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Waitomo Glowworm Caves

Image Credit: Custom Day Tours


Most of New Zealand caves are formed from limestone and marble sediment. And from these limestone formations New Zealand’s most inspiring naturalwonders and must to see destinations has evolved.

Waitomo is located two hours from Auckland on NewZealand North Island WAITOMO; the meaning of WAITOMO is water entering a hole in the ground. This place is famous for GLOWWORM CAVES, BLACK WATER RAFTING, CAVE ABSEILING, and CAVE ECO-TOURS AND NATURAL ATTRACTION. 


This place is the oldest tourist attractions because of the population of Glow-worms that live in the caves. The Waitomo caves were formed over 30 million years ago. Glow-worms are tiny bioluminescent creatures that produces blue green light, it is an invertebrate. These glow worms are omnivorous animals, but they still have a diet which is meat based.


Chief Tane Tinorau had explored this Waitomo Glow-worms Caves in 1887. They built a raft of flax stem and with candles in hand floated into the cave where the stream goes underground. As they entered the caves they saw the Glow-Worms grotto and the twinkling glow coming from the ceiling and little further they were surprised to see the limestone formations. Slowly after many trips they discovered the upper level entrance which has now become a current entrance. And then by 1889 this cave was opened to tourist by paying a nominal fee.

The Locals were amazed by the twinkling larvae and therefore this site became a tourist attraction and welcomingvisitors from there onwards.


LAKE TE ANAU on the western shore takes you to the underground adventure that fascinates visitors from all ages. Here you come across how the rushing water sculpts the rock formations before gliding through the silent darkness to the Glow-worms is really a magical sight. As you enter this galaxy of tiny lights you’ll immediately experience a serene ambience and be fascinated and intrigued by tiny Glow-worm that light your way. The guide explains about the life span and how they live and die. They give interesting information about the cultural heritage, the history and science behind the caves.It is an unforgettable sightseeing attraction. You can enjoy a boat ride under thousands of Glow-worms over your head. Tourist visiting New Zealand always has a wish to visit this place.

Glow worm caves are a good place for your family or class picnic. It is an educational activity for the kids to learn about the nature, history and culture of the Glow worm.

The WAITOMO is the only home to the caves but there are also activities like Horse-riding and even golf.


The visitors are not allowed to stay overnight in the caves. So there are many hotels,campsites and guesthouse in and around Waitoma to suit a range of budgets.


Many Tour providers’ runs daily sightseeing tours to Waitomo caves from Auckland. You can choose to visit just the caves. Booking has to be made much in advance.

Make a point to visit this place as nature always surprises you beyond expectation.

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