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Friday, March 20, 2015

Jammu and Kashmir- The Jewelled Crown Of India

Do you know who is called the jewelled crown of India? It is JAMMU AND KASHMIR surrounded by beautiful hills of Himalayas, clear lakes and greenery. Jammu and Kashmir is divided into three regions that are the foothill plains of Jammu, valleys of Kashmir and Ladakh. Ladakh is also known as Little Tibet because Buddhist culture is still followed. Jammu and Kashmir is located in the northern state of India.

Kashmir has four seasons. They are spring, summer, autumn and winter. If anyone wants to enjoy the cold, one can witness the snow covered landscapes. It looks like the mountain is covered with a white blanket. Here June is the hottest month.

Cricket bats are famous in Kashmir because of its good quality of wood known as Kashmir willows Saffron which is also known as Kesar is grown here .Because of its export foreign currency sets in. Apples are also grown on a large scale because of the pleasant climate. So exports of apples are also done on the large scale where the economy of the country increases.

Farming and animal husbandry is the main occupation of Jammu and Kashmir. Wheat and maize is the main crops grown here which in turn increases the economy of the country.

The main language in Kashmir is Urdu because of the Muslim population and local language is Kashmiri. Jammu and Kashmir is also known for its cultural heritage.

Kashmir is a famous place for its shikara which in other words is called the boat house where all the facility is like a hotel. Traditional houses in Kashmir is made up of wood .

Kashmir is not only beautiful for its scenery and beautiful landscape but also for beautiful arts and crafts like embroidery, which is liked by all the people who visit this place. The handmade items are not expensive it is made available to everyone at a reasonable price. Leather items are also famous. Animals like wolf, fox, jackal and black bear which are hunted in the Himalayas by the hunters, from their fur many items like jackets, bags etc. are made. Raghunath market is famous especially for the tourist/pilgrims in Jammu where all types of articles are available.

Jammu’s numerous shrines attract ten thousands of pilgrims every year. The famous shrine of Vaishno Devi and Amaranth are visited by thousands of Hindu pilgrims in Jammu and kashmir.Because of this the economy rises in this state.The main tourist places for sightseeing in Srinagar is Dal lake, Nishat Bagh, Shalimar Bagh and chasme shahi, Sonamarg, Gulmarg (Meadow of flowers), Pahalgam which is known as (valley of shepherds) and Sinthan Top . Jammu is famous for its Temples where Mata Vaishno Devi shrine, Raghunath Temple which is devoted to lord Rama, the dargah of Peer Budhan Ali shah and the temples of Maha kali are situated. Gardens and lakes are surrounded by beautiful mountains.

Jammu and Kashmir can easily be travelled by Air,Rail or Road.

Jammu, Srinagar international airport and Leh are the airports

Udhampur railway station is the last stop and from they travelling is done by different types of vehicles.

If travelling by land the route is via Jammu to Srinagar or via Manali to Leh.

So come and enjoy the Paradise on Earth.

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