin this city. This step well has different shapes and beautiful carvings and also has curved pillars.DABHAI KUND has steep wells with beautiful carvings.SUKH-MAHAL is a beautiful palace right in the middle of the lake. It is built by using sandalwood and ivory especially for the doors. Something very

Interesting is that this palace is very cool.It is done by the natural way by perforations made in the walls where water is passed by.

NAWAL SAGAR LAKE has a temple in the centreof it. It is dedicated to Lord Varuna. The temple is submerged half way in water.Anotheramazing and attracting moment is that one can see the reflection of the entire cityin the Nawal Sagar Lake.

Apart from this there are many more tourist adventures for example: trekking. If you feel like trekking Aravalli Mountain is the best place. There is also a PICNIC spot that is Shikhar Burj and Jait Sagar Lake.

To reachBundi one can go by Air, Train and Road.

By Air: Jaipur is the nearest airport.

By Rail:There are various places that are connected between Bundi and chittaurgarh.

By Road:Buses are available from different place of Rajasthan.

One can hire a car for sightseeing.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Kerala, The land of Coconuts

Kerala is situated between Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats in South India.The Western Coastal line has interconnected canal, lakes and rivers, which is known as Backwaters of Kerala. There are forty four rivers out of which Periyar River is the largest river.

Thiruvananthapuram also known as Trivandrum is the largest city in this state and is the capital city of Kerala. Here the female ratio is more than male. Malayalam is the mother tongue of this state but English is spoken widely all over the state. The people have their own culture and traditions. All the people in this state are literate. Females are more educated than Men. Keralites are very honest and efficient in all the respective fields.

It is one of the leading agriculture states in the country. Because of the infinite numbers of medicinal plants grown in this state the HERBS are available throughout the year and for every season. Therefore it is the only state where AYURVEDA is still practised sincerely. Not forgetting about the availability of the rich content of the soil that is Alkaloid.

Ayurveda is practised by experienced Vaidya’s who has studied in details about each and every herb so as to which herbs will heal which sickness. Paralyses and other incurable diseases are cured with these herbs. People come here for massages to get cured.

This place is also a famous TOURIST centre right from the Wildlife Sanctuaries to Beaches. Few of them are as follows:

ALLEPPEY BACKWATERS: Where they have a traditional boathouse. You can go cruising all over lakes and lagoons not missing the drifting water, birds chirping all around the lake which is really a good thing to experience. These boat houses are well equipped with good facilities. Even the kitchen has good chefs to cater to your needs.

MUNNAR: It is a beautiful hill station with tea plantation slope and not missing the waterfalls and hiking routes.

KUMARAKOM: It is a small village where one can relax enjoying the nature’s beauty and the village life, along with that enjoy the tasting of tender coconut water and some mouth-watering food.

WAYANAD: It is the other greener side of this state having agriculture field in abundance. There is also a heart shaped lake on the way to the top of Chembara Peak which is not missed out by the tourists. Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is also famous.

THEKKADY: It has a famous Wildlife Sanctuary called the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary. One can go right into the jungle by walking or on the elephants back. The wildlife can also been seen by taking a ride in a boat.

There are also different types of sports like paragliding, water sport, trekking etc. So no one will feel bored to stay in Kerala.

Coconut is the main ingredient in the dishes of Keralites apart from this seafood is very popular and the food also is not spicy. Payasam is the main sweet dish for all the functions.

The main festivals is Onam and Vishu where they have to wear traditional sarees that is White saris with borders of gold thread and blouse matching the sari border while men wear dhoti with kasavuborders.

Kathakali is the most well-known dance it is in the form of a story-cum- play. The theme of kathakali is always religious in nature; they concentrate mostly on hand gesture known as mudras in which they enact the story to us. They use four instruments that are Shuddha, Madalam, Chenda, Manjira and Idakka.

When it comes to shopping you will not go empty handed .There is a wide range of souvenir’s available like the metal mirror, handicrafts items made from coconut shells, clay and cane, paintings, traditional jewellery box ,wok etc.

Travel routes to this country are very convenient.

There are three international airports like Trivandrum airport, Cochin airport and Kozhikode international airport.

