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Friday, April 15, 2022

Top 13 Secret Islands In The World

Laughing Bird Caye

Are you searching for a romantic spot to spend your summer vaccination or weekends with your life partner? The list of top hidden islands can make you surprised. Leave the crowds behind and enjoy your weekends in these secret islands locations. You can make the places your paradise.

Top 13 Secret Islands in the World:

1. Pico, Portugal:

Top 13 Secret Islands In The World Pico

Locating in the Azores, a small place, can attract you easily. It is very small, having only 10 miles at the most comprehensive range. The location is the home of the tallest mountain in Portugal (Ponta de Pico). The location has black volcanic soil, offering the UNESCO World Heritage designation of local vineyards. If you are looking for a place for crowd-free sipping, strolling, and exploring, the destination is an ideal choice.

2. Laughing Bird Caye, Belize:

It has only 1.414 acres and is 10 miles away from Belize's palm-fringed Placencia Coast. The national part is perfect for snorkeling and diving on the coral reef. After coming here, you can do spotting, swimming with spotted Whale Sharks, etc. The beautiful spot allows you to stay overnight at its beachside Naïa Resort and Spa. You can enjoy here speedboat outings leaving from the private dock.

3. Con Dao, Vietnam:

Visit the eye-catching place taking flight from Ho Chi Min City. It takes time less than an hour. If you want to experience azure water, nesting turtles, and stunning cliffs, it is a dream spot.

4. Denis , Seychelles:

In the spot, you can feel like a castaway island due to curving as a wishbone, rimming by beaches of silky fine-grained sand, covered in coconut palms and takamata trees, etc. You can reach here only by a 45-minute light aircraft flight from Mahé, Seychelles' main ait. It enables you to experience different activities such as deep-sea fishing, diving, snorkeling, canoeing, sunset cruises, guided nature walks, etc. The chic eco-lodge is the only hotel in the destination where you can rest.

5. Daufuskie, South Carolina:

It is a location where you will not find any bridges, cars, or crowds, making it a special destination for a family beach getaway. You can access the asle, located between Hilton Head, SC, and Savannah, GA, by boat only. Here, the main transportation mode is Golf carts and bicycles, enabling one to travel the 5-mile-long ait. The favorite activity is horseback riding along the 3 miles of golden beach on the spot. Staying at Haig Point, you can enjoy two historic lodging beachfront options— The Strachan Mansion or The 1873 Lighthouse. Its 13-mile-long stretch of Calibogue Sound waterway connects the Atlantic Ocean to the Port Royal Sound.

6. Niyama, Maldives:

The destination has two famous twin secret aits— Play and Chill. You can relax on the beautiful beach, Chill and enjoy surfing, diving, jumping into the sparkling sea, etc.

7. Anacapa, California:

It is a part of the Channel Islands that is a National Park residing off the coast of Orange County. The spot has three asles you can access by boat to each other. The area has only 700 acres, and it is smaller compared to NYC's Central Park. You can see here California sea lions and harbor seals resting and breeding. Therefore, hearing the bellows barking of sea lions is common. Besides, if you are willing, you can explore Anacapa's rich kelp forests, enabling you to kayak, snorkel, dive, etc.

8. Islay, Scotland:

Islay, Scotland

The location is at the southern part of the Scottish Hebrides and is known as the "Queen of the Hebrides." Touring the distillery to see the single malt is one of the highlighting activities in the destination. As soon as you come here, you must want to experience the storied whiskey. You can stay at Seaview Cottage at night, beside the distillery's property on the rocky shores of South Islay.

9. Isla Holbox, Mexico:

It has one of the best tarpon fishing spots in Central America. Besides, you can visit Yucatan Peninsula by taking a 30-minute ferry ride. Most people don't know about the fly-fishing paradise. It is better to know about 11 travel booking company secrets while making reservations for a trip.

10. Niue, South Pacific:

Top 13 Secret Islands In The World - Niue

It is not only an island but also an independent country, a hidden place in the South Pacific. The spot expands 1,400 miles northeast of New Zealand, 240 miles east of Tonga, and 560 miles west of Rarotonga in the Cook aits. Niue is one of the largest emerged coral atolls in the world. You can view here the virgin rainforest, full of native birds and plant life. Its pristine tropical rainforest can easily mesmerize you.

11. Rottnest, Australia:

The location has multiple small kangaroo-like marsupials known as Quokka. But early Dutch sailors who found the place thought that they were rodents, and therefore, they called it "Rat Nest."

12. Svalbard, Norway:

It is a place allowing you to experience frigid temperatures and polar bears swimming in the icy Arctic Ocean waters. This one is the most attractive thing of the remote northwestern Norwegian, halfway between mainland Norway and the North Pole. You can find glaciers and soaring mountains where the number of polar bears is more than humans. If you're willing to enjoy your days in winter, it has a perfect location to enjoy.

13. Salina, Italy: 

Some sweet boutique lodging options are making the destination special among visitors. It offers stunning views of awe-inspiring neighbor Stromboli.

The Bottom Line:

The article lets you know about the best 13 secret islands to visit. You can travel here on your weekends and spend valuable time with your dear ones.

Frequently Asked Question:

  • Q. How many secret islands are there?

There are a lot of options to visit in the U.S. A remarkable thing that can surprise you is that there are about 18,000 secret islands.

  • Q. What is the number 1 island in the world? 

The number one secret islands in the world is Palawan in the Philippines. People rated it based on the activities and sights, natural attractions & beaches, food, friendliness, and overall value.

  • Q. Are there any hidden places on earth?

We have given here some of a few places on earth:

  • Snake asle, Brazil. 
  • Svalbard Global Seed Vault, Norway. 
  • Area 51, United States. 
  • Mount Sanqing, China. 
  • North Sentinel asle, India

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