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Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Best Time to Visit New Zealand

Best Time to Visit New Zealand

New Zealand is a country situated in the southern hemisphere of the globe. In this location, people will experience weather opposite most of the earth. If you are willing to go to this spot, you should choose months from September to May, the best time to visit New Zealand. While the earth experiences winter during December, the location experiences summer. People of the spot can experience even four seasons in one day. The country always has something to offer each month throughout the year.

We have given here the month-wise weather.

Best Time to Visit New Zealand:

December to February - Summer Season:

Here, Summers are warm and welcoming for many reasons. The weather is ideal for roaming around, and while travelling, you must find towns bustling with crowds. It has a very delightful atmosphere. However, if you want to know the best month, it is February. During the month, you can get better accommodation at reasonable rates.


January is one of the warmest months when the temperature generally goes as high as 30 degrees Celsius. The average temperature of the summer season is between 20 to 25 degrees Celsius.


The months that the entire world experiences winter is full of sunshine here. People can spot the Sun for more than 12 hours in the sky. As a result, they can experience longer days and shorter nights during these months.

Why travel now:

If you are willing to escape from harsh winters and celebrate Christmas, you must select the warm weather and sunny climate. What makes the country special is that you can see fresh kiwis while visiting, relaxing, and basking in the Sun. The kiwis have a delicious taste and can be found nowhere.

The location looks like a warm paradise with panoramic views. With mountains, green valleys, and crystal clear streams, New Zealand has become a perfect location for tourists. During this time, the weather is ideal for visiting the beaches. You can do paragliding, hiking, trekking, biking, and cycling, and the weather lets you experience it to its fullest while at its peak.

Know Before You Travel:

The heat and the warm breeze are hard to explore the nation. However, you can enjoy outdoor activities.


The country hosts many marathons, races, and triathlons. After coming here, you can take part in these. A few Marathons are globally popular, and people come only for participating in these Marathons.

March to May - Autumn Season:


The average temperature of the Autumn season is between 17- 23 degrees Celsius.


You can experience here moderate climate, not too hot nor too cold. Flowers and leaves of the trees fall off, reflecting the onset of winter in the months.

Why travel now:

Best Time to Visit New Zealand
The place can offer soothing and pleasant weather to its tourists. It becomes ideal to go on treks and do activities like hiking, mountain climbing, rock climbing, camping, and biking. Enjoy the cool breeze with the warm sunshine as a delightful combination. While coming here during these months, make sure that you must enjoy the beauty of nature. If you are willing to witness the wildlife and the beautiful nature without being sweaty, it is a good time to travel.

Know before you travel:

The weather during the months is less warm than summer months and warmer than in the upcoming winter months making the Autumn season ideal to go. In the Autumn season, it is very hard to find accommodation, and the location remains full of crowds.

June to August - Winter Season:


The temperature can hit even 5 degrees Celsius in some places during these months. People living on mountain tops and hilly regions can experience negative temperatures. The average temperature of the winter season is between 7 and 13 degrees Celsius.


You can see snow these months and find people doing snow-related activities. The mountains remain covered with snow throughout these months, making the season very beautiful.

Why Travel Now:

Come in these months if you love to take a ski vacation to New Zealand. These months offer you excellent mountain slopes covered in snow. Besides, people can safely perform skiing here. For beginners, there are also low and gentle hill slopes. You must try these snow-related activities like skiing, snowboarding, sledding, hiking in snow, Heli-skiing, and Snowshoeing. Winter hiking is ideal for those willing to do thrilling and adventurous activities. You can enjoy glacier tours to explore the Fox Glacier, Franz Josef Glacier, and Mount Cook National Park.


June month enables you to enjoy the Queenstown Winter Festival, an annual event held in the country. People come to enjoy the first snow in the nation.

September to November - Spring Season:

Temperature: The average temperature of the Spring season is between 15- 21 degrees Celsius.


The days are longer than the days in the Winter season and have more sunlight. You will experience a comfortable feeling from the warm Sun with the cool breeze. The Sun begins shining at the beginning of the month, and the snow starts to melt.

Why Travel Now:

The spring season provides a huge relief from the cold and harsh winter. People enjoy the Sun's rays and sunbathing by the lakes. This time is perfect for trekking, as the autumn season. When you come here during the months, you can see snow on the mountain tops. Besides, the beautiful mountain allows you to enjoy snow activities only in chosen areas. People can enjoy different activities like sightseeing, biking, cycling, and walking in small cities.

The Bottom Line:

We have given here details of the best time to visit New Zealand. It is expected that you find it useful.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the cheapest time to go to New Zealand?

June–Oct is the low season and the cheapest time to travel. But the prices remain high always at resort cities with ski fields. A few attractions remain closed these times, while major attractions remain open year-round.

  • What are the hottest months in New Zealand?

January and February are the hottest months, whereas the coldest month is July.

  • What is the rainiest season in NZ?

May to August is the rainy season when people can experience the most frequent rains (11 to 13 days per month). The days with low sunshine have about 3/4 sunshine hours. The average rain in summer is for 7/8 days per month. But in February, you can enjoy only six days of rainfall.

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