There are many national highways connecting to Kerala.

Many express trains are also available from different parts of the country.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Scenic Beauty Of Coorg

Coorg is a famous hill station in Karnataka which is situated on the Western Ghats in the south. Another name for Coorg is Kodagu, which means steep hills. It is surrounded by dense forest and beautiful mountains and teak wood forest. This place is filled with natural beauty having waterfalls, green valleys and misty woods. It is 1525 m above sea level. There are three regions where Madikeri is one of the main town. And the other two regions are Virajpet and Somwarpet. Madikeri is the headquarters of Coorg.

The Main language of the people living here is Kannada,Malayalam and English. The people living here are mostly of the tribal communities like the Kodava, Tulu, Gowda, Kudiyas and Buntas. But majority of the people belong to the tribe of Kodavas or they are called Coorgies. They are very down to earth people and straightforward people. They are mainly from the warrior class. This is the only state where the locals are allowed to carry guns without license.Their customs are very different from the other religions in regards to their wedding or a birth of a child. For any ceremony gun shot in the air is a must.

COORG is located in the rural area so the main occupation is forestry, agriculture and plantation.Spices are grown on a large scale especially Cardamom,Pepper etc.which increases the economy of this country.This place is famous for coffee plantation because of its tropical climate. Don’t miss out on tasting the popular brand of coffee that is ROBUSTA and ARABICA.

The climate here is very pleasant during rainy seasons where beautiful WATERFALLS are seen. The season here is so good that even in summer you don’t feel the summer heat. The best time to visit this place is during monsoon because you can experience the waterfalls.

It is a famous TOURIST destination. Some famous tourist spots are TALACAUVERY, ABBI FALLS, IRUPPU FALLS where it is believed that if one bathes there then all their sins are washed away, NAGARHOLE NATIONAL PARK which means a snake river that flows through the park and where it takes the visitors close to the wild life in a safari van,the OMKARESHWAR TEMPLE which is dedicated to Lord Shiva,the RAJA’S SEAT which is a beautiful hill top, the BHAGAMANDALA TEMPLE which is built at the junction of the three rivers meeting at one point. Then the MADIKERI FORTwhich contains a museum,a prison,achapel and a temple.There is a small hamlet called VALANOOR close to the DUBARE FOREST. Tourists who are fond of fishing or fish lovers should pay a visit to this place. Those who love birds it is a haven because of the different types of species.

It is not just a place of scenic beauty but there is a lot more such as adventure, sports, games, relishing food especially pork cooked in vinegar and shopping too. Adventures like trekking,river rafting,quad biking, rock-climbing and fishing are very enjoyable. There are three major peaks where trekking is done that is TADIANDAMOL, PUSHPAGIRI and BRAHMAGIRI.There are certain clubs who arrange for treks including for the other adventure games.

KUSHAL NAGAR is the main shopping centre where most of the items right from spices to outfits are available here. Corgis’ silk saris are very famous because of the unique style in them. Jewellery is also very unique.

Travel routes to this place is as follows

Mysore is the closest station.

THE nearest airport is Mangalore International Airport.

Coorg is connected by road via Mangalore, Bangalore, Kannur and Mysore.


Monday, March 30, 2015

The Top 4 Hill Stations in India


A hill station Yelagiri which is famous in Tamil Naidu and is surrounded by orchards andGreenery,it is a perfect place for people who enjoy the weather at a hill station and ready to explore the surrounding nature.The best place preferred by all families and couples is Yelagiri hills for the excellent climate and scenery’s.Thishill station is preferred for its nature parks,trekking and rowing activities,which also makes it a perfect picnic spot for the young and the old.


The hill station is situated in Uttarkhand.If anyone requires a good holiday should think of going to Nanital because of the scenic beauty and a very pleasant climate because it is surrounded by mountains on all sides,and is located at a very high level above sea level.It is also known as a lake district as there are many lakes which are situated in the surroundings.Nani Lake is the famous land mark in Nainital; you can enjoy boat rides and yachting facilities.Horse riding is also one of the activities for the tourists. Tourists mainly flock to Nanital during the summer heat as it is a place for spending your honeymoon holidays as the climate is very pleasant.Naina Devi temple is a famous religious place for worship.If anyone would like to witness the ice cold and snowy weather are definitely not going to be disappointed with what they experience.Whoever visits this hill station will definitely not want to miss the flavours of Nanital cuisine.


