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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The most beautiful islands in the world

When you travel a bit much, especially passionately, you are often asked: "What is the most beautiful beach in the world of your choice?”Or" what is the best diving in the world to do? ", Or" what is the most romantic place in the world? ". Of course, each of us will have to give an answer, an answer very personal, very subjective. So after trying to establish with you the winners of my most beautiful beaches in the world, I will try to tell you what I think are the most beautiful islands in the world, and why. I tried to find out how many islands in the world, but in vain. States are already struggling to agree on the number of countries, or rather independent states according to the foreign policy of each, then count on the islands should first decide what an island just a rock in the sea sufficient or should we also sand or earth and therefore potentially nourishing soil?

 By doing some research and considering that Australia is a continent rather than an island, they all agree that England is the largest island in Europe, the largest island Madagascar in Africa, Greenland the largest island in America (it depends geologically American plate), New Guinea, the largest island in Asia, and finally the South Island of New Zealand, the largest island of Oceania. The largest island in the world is Greenland. Halaveli Island is one of the most beautiful islands of the Maldives. To have surveyed a number of them, and have sailed in the waters of many islands, I think I can say that it is impossible to count. And even? ... For only main archipelagos I know, the Seychelles alone account for 45 115 islands, granite, Maldives 1200 islands and islets, the Bahamas 700 islands and 2000 islets, and 17,500 magical islands of Indonesia! If you want to learn more about the islands in the world, I invite you to draw randomly from the list of islands published on the World Atlas of the islands is far from being comprehensive but perhaps you'll enjoy to enumerate at least the ones you already know. Because the islands are the most beautiful fantasies of man’s evasion and travel, do speak we not of "Island in the Sun" or "island at the end of the world"? Or to abandon everything; to go away on a desert island? All are synonymous Grail, and often inaccessible.

So how to develop a ranking of the most beautiful islands in the world where some are only uninhabited when others choke under buildings or tourism? Here is my ranking very personal, I probably will modify over the years and trips to come. In 2012 alone I revisited three of the most beautiful archipelagos in the world: Seychelles, Maldives, Bahamas. So you cannot name a single island tops the list as my eyes and my heart photographer reluctant traveler between these three islands, but when it becomes too difficult I quote rather the entire archipelago specifying one or two favorite islands.

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