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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Kerala, The land of Coconuts

Kerala is situated between Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats in South India.The Western Coastal line has interconnected canal, lakes and rivers, which is known as Backwaters of Kerala. There are forty four rivers out of which Periyar River is the largest river.

Thiruvananthapuram also known as Trivandrum is the largest city in this state and is the capital city of Kerala. Here the female ratio is more than male. Malayalam is the mother tongue of this state but English is spoken widely all over the state. The people have their own culture and traditions. All the people in this state are literate. Females are more educated than Men. Keralites are very honest and efficient in all the respective fields.

It is one of the leading agriculture states in the country. Because of the infinite numbers of medicinal plants grown in this state the HERBS are available throughout the year and for every season. Therefore it is the only state where AYURVEDA is still practised sincerely. Not forgetting about the availability of the rich content of the soil that is Alkaloid.

Ayurveda is practised by experienced Vaidya’s who has studied in details about each and every herb so as to which herbs will heal which sickness. Paralyses and other incurable diseases are cured with these herbs. People come here for massages to get cured.

This place is also a famous TOURIST centre right from the Wildlife Sanctuaries to Beaches. Few of them are as follows:

ALLEPPEY BACKWATERS: Where they have a traditional boathouse. You can go cruising all over lakes and lagoons not missing the drifting water, birds chirping all around the lake which is really a good thing to experience. These boat houses are well equipped with good facilities. Even the kitchen has good chefs to cater to your needs.

MUNNAR: It is a beautiful hill station with tea plantation slope and not missing the waterfalls and hiking routes.

KUMARAKOM: It is a small village where one can relax enjoying the nature’s beauty and the village life, along with that enjoy the tasting of tender coconut water and some mouth-watering food.

WAYANAD: It is the other greener side of this state having agriculture field in abundance. There is also a heart shaped lake on the way to the top of Chembara Peak which is not missed out by the tourists. Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is also famous.

THEKKADY: It has a famous Wildlife Sanctuary called the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary. One can go right into the jungle by walking or on the elephants back. The wildlife can also been seen by taking a ride in a boat.

There are also different types of sports like paragliding, water sport, trekking etc. So no one will feel bored to stay in Kerala.

Coconut is the main ingredient in the dishes of Keralites apart from this seafood is very popular and the food also is not spicy. Payasam is the main sweet dish for all the functions.

The main festivals is Onam and Vishu where they have to wear traditional sarees that is White saris with borders of gold thread and blouse matching the sari border while men wear dhoti with kasavuborders.

Kathakali is the most well-known dance it is in the form of a story-cum- play. The theme of kathakali is always religious in nature; they concentrate mostly on hand gesture known as mudras in which they enact the story to us. They use four instruments that are Shuddha, Madalam, Chenda, Manjira and Idakka.

When it comes to shopping you will not go empty handed .There is a wide range of souvenir’s available like the metal mirror, handicrafts items made from coconut shells, clay and cane, paintings, traditional jewellery box ,wok etc.

Travel routes to this country are very convenient.

There are three international airports like Trivandrum airport, Cochin airport and Kozhikode international airport.

There are many national highways connecting to Kerala.

Many express trains are also available from different parts of the country.

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