It is a hill station situated in Himachal Pradesh and it is situated at a very good heightabove sea level.It has beautiful churches, temples.The most amazing fact is that this place is a less populated area. There are many Oak trees and Pine trees planted in this area. Dalhousie is surrounded by five different hills. This place is exactly like a Mini-Switzerland. It is situated at the foot hills of Himalaya’s. The local people in this area are very Kind hearted and Soft-Spoken. Dalhousie is also known for its Great Valleys and Mountain Ranges. Dalhousie is surrounded by Snow-capped-peaks. Tourists can treck to Daikund Peak as it is the highest mountain in Dalhousie, even visit Chamera Lake where a major hydro-electricity project is situated and something very amazing is that there is a ‘Bald Hill’ also known as ‘Ganji Pahari’ which as no vegetation and no trees.

Mount Abu

Mount Abu is situated in Rajasthan. It is built around a lake and surrounded by hills. Guru Shikhar is a highest peak situated on this mountain. The Jain and the Hindu temples at Mount Abu attract tourists on a large scale as it is a pilgrimage centre. The Dilwara Temple is one of the famous Temple in /mount Abu. There is also a Wild Life Sanctuary which as a variety of Flora and Fauna. Honeymoon couples are also seen a lot at Andra point in Mount Abu. The sunset in this place is very romantic. The best time to visit Mount Abu is in summer. Rajasthan enjoys the summer festival which is on a large scale.

A boarding school for children which is very expensive is also situated here.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Forts in Maharashtra: Murud Janjira

Murud _Janjira
There are many forts in Maharashtra. These Forts were mainly ruled by Shivaji Maharaj. There are Forts located around the sea also on the hill tops. Here is one of the fort described below.


It is one of the marine forts situated in the middle of the Arabian Sea. In Arabic the word Janjira means Jazira for island. It is situated on the oval rock near the port town of Murud. Murud is a small village in Raigad District and Janjira is some few kilometre away from Murud. To go to visit Janjira we have to take a sailboat from Rajapuri jetty. Janjira fort was ruled by the Abyssinian Sidis in the city of Bombay. This fort was mainly built by the Koli community to protect them from the pirates.The sidis were permanent settlements in Murud Janjira where they controlled the full fort by being an excellent seaman and warrior. Many people like the British, thePortuguese,not forgetting Shivaji Maharaj tried to conquer the fort, but all in vain. It remained unconquered.

This entrance of this fort faces the Rajapuri jetty,but can be visible only we go close to it. There is a stone carving on at the main entrance which shows how the sidis were brave by depicts six elephants who was trapped by a single tiger. Once we go inside the fort compound there are 19 rounded bastions. There are many canons rusting on this bastion,like the kalal bangdi,landakasam and bhavani which were made from five metals. Those days inside the fort they had officer’s quarters,fresh water tank but now it is all ruined. The walls of the forts are made up of several layers so that it can withstand rough seas.

Apart from the introduction of Murud Janjira,there are other attractions where we can spend our time by visiting Datta mandir.It is a place for pilgrims. It is built on the top of the hill. The idol of Shri Dutta is a three headed idol resembling Maheshwar,Brahmaand Vishu. The temple has a red domed shape.There is another attractive place that is the Nawab Palace which was built in the year 1885. This palace was built in Gothic and Mughal architectural style.

In Murud there is also a beach where you can spend your full day enjoying in the water. It is also a perfect spot for relaxation. It is also an adventure trip. The fort is right inside the sea. You can really experience the feeling of the waves. There are private beach resorts for accommodation to make you comfortable. There are hotels suitable for both the rich and the middleclass people.

There are also cottages built on the beach where you feel you are in a village where it is edged with swaying betel palms,coconut fronds. Fishing also takes place on a large scale, since the Kolis were the inhabitants of this place.

