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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wellington (New Zealand) - capital of the Kiwis

Wellington and its history

The agglomeration Wellington named the natives of the island, the Maori, formerly as follows: "Te o Te Ika a Maui Upoko. In German: "The head of Maui's fish". The name comes from her geographical position at the southern tip of North Island, which looks with a little imagination, like a fish. In addition, this designation marks the importance of this city for the Maori, as they have always been the head was a fish worth more than the rest of his body. The present name of the natives in the 10th for the putative Century discovered area is "The Whanganui a Tara", translated: "The Harbour of Tara." The Tara was one of the first peoples who inhabited the region.

It was founded and named the city in 1840, according to the first Duke of Wellington by the Europeans William Wakefield, on behalf of the should buy the land from the Maori. It was founded by first duke - William wakefield in 1840 on behalf of the New Zealand Company. It was the political capital of New Zealand since 1865. It is primarily occupied by film and theater industry as such of Hollywood and fondly called as Wellywood.

Wellington - Sights

During a trip to Wellington you should definitely visit the award-winning museums in the city, dealing with the history and the maritime origins of the country. Here should be mentioned in particular the National Museum "Te Papa Tangorewa" which Hyde Park Museum and the Museum of Wellington City and Sea.

Major attractions are the New Zealand Parliament House and the House of Representatives, the botanical garden, which adjoins the city, the Old St. Paul's (main church) and the Old Government Building, the largest wooden building in the entire southern hemisphere.

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