Janjira can be easily accessible by different forms of transport. Like AIR, RAIL and ROAD. The nearest airport is Mumbai, Roha on the Konkan railway and by road it takes four to five hours to reach from Bombay. There is also a route from gateway Mumbai to Murud by ferry boat.

To visit Murud Janjira one must make sure to plan his trip during the month of October to March because it is very pleasant during this time.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Blue Hills of Assam

Assam is a state located in the northeast part of India.Another name ofAssam is also asama which means peerless. It also falls on the Eastern Himalayas.It is known as a home of lordBrahma. If seen on the map Assam state is in the shape of a Y laid on its side or we can say it is a land consisting of valleys, plains and rivers. Something very interesting is that Brahmaputra River is the only male river in India.Assam is an epicentre for earthquake and terror affected state. Earthquakes and floods are very common in Assam. This state is divided into 27 districts. The main capital of Assam is Dispur. The main capital of Assam is Dispur.

Assam is one of the most enriched stateespecially in tea plantation and flourishing industry of wood, muga silk and petroleum resources.Known as the “Agricultural State” it is one of the most fertile areas in India. This place is rich in flora and fauna and with beautiful blue hills situated in this state.The main revenue income of this state is from tea estates where most of the people working in this estate are from Assam. It also stands third largest producer of petroleum and natural gas in the country.

Assam is said to be having beautiful scenery. That is why it is said to be a tourist attraction. It is a famous place for wildlife tourism. It consists of five national parks and fifteen wildlife sanctuaries, here rhino with one horned is very famous which is found in Kaziranga National Park and Manas National Park is famous for tigers and a world heritage site.A part from wild life there are different types of adventure,few of them are like boat racing adventure,mountain biking and cycling adventure,trekking adventure and many more.

Tourist also get attracted towards Arts and crafts of Assam like things made of cane and bamboo, headgear known as “Japi”, terracottapottery and metal works of brass. There is a famous market like a roadside market known as Bhutiya where you can shop for good clothes at a lower price. The tourist goes to these markets for shopping. There are also malls where you get branded clothes.

Assamese is the main language spoken in this state apart from Bengali, Bodo,Karbi English and Hindi.

Assamese have great belief in faith and religious activities. It is known as a land of fairs and festivals. They all come together and celebrate all the festivals especially the Bohag Bihu, Kati Bihu, Magh Bihu and the third Bihu festival. They also celebrate festivals like Durga puja,Janmastami, Eid’s and Fakuwa. Talking about Assamese food it is not at all spicy. Assamese are mostly non vegetarian. Rice is the staple food along with dal, fish curry or meat curry or vegetables. Don’t miss out the sweet dish PITHA made from sweet coconut paste.Also don’t miss out on tasting the flavoured tea when visiting Assam.

The costume of the Assamese is mainly made fromMuga which is the wild silk or the golden silk fibre. Here silk is grown on a large scale.

The best part to travel is by road, railor by air.

Air is the fastest means oftransport. Guwahati is themain airport.

By Road it takes a longer time to travel especially from Mumbai, Chennai and other far off places.

By Rail it is little faster than road. Rajdhani Express is the best train between Delhi and Guwahati.

So come and experience the BLUE HILLS and the flavoured TEA in Assam.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Gangtok A Hill Top


Gangtok is the Capital of Sikkim .This city is located on the hills of Shivalik at a height of 5600 feet. It is surrounded by the beautiful hills of Himalayas.

This was the main starting point for traders who used to communicate between Tibet and India for their business. Because of the trade between these two countries business has increased and many different types of religions have come together. This place is bordered by china which is occupied by Tibet, Bhutan, Nepal and the Indian state West Bengal. The people are mainly addressed as Nepalese,Bhutia,Tibetan or Lepcha. The main language of the people living here is Nepali. They also speak Hindi and English. Different types of religions are found here like the Christians, Hindus, Buddhist and Muslims. Though the people belong to different religions, there is a strong bonding and unity among the people. The people here are very helpful and down to earth.

The winter sets in the month of November and ends in February. Here all the lakes are frozen during these months. If anyone wants to experience the snow fall can come in this season. The other seasons are very pleasant.

Gangtok is also a TOURIST destination. If you want to enjoy the view of the town and the valley from the height, cable zig back ropeway is available which is very thrilling. There is a beautiful point called the GANESH TOK, from there we can see Mt.Khang-chen-Dzon and Mt.Siniolchu which is just over the horizon and the snow peak is a beauty. The mountain Kanchenjunga is the third tallest mountain of the world. Then comes the HANUMAN TOK which is a temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman situated right on top of the hill. Many tourists pay a visit to this temple. The construction of Enchey Monastery in 1894 became the famous Buddhist pilgrimage. The Chorten Monastery and Enchey Monastery is a renowned Monastery. Tashi view point is also another beautiful tourist spot.

Apart from tourist destination different ADVENTURES such as trekking, hand gliding, mountain biking and white water rafting is enjoyed here. There are also colourful gardens and wild life sanctuaries. Something here is very rare that is the Yak ride. Especially around the Tsomgo Lake. This ride is not available in any of the city. The Yaks are looked after by the Sherpa’s.

There are many CASINOS in this place which are open throughout the night especially for the tourist who wants to enjoy the night life and also be entertained with lots of games.

Don’t miss out on the SHOPPING. Different types of articles which are unique are sold out here like the Sikkim stamp, woollen carpets, wooden carved tables and wall hangings. Traditional items like the thangkas or religious scrolls and choksees are also available.

For some mouth watering dishes. Momo’s a kind of dumplings stuffed with chicken or pork is available here. Noodles especially Thukpa which is served as a soup is quiet famous here. The Titanic Park on the MG Marg is quite famous for having its annual food festival and culture festival, which is organised by the Sikkim Tourism Department in the month of December every year. During this time they enjoy by having various types of music and dance performance to entertain the visitors.

The main FESTIVALS at Gangtok are Diwali, Christmas, Dusshera and Holi, Sankranti and Ram Navami are some of the Nepali festivals.

To get there, Rail, Road and Airways are well connected.

Jaipaiguri is the nearest railway station.

Bagdogra is the nearest airport.

To go by road the state transport buses are available from Silliguri to Gangtok.

If you want to spend your leisure time by relaxing and enjoying the natural beauty then come and experience the calm and quiet hill station at Gangtok.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Jammu and Kashmir- The Jewelled Crown Of India

Do you know who is called the jewelled crown of India? It is JAMMU AND KASHMIR surrounded by beautiful hills of Himalayas, clear lakes and greenery. Jammu and Kashmir is divided into three regions that are the foothill plains of Jammu, valleys of Kashmir and Ladakh. Ladakh is also known as Little Tibet because Buddhist culture is still followed. Jammu and Kashmir is located in the northern state of India.

Kashmir has four seasons. They are spring, summer, autumn and winter. If anyone wants to enjoy the cold, one can witness the snow covered landscapes. It looks like the mountain is covered with a white blanket. Here June is the hottest month.

Cricket bats are famous in Kashmir because of its good quality of wood known as Kashmir willows Saffron which is also known as Kesar is grown here .Because of its export foreign currency sets in. Apples are also grown on a large scale because of the pleasant climate. So exports of apples are also done on the large scale where the economy of the country increases.

Farming and animal husbandry is the main occupation of Jammu and Kashmir. Wheat and maize is the main crops grown here which in turn increases the economy of the country.

The main language in Kashmir is Urdu because of the Muslim population and local language is Kashmiri. Jammu and Kashmir is also known for its cultural heritage.

Kashmir is a famous place for its shikara which in other words is called the boat house where all the facility is like a hotel. Traditional houses in Kashmir is made up of wood .

Kashmir is not only beautiful for its scenery and beautiful landscape but also for beautiful arts and crafts like embroidery, which is liked by all the people who visit this place. The handmade items are not expensive it is made available to everyone at a reasonable price. Leather items are also famous. Animals like wolf, fox, jackal and black bear which are hunted in the Himalayas by the hunters, from their fur many items like jackets, bags etc. are made. Raghunath market is famous especially for the tourist/pilgrims in Jammu where all types of articles are available.

Jammu’s numerous shrines attract ten thousands of pilgrims every year. The famous shrine of Vaishno Devi and Amaranth are visited by thousands of Hindu pilgrims in Jammu and kashmir.Because of this the economy rises in this state.The main tourist places for sightseeing in Srinagar is Dal lake, Nishat Bagh, Shalimar Bagh and chasme shahi, Sonamarg, Gulmarg (Meadow of flowers), Pahalgam which is known as (valley of shepherds) and Sinthan Top . Jammu is famous for its Temples where Mata Vaishno Devi shrine, Raghunath Temple which is devoted to lord Rama, the dargah of Peer Budhan Ali shah and the temples of Maha kali are situated. Gardens and lakes are surrounded by beautiful mountains.

Jammu and Kashmir can easily be travelled by Air,Rail or Road.

Jammu, Srinagar international airport and Leh are the airports

Udhampur railway station is the last stop and from they travelling is done by different types of vehicles.

If travelling by land the route is via Jammu to Srinagar or via Manali to Leh.

So come and enjoy the Paradise on Earth.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Vijaydurg Fort

Vijaydurg Fort is one of the famous historic sites situated in Sindhudurg District. Sindhudurg District isin the Konkan District. This fort is almost 800 years old. This fort is in the middle of the sea surrounded by water from all sides. So this fort was called Gheria.

This Fort was built during the Maratha period. Another name for this Fort was Victory Fort. It is one of the strongest and the oldest forts on the west coast of India. In the beginning this fort was ruled by Yadav’s and the Vijaynagar Kings. Later Shivaji Maharaj won this fort from Adilshah of Bijapur in 1653.This was one of the forts where Shivaji hoisted the saffron flag and at the Torna fort .

The fort has a secret underground tunnel from the fort to the Palatial home of the Dhulup in the village which is now blocked but if they open this to the public it would a tourist attraction for architectural purpose. This fort is also known as Gibraltar of Asia just as the replica of Gibraltar in Europe. This fort is spread in an area of six hectares.

During Shivaji’s period the fort was constructed by having three layer protection and under water dam like wall constructed to avoid the entry of the foreign ships in the passage of Waghotan creek. Many enemy ships met their watery grave after colliding on this wall as this wall cannot be seen above sea is really amazing to know how the huge walls were built in the sea.

This fort is built by using laterite stones.There is also a temple known as Rameshwar temple inside Vijaydurg Fort.When you enter the fort,you can see many canon balls on the outer wall, which shows that after being attacked the fort was not destroyed. Even today you can see all empty canon balls lying in front of the secret meeting room. There was a big water pool running dry.

In short the fort was a complete fort in every aspect like it had huge meeting rooms,courts stables,soldier quarters and a naval dock used to build and repair Maratha warships. This fort looks pretty small but it takes three hours to tour the full fort. The main purpose of building this fort was to defend the shoreline of Arabian Sea.Apart from the historic site it is also a place for scenic beauty and making every moment memorable on the beaches. The beaches are surrounded by thick green forest with coconut trees and palms.

You can get the smell of juicy alphonso mangoes whenever you go there don’t forget to taste the local flavour of Malvan curry and solkadhi . Fish food is another delicacy in this area.

The proper time to visit this place is in the month of December since it is very cool. It is not advisable to go in summer as it is very hot and in the rainy season the showers are quiet heavy specially in the Konkan region. Make it a point not tomiss the sunset point as it is very attractive.

Travelling to Vijaydurg is convenient by all means of transport. That is by air where Panaji airport is the closet. By rail the stations are Kudal and Rajapur. By road it is accessible by all cities likeMumbai,Pune. Many state transport buses and private buses ply to this place.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Mountain Railways of India

Mountain of Railways of India – Built during 19th& 20th Century

India is a home to several altitude railway stations which are located at higher than 2,000 metres with over ten stations higher than 1,000 metres. Mountain railways of India are 6 or 7 small lines out of around twenty similar narrow or metre gauge which still remain operational around the world. These were built during the 19th and early 20th century at the time of British colonial rule – the Raj and these lines still function till date. Presently, the Indian Railways operate them together with the Kashmir Railway which is operational since 2005.

 Four out of these seven namely the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway – 1881, the Kalka-Shimla Railway – 1898, the Kangra Valley Railway – 1924 and the Kashmir Railway – 2005 fall in the rugged hill region of the Himalayas in Northern India while two are further down south towards the Western Ghats like the Nilgiri Mountain Railway in Tamil Nadu and the Matheran Hill Railway in Maharashtra.

The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, the Kalka-Shimla Railway together with the Nilgiri Mountain Railway has been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the recognition to these three mountain railways of India is due to outstanding examples of bold ingenious engineering solutions for the problem in establishing an effective link of rail through a rugged mountainous terrain. Darjeeling Himalayan Railway obtained it first in 1999 while Nilgiri Mountain Railways followed next in 2005 and the Kalka-Shimla Railway got it in 2008.

Connected to Important Hill Resorts With Foot Hills

All the three together have received the title of `Mountain Railways of India’ under Criteria – ii, iv under the region in the Asia – Pacific while the Matheran Railway, which is the fourth hill line, is pending acceptance by international group.

All these lines are connected to important hill resorts with foot hills that wind up their way through a scenic and rugged mountainous landscape as they travel along uphill. Given to understand, the terrain on which they were constructed during the British rule, were outstanding examples of the interchange of values on development in technology and marvels of engineering.

The mountain railways in the hilly mountain came up as a result of the interest that was delayed during the British rule in establishing control over the Himalayas as well as various other mountain ranges of India and in 1844, Sir John Lawrence, the then ruling Viceroy of India, had the idea of a phased colonization of the hill especially as military garrisons. The British in their simple proposal termed as `Hill Railway’, had intentions of establishing geographically as well as culturally rich, various stations across the country.

Franklin Prestage Initiated Plans for Hill Tramway 

Some of the hill stations taken into considerations for this purpose were Shimla which was then the summer capital of British India, Darjeeling which is known for its tea gardens as well as scenic views of the eastern Himalayas in West Bengal, Kangra Valley in Himachal Pradesh, Nilgiri mountains in Ootacamund and the Matheran hill station in the Western Ghats near Mumbai. Attempts to link the mountainous terrain of amazing beauty together with a hill passenger railway began in 1878 with the construction of the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway line when the then Eastern Bengal Railway personnel, Franklin Prestage initiated plans for the building of hill tramway in alignment with the Hill Cart Road from Siliguri to Darjeeling and construction eventually got started. In 1881, the line was commissioned up to Darjeeling.

Inaugurated By Viceroy Lord Curzon – November 1903

Next project was then launched on the Nilgiri Mountain Railway in Tamil Nadu which was first proposed in 1854. Though work started in 1894, the railway was not completed till 1908 since the terrain was difficult and the big difference in altitude that ranged between 326 meters and 2,203 meters covering a distance of 46 kilometres.

The construction of the 96 kilometres Kalka-Shimla railway line started in 1898 opening up the remote hill regions to the people and inaugurated by Viceroy Lord Curzon, in November 1903. The commissioning of the Matheran – Neral `toy train’ was done in 1907, where Matheran is a hill station which is 108 kilometres away from Mumbai while the Kangra line was commenced in 1929 amidst the picturesque Kangra valley.

Darjeeling Himalayan Railway – The new Jalpaiguri-Darjeeling, toy train on the Darjeeling Himalayan area is not only a source of delight for people of all age but also represents the engineering skills of the highest order which is 83 km long connecting Darjeeling with the railhead at Siliguir which is of great importance as well the status of World Heritage Site. Besides it has the Ghum station which is India’s highest railway station at an altitude of 2,257 metres and is an outstanding example of multi-cultural region to serve as a model for similar developments in several parts of the world.

The Kalka Shimla Himalayan Railway is one of the most famous hill railways in India which runs on three tracks, popularly known as `Toy Trains’. The journey on this line is a unique experience since it passes through amazing mind-blowing landscape of the majestic Himalayas through tunnels and over the bridges in the midst of lush green valleys with pine and oak trees. The railway route comprises of tunnel no. 103 known as mini Shimla where in summer, the festival of goddess Shoolini Devi is celebrated, and is the main attraction of the city.

The Niligiri Mountain Railway which is 46 km long, runs on 1000 mm gauge railway and connects Mettupalayam to Ooty. The first part of this railway to Coonoor was completed in 1899 by the Niligiri Railway Company and extended to Ooty in 1903 and is an extension to the world Heritage Site of Darjeeling Himalayan Railway. One will find some of the best natural scenery around with wild life around the Nilgiri Mountain Railway. Nilgiri Biosphere Nature Park is one of the most visited places by several tourists.

Neral-Matheran Hill Railway – Matheran is on a hilltop at an altitude of 800 m and the journey to the hilltop in the midst of shady trees and fresh atmosphere is a real experience of witnessing nature as one ascent the top in a toy train. One will find monkeys jumping on and off along with food and drink vendors all through the journey of 11 km. The Neral-Matheran Hill Railway is also one of the most famous attractions of the city and passes through amazing mountain tunnels together with dense forest of the region. It is a Hill Station in the Western Ghat in Raigad district of Maharashtra and is known as one of the smallest hill station in India.

Pathankot-Jogindernagar Railway – the work on this line commenced in 1926 and 3 years thereafter, the 163 km long route was opened to traffic. Kangra Toy Train is where the passengers spend majority of their time going through tunnels. This railway line links Pathankot and Joginder Nagar through a maze of hills and valleys with awesome scenic views.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Mamallapuram, A historical town in Tamilnadu

Mamallapuram also known as Mahabalipuram is a land of Sculptures. The city of Mamallapuram is famous for the sculptures. These sculptures express about the Indian Gods especially they tell about the fame of Lord Shiva.

Located at:
East Coast Road of Tamil Nadu of India(Kanchipuaram district)


Every place has its own History and Geography which makes it more interesting and makes it the best reason for travelling purpose. The history of Mamallapuram dates back to the Pallava dynasty who lived several decades ago. It’s an ancient historic town and it was a busy seaport during the peiod of Periplus and Ptolemy. Ancient Sea traders sailed from the seaport of Mahabalipuram.

During the 8th century a famous poet ‘Thirumangai Azhwaar’ described the place as a Sea Mountain
Geography: Mamallapuram is a small town and the area is quite a rock-terrain area with small peaks in and around of Mamallapuram. There is a long and sandy beach here. These consist of hills and rocks where the pallava dynasty exploited this type of place and made caves, sculptures and temples.

•Local Languages spoken: Tamil & English


The climate is typically hot during the period of April. Best to visit the area is from October to March. Three major seasons are:

Winters: This is the perfect time to plan a tour to Mamallapuram. From November to February. 

Summers: Three are from March to May. The climate is too hot and is not suitable for tourists. 

Monsoons: June to September. It has a humid climate and has quite the downpour.

Tourist Spots: 

Beach: The beach gives a quite soothing and peaceful experience where you can take rest. There are many stalls consisting of Shell related jewels and curtains. But take care because they might cheat you by saying the highest possible prize. Beaches are good at the evening times. They are not advisable during Afternoon. Horse rides and several other entertainers are present.

Butterball: Butterball is one of the biggest natural rocks perched on a hillside. The tourists pose with pictures like holding this rock with their hands or pushing them. Also known by the name Krishna’s Butterball.

Seashore Temple: The seashore temple is one of the biggest attractions in Mamallapuram. It is named so because it stands as a huge monument looking at the shores of Bay of Bengal. This temple is built with Granite stones during the 8th century. This is one of the oldest stone temples in South India. Entry fee are collected to view the temple from inside. This was a part of 7 Pagodas during the 8th century.

Pancha Rathas: Pancha rathas also known as Pandava Rathas are quite the example for Indian monolithic rock-cut architecture. Each of the 5 monuments resembles a ratha (chariot) and each is covered by a single long stone of granite which slopes towards the north-south direction.

• Other places to enjoy are the Kerala Backwaters, Tiger caves, Descent of the Ganges, Lighthouse, Thirukadalmallai & caves like Mahishamardhini cave & Varaha